10 Blogging Skills For Newbies


SEOers think that ‘Content is King’. Google content rating is the highest, so let Google evaluate your website well from the start.

Below is blogging skills that are vital. As you blog, save this article and read it as you need it.

1. Absolutely Do Not Copy The Content Of Other Blogs

Many beginners blogging with this foolish work. Google is very hard, you should know it. Google will pen your website at the bottom of the search results or even worse not display your website on Google.

It’s easy to be punished, but it’s hard to be saved if your site is not on Google, which means you’ve lost a major source of traffic. Remember that strangers from Google are more likely to trust the content of your website than strangers from Social because many people will think that high-quality content is always on the top of the Search Results page.

You can synthesize some articles available on the network and rewrite in the understanding of you. More importantly, do not copy the article.

2. Use Longtail Keywords

As I guide you to search for keywords and topic writing, I also advised you to choose long keywords. There will be few searches but it will be easier for your website to climb. Do not be greedy to choose words that are hard to find, so no one can find your article to read.

long tail keyword phrases

Difficult words, many searches you only select 2-3 words to comprehensive SEO for blogs. These keywords will cover the content of your blog. For other content please choose a lot of longtail keywords to write articles.

3. Make Eye-catching Headlines But Standardly SEO

An eye-catching header will help your website get more traffic from social networks or Google but do not be too aggressive to become negatively sensational.

An SEO standard will help your website to TOP on Google more easily.


Blog Headlines

So, I will re-enumerate five characteristics of a standard SEO title:

  • The title is not too short and not too long.
  • Use keywords in the title.
  • The title on each page, the article of your website is separate, not identical.
  • The title content is inviting.
  • Add a brand name to the end of the title.

4. Invest In Quality Content Well

‘Content is King’ as I said from the beginning. Do not write in a few lines, create real value for readers. Let’s think what the reader looking for in the article and solve the problem of the reader through your article, do not let the reader find more posts to read.

ContentIsKing Blog

To have more to write, check out the knowledge of previous bloggers and of foreign blogs to filter and express your way. There are many other blogs that have the same topics as yours. So take advantage of the knowledge in these blogs, investigate your gray matter, add extra effort and see the article come out as your spirit child.

5. Combine Short Articles And Long Articles

There are many topics that need a lot of content to present, but there is no shortage of topics that do not require much writing. Keep researching keywords, you will find short and long topics, from which to publish the same article.

Writing short articles is also less time consuming and you can write more. A short article with less than 1000 words or more than 500 words is enough.

long vs short vs mixed diet information foraging gain

Long posts are for topics that require many characteristics to present or some main content on your blog topic, it will bring good quality blogs. Long articles can be over 1500 words or more. Also, you can see your blog has quite a lot of articles on 2000 words.

6. Write Articles Regularly

There are many good effects if you update and write more new blog posts, such as:

  • Good for SEO and increase keyword rankings. The more good content, the more your website is appreciated.
  • Increase the relationship with your readers. No one wants to read your article, waiting for you to write the next few weeks but just do not see anything.
  • Attract Advertisers. You have a lot of good content and more traffic from Google, the advertisers will find themselves with you. So you will again have the opportunity to make money online with blogging.


So keep up the writing. In my opinion, in a month you should spend time writing 4-5 posts for your blog. If you have a lot of free time, write more than this number and keep up the pace and frequency of your writing. Maybe first you will be a little bored with no visits, but do not worry, someday your efforts will be rewarded in a worthy way.

7. Create A Series Of Articles

There are a number of very long topics that can not be covered in one or more articles. Follow the series and inform your readers via Facebook, Fanpage, Email,… Visitors will read more articles and regularly return to your blog to update the next articles.

compliance checklist

When your Series have from 3 to 4 articles, you should also create an article that summarizes the order of these articles so that new readers can easily visualize and read in order and understand the content better.

8. Write Articles On The Forever Subject (Authority)

The authority content is the article that always has the search on Google in years, people search every year.

study abroad virtual

For example, travel blogs have a number of topics as follows:

  • Where to travel in the spring/summer/autumn/winter,…
  • What to eat?
  • Where to visit when you come to…

Get as focused as you can on these timeless topics. Since these topics will be searched all year long throughout the month on Google, you will receive a lot of permanent hits, which will never go away.

9. Write About Trending Topics

Contrasting with the topic of authority, the topic of the trend will have a lot of interest for a while and will be forgotten in the past, but not so that you ignore it. There are two ways to get these trending articles to the reader.

  • Post your posts to communities, Facebook groups,… that have related topics.
  • Your website has many hits, then create a separate group or email this article.

You can apply both, but keep in mind that trending articles require you to provide accurate information.

If you update timely hot topics in the same field, there will be more people interested in your blog, they will think your blog updates quickly. In the future, if there is something new, they certainly return to your blog.


Moreover, trending articles will help Google evaluate your site higher. So go explore social networks and forums that look at your topic, what are HOT, write articles on that topic.

10. Use Internal Links To Increase Page Views

The effect of internal linking is relatively large, it will help your website firmly, highly impact SEO, and will help readers discover more problems that they may be interested in.

link juice modified

If you are a blogger or plan to be a blogger, the above 10 blogging skills that are extremely useful to you are the basic techniques that a blogger needs to know. Bookmark this page and open it again in case of you need. There are many techniques and tools that can help you write better content and grow your site more powerful. In the next article, I will mention.

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