10 Steps To Build A Basic Website For Businesses In 2020

10 steps to build a business website for 2019 - Part I

Website building has become an important factor for any business. However, how to build a well-designed website for businesses, please note the steps below:

1. Choose your domain name

When it comes to building websites, your first step will always be to choose a domain name. Although it sounds simple, this step is quite important.

To get started, your domain name is the first thing people will hear or see about your site. That’s why the domain name you choose should be connected to your business.

The wrong domain name is still a common error of many website owners. Choosing something that doesn’t relate to your business, industry or brand can be confusing and affect your site’s performance in the long run.

Building a website for a business - choose the appropriate domain name

You should note that the domain name you use is meant to identify your business to customers worldwide. Think of your domain name as the second name of your company, store or startup project. So how do you choose the right domain name (DN)?

2. Buy the selected domain name

Once you’ve found the ideal domain name for your business, the next thing is to buy them.

As you may know, the domain name of an enterprise usually comes in a package with your hosting package.

Once started, you can buy a domain name with a hosting provider. In this case, ensure that the provider you choose is reliable.

It is easier for you to build a website when buying website development hosting services in one package. You can then transfer the domain name whenever you want.

Some notes when buying domain names:

– Will you continue to grow your business? Are you serious about your brand? In case you can grow, you should also consider buying some top-level domain names (TLD) to give your business a new name.

– In addition to .com, you can buy .net, .org, .info. etc.

3. Choose your website or CMS builder

According to the latest statistics from WebsiteSetUp, there are the following platforms:

– WordPress (free) 52%

– Wix (paid) 7%

– Joomla (free) 4%

– Website progress (free) 4%

– Squared space (paid) 4%

– Weebly (paid) 2%

Build a well-designed website for businesses - Choose the source code that suits your needs

As you can see, these days, online users prefer to build their website with WordPress. There are many reasons why people like to work with WordPress.

Because it covers more than 50% of all modern websites. However, that does not mean that WordPress is the only platform you can use.

See the options and features that each CMS provides, as well as its ease of use. Remember that you may want to expand your site in the future, so you want a CMS that allows your site to grow.

You want a CMS that’s right for you, so evaluating your options will ensure you can find the right results for your business now and in the future.

4. Choose a hosting package

To make things easier, avoid the most common mistakes that beginners often encounter. Some users still think there is no difference between domain name registration and hosting.

This confusion mainly occurs when companies provide both services together, they are completely separate things and you will need both to create your website.

steps to build a good website for web hosting business

5. Choose a market

In 2020, the sample market will make businesses much easier than having to search for each product separately.

To help you make a final decision about where to sample your site, compare three of the most popular markets that sell ready-made topics and assets.

6. Select the theme of the Website

When you have completed all the steps above, it’s time to find a website template for your business.

These are a set of pre-designed and ready-made pages. You will see their advantages and disadvantages and apply the appropriate features to your business.

Reference categories for Business Website:

  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Map
  • Collection
  • Our projects
  • Store
  • Contact us
  • Our team
  • Feedback

10 steps to build a basic Website - Build web structure

7. Install your theme

When you are sure that you have found the right topic for your brand, install it. As always, the process depends on the CMS you choose, but the settings are the same for most products.

  • Download the theme
  • Install it
  • Choose one or several samples from the package
  • Combine necessary details
  • Choose a color palette
  • Customize all details (icons, buttons, sections, etc.)
  • Find unique images
  • Upload new content
  • Check its interface

8. Design your website

A website is not just a list of categories. You need to make them eye-catching and different by attractive designs. However, make sure the designs are in harmony with each other to create a beautiful whole.

Currently, the most popular Website designs are:

  • Minimalistic design
  • Flat design
  • Material design
  • Neutral design
  • Urban design
  • Company

9. Build Website Content

This will be the fastest and easiest step because, today, all high-end topics are user-friendly and no code.

When it comes to WordPress, you can upload your content and arrange your pages with Elementor without any problems.

Build Website content

The built content needs to adhere to SEO rules to achieve high rankings on Google and be useful for visitors.

10. Always up to date

Although you may think that all the work has been done, creating a website is just the first step. To keep the audience engaged, your website should have regular updates. Here are some easy ways to make your site look fresh:

– Change your CTA buttons.

– Upload new banners, grids and other ads.

– Create a bulletin that pops up and uses it to inform customers about discounts and offers.

– Run a blog and update it regularly. You can recommend your most popular and latest posts on the main page.

– Integrate your social media accounts with your website to display new content.

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