10 Ways to Find Ideas For Building Content


Regardless of whether you are a professional blogger or making money with affiliate or building a blog for a business website, having a research process and thinking of good content ideas is always an attractive goal that you must aim for.

From there, you will always have a list of topics to build quality content.

Before reading this article, make sure you know how to find niches & research keywords for the website with the following 2 detailed instructions:

There is nothing more to say about making money with affiliate marketing in the form of niche sites because it is always the most effective.

In terms of business whether in any market, if the website ignores blog entry and does not invest in content that conveys useful messages to customers, then the brand has lost a lot of advantages.

Next, how the niches and keywords that are found, will be published with great content, fully meeting the information that the subject needs, as well as matching the readers’ tastes?

All will be in this article. Let’s find out how to find ideas for building content for your website/blog.

1. Find New & Popular Content of Your Opponents

The first way, very fast and effective immediately.

Large websites with same niches have a lot of audience and topics of interest. And maybe they are able to optimize well for content like this.

Because only 20% of content brings 80% of visits.

With the audience number already available, they always have a plan for regular production content.

We will rely on it to re-develop the content on our website, but with a different format, more detailed content or even more complete. Or suitable for the country you want to deploy.

You need to do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Google search with the syntax “blog + niche” or “best blog/top blog + niche”, filter out 10 results that you value the best. Save this list.
  • Step 2: Go to each website, spy item Popular & Recent (Popular & Newest), every blog often has this item for your reference.
  • Step 3: Save the good posts, analyze them in the topic of the article, what content they have, what format. If you write the same topic, what can your content do to be different and still be full.


2. Use Feedly to Track Content of Your Opponents

With the same idea as above, refer to the opponent’s content to do better.

However, with a lot of websites in the same niches, there are 30 -50 websites that have quality categories is normal.

You will easily miss the new, good, beautiful format of your opponent. So we will use the support tool Feedly.com to not miss any new posts on their sites.

For example, I have a habit of reading good articles in blogs I care about every day. The topic I care about is broadly Digital Marketing.

But in this area, there are many experts in many different areas such as SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Facebook Marketing, Google Ads,…

I am very interested in finding famous bloggers on topics I want to learn. Every time I find a good site, I bookmark it on a folder of the browser.

But so, every time I want to read, I have to turn on once more than a dozen tabs, one site each tab. It is too inconvenient that I easily miss good content.

The Feedly tool above is an application that helps you keep track all content from blogs and websites in the same place through the mechanism of taking RSS Feed.

So now I just need to access Feedly every day to be able to track all the good content, so it’s easy for me to get new ideas for content development.

Using Feedly is very simple, with each blog you find in the Search box, it will show Feedly of that blog and you click Add to your account.

After collecting many blogs, your Feedly page is very rich and full of good content that updates every day. For example, my SEO folder is like this:


So the process is still:

  • Step 1: Collect about 15-20 websites with the best entries in the same niche.
  • Step 2: Add all to Feedly in a category name of your niche for easy access.
  • Step 3: Check to see if they have new and good content every day.

3. Surf Forums and Q&A Pages

To find forums, just search google with the “niche + forums” syntax. As for the Q&A sites, I like to read the two pages above.

For Quora, MMOers are certainly no stranger to this cult Q&A, a platform for you to create discussion and exchange topics like Yahoo Answers.

Here, there are almost full of daily discussion topics. People often ask questions or raise opinions or discuss. You can also create an account and participate in discussions to pull traffic to your blog.

Create a Quora account, follow the topics you care about. Your newsfeed will always be updated with discussions related to these topics. It is very easy to find potential problems to write ideas.

Reddit is similar but Reddit is topical and discusses in separate communities. Your job is to find your niche-related communities, participate in and follow the content.

4. Find Out What Your Customers Need

No matter what content you are building, there is a truth that the field must be and will always grow. In terms of earning money, your field must be highly commercialized, with as many products as possible for business.

If not, then you don’t have to search and write content about it to make money. That’s when you do a non-profit personal blog.

My articles will guide you about making money with your website*, even if you make money with affiliate or online business.

So once again, you have to capture the prospect’s psychology. Potential customers here are visitors go to your website and find information related to their needs. Suppose I want to develop effective and safe weight loss topics for women.

