10 Selfie Fails That Will Make You Cringe


You can generally divide the world into two based on your opinion on selfies. There are those that welcome any opportunity to snap a self-portrait to share with the world. And there are those who would rather poke out their own eyeballs that have to scroll through the thousands of self-indulgent snaps clogging up their social media feed.

Whatever your opinion on selfies, though, one thing is universal: an embarrassing selfie is a wondrous thing. From personal items popping up in the background to friends in compromising positions making it into the frame, these awkward shots will make you cringe. Sex toys, pregnancy tests, bra-flashing moms, men on toilets, actual poop … these embarrassing selfies contain plenty of hilarious surprises that will have you spitting at your screen in delight.

And if you’re on the selfie-loving side of the fence, take heed – you can learn a lot about what not to do by studying this selfie fails. What’s the major takeaway? Always check your surroundings. And mirrors are not your friends. Watch our video and get ready to cringe.


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