What makes you double-tap an Instagram photo? Even more importantly, what makes you follow someone? Just think about it. Bright colours, intriguing landscapes, pretty décor – all these things catch the eye. There are tricks to becoming Instagram famous and although it might have escaped your mind, implementing certain tactics can help boost your following. We all want to be popular Instagram stars, so what’s the secret? Certain techniques will make your photos and feed stand out so people have no choice but to click “follow.”

Posting good, crisp photos is the first step to success. Make sure you photograph your subject in focus, in good lighting, and at a good angle. Having photos that stand out will make people want to come back for more. An editing app is also key. If you haven’t invested in one yet, it’s worth the hype. Valencia and Ludwig just aren’t going to cut it.

Also ensure that you’re staying consistent. If people come to expect a photo from you everyday, you best be posting a photo every single day. They’re looking to you for inspiration, whether your niche is food, fitness, fashion, or décor. No one wants to follow someone who posts once a month. Where’s the fun in that? And if you think hashtags are a waste of time, you better think again. Relevant and popular hashtags are a sure fire way to boost your Instagram fame out the roof.

Instagram popularity doesn’t come without hard work. There are a number of certain techniques and tricks you can use to grow your following and create a fan base that can’t help but stalk your feed. From engaging with other ‘grammers to taking photo shoots seriously, today’s video looks at the 10 best tips and tricks to becoming Instagram famous.

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