My target will be overweight girls who have tried many ways but failed to succeed and stuck in a serious decline in health and excess fat.


Ok so now, I draw 2 columns on the paper: 1 side is the current topics that need to be developed, one side is the ones that will develop in the future to serve my readers.

Catching customers’ thoughts is always the key to the success of people in Digital Marketing. And when your content meets their thoughts and needs, you will succeed in an important part.

To do this, you have to actively target your potential customers.

List all their characteristics in the niche you are doing, what they need in this niche. Currently, and in the future, what knowledge and needs they will need.

  • Current topic:
  • Common mistakes make women lose weight and health deteriorates
  • 3 core elements that help to lose weight effectively and not gain weight again


  • Future topics:
  • Top 5 simple exercises at home to help women maintain a firm physique after successful weight loss
  • A simple diet for women in office after a successful weight loss.

Note that when you start building a website, you already have a target audience and a current topics list needs to be developed, so the future topics will be much clearer.

When you have traffic, if you write well enough to stimulate comments, readers will interact with you. Maybe there are questions or thoughts, from which you have the idea to deploy more.

5. Base on The Knowledge You’ve Learned

I affirm that you don’t need to be an expert to be able to build content about what you are doing.

Building content every day will help you from a newbie becomes a master in that area. Mostly you are passionate about it or not.

The blog section of the website will be where you store and share the knowledge you have accumulated. And in the future, you will gradually renew your old knowledge through content updates, replacing it with your new and more perfect knowledge.

Many bloggers I know, in the process of developing their blogs, discovered that they need to learn many new things. So, this job motivates you to increase your knowledge more actively than ever.

When you actively learn and practice, you always have the knowledge to continue sharing and updating them to a new level.

As long as you always cultivate and develop yourself, you are not afraid of having no idea to write.

6. Listen to Customer Feedbacks

This applies well to those who are doing online business and want to optimize the content, whether the content is a blog post or a landing page, even product information.

The consulting team is the people who directly chat and sell to customers.

They will record information about the products you make on the website to promote, and will best understand what problems customers often wonder. Any missing places, content that needs updating or even upcoming trends.

From there you can easily make more answers, provide useful solutions through blog posts.

7. Using Top-notch Tool: Buzzsumo

I’m not going to be any more in this article about the Buzzsumo tool – supporting the highest content marketing today.

Up to the present time, this tool has almost no competitors for Content Analytics.

Only investing and using this tool well for content development strategy, you probably do not need 60% of the ways in this article that is enough for your website to have lots of useful content.

8. Use Google Search Console

This method is used for any website that has a fairly stable amount of traffic after a period of development. At that time, visit Google Search Console tool.

Here you select Search Analytics -> Queries.


Google will return you the search queries that Google search users usually search to access the website.

From here you have the idea of creating content to serve your readers.

9. Suggestions From Google Search Box & Related Results

When you search a keyword, just type 1-2 first words, you will see suggestions from the search box:

This is called the Google Suggest keyword, which is the most interested and sought-after word for readers in this field, which are also good suggestions to help you create content for your blog if appropriate.

Next is this section, when you finish Search, the bottom of the page is the place of Search Related To

These are related keywords stemming from the query of the original keyword searcher, you have more ideas for writing articles to pull traffic to your website.

In addition to the suggestions for this content, there are Google News and Google Trends to keep you updated on hot trends and news related to your area of interest.

10. Ask Customers’ Opinions

Satisfying customers, readers is always the ultimate goal. So nothing more accurate by your survey from them.

This form is not difficult, you can send an email to the list that you collected from your website or chatbot and ask what content they want you to develop for the coming time.


Or you can publish a post on your blog with a survey poll or a link to a Google Form for readers to complete the survey.

You can also put this form at the end of every website. Any interested customer, after reading the article, will fill in the information.


The tutorial here is quite long and the amount of knowledge is very much, with these ways you will never worry about the lack of ideas to build content for your website anymore.

Rest assured that the key elements like this help you develop better blog categories, I will always update new content whenever I find a way to apply it well.

Begin to apply each method one by one, not only to help you increase your knowledge but also help you keep your passion for the blog and the topic chosen for your website.

Wish you always be a blogger every morning to wake up feeling great because there is always a list of potential blogging ideas waiting.

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