12 Points Proves Galaxy Note 8 Will Beat iPhone X


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The iPhone X is definitely the best Apple iPhone ever made and also one of the top smartphones on the market. 

The iPhone X features a 3D camera, advanced OLED display, and is powered by Apple’s super-powerful A11 chip.

It owns many unique features and technologies but it seems that Apple’s new superstar still lags behind Samsung’s latest flagship Note 8.

Here are 12 reasons to note Note 8 completely beat iPhone X:

1. Large screen with higher resolution


Galaxy Note is equipped with large screen size up to 6.3 inches and resolution of 2K 2960x1440p.

Meanwhile, the screen of the iPhone X “just” screen size 5.8 inches and resolution 2436x1125p. Obviously watching videos or playing games on a larger screen with higher resolutions will be far more interesting.

2. 3.5mm headphone jack


Unlike its competitor iPhone X, the Galaxy Note 8 retains the traditional 3.5mm headset jack, allowing users to use a variety of specialized earphones, from the classic Sony Walkman to the more advanced Bose or Sennheiser headphones.

Meanwhile, if you want to use wired headphones to listen to music for iPhone X then you will have to use adapters adapter which is not very convenient.

3. Multiple unlock options


The iPhone X is Apple’s first phone to integrate Face Detection technology, but it is also equipped with a TouchID fingerprint reader.

Meanwhile, with Note 8, you can log on to the machine through Iris sensor, face recognition and fingerprint sensor.

4. Automatically unlock by locations


Like many other Android 7 devices, Note 8 allows users to use the “Smart Unlock” feature by setting up “Trusted Places”

And when you’re in these trusted locations, you do not have to spend hours unlocking the Note 8. Of course, the iPhone X does not have similar features.

5. Vibrate when typing virtual keyboard


Like other Android phones, Note 8 offers the user a virtual keyboard and vibrates when the user touches the keyboard, thereby simulating what feels like using a physical keyboard. Meanwhile, the iPhone X only vibrates when users use 3D Touch features.

6. S Pen “Divine”


The S Pen has long been an important part of the Note lineup for its amazing performance. With these pens, users can note and demonstrate their ability to paint on the screens of Note machines.

Even, the foreign text that you recorded can be translated correctly. Of course, iPhone X does not allow you to do this.

7. Expand memory

No external memory card support is always a minus point inherent in iOS devices and the iPhone X is no exception.

Meanwhile, Note 8 or other Android devices are capable of supporting microSD memory cards with a maximum capacity up to 256GB. Thereby, Note 8 users in particular and Android in general cannot easily increase the memory capacity of your device.

8. Curved display with Edge Swipe


The Note 8 screen is curved on both sides of the bezel and allows the user to be able to Edge Swipe – surfing on two edges to open some special features.

For example, when surfing from the right side in the middle, you can open a small window called App Edge containing favorite applications. Users can easily set up favorite applications in App Edge in the settings.

9. Quick access Camera


With Note 8, users can quickly access the camera application with just a simple double-click on the power button, even when the Note 8 is in Sleep mode.

That means you do not have to turn on the screen and unlock still can do this operation. Apparently, if you want to quickly record a moment with your phone, iPhone X cannot do as well as Note 8.

10. USB Type-C port


Although the Lightning port on iPhone products works very well, including charging and data transfer, it is not a universal connector like USB Type-C on Note 8.

USB Type-C is a new connectivity standard used for smartphones and laptops today, even the new Apple MacBook laptops also use this type of port for charging.

11. Two applications running in parallel on the screen


With the Split-Screen feature, Note 8 allows users to interactively monitor two applications simultaneously with each application displayed on half of the screen.

This feature has also appeared on the next generation Apple iPad, but the iPhone X is not yet.

12. Access data via personal computer


With Note 8, users can easily connect to their personal computer and manage the phone memory just like a USB plugged into a computer.

Users can copy, move any file back and forth between phone and PC or quickly clear the phone memory through the PC. Meanwhile, this is not possible for iPhone X and is also one of the inherent inconveniences of iOS devices.

Photo / Source: Tomsguide.com


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