20 Ways To Make Effective Online Marketing But Not Everyone Knows


Marketing in general and online marketing, in particular, is really difficult if you don’t have a proper strategy and marketing plan.

In fact, every business has to learn its own marketing way or they will be at great risk of failure.

So how to find marketing methods, especially how to effectively market online to fit your business in this 4.0 revolution is a question that not everyone can find a solution.

First, you have to understand what marketing strategy as well as online marketing strategy?

The marketing strategy here is a way for businesses as well as individuals and organizations to achieve their marketing goals.

How marketing strategies address market issues, customer focus and how their products/services will be positioned in the eyes of consumers.

Since then, businesses, organizations and individuals will change and improve according to what products, prices, distribution channels and advertising and communication campaigns .. (called Marketing Mix 4P ).

Similar to marketing strategy, online marketing strategy also aims to achieve the goals of businesses, organizations and individuals and enhance their competitive advantage in the Internet environment.

Second, why need to promote online marketing? How to do

Online Marketing

The world today is constantly changing, especially for technology, technology development is the clearest evidence for us to promote the development of online marketing to increase competition, increase ability Search potential customers on the internet environment.

Speaking briefly about my experience, when I was a kid, I had the idea of ​​creating a street style clothing store.

My only problem is that I don’t know how to market to my customers, I don’t know what marketing tools to use to reach them, deliver them to their hands. I decided to watch the competition, find out how they market to consumers and then draw some experience, little by little.

Here are 20 online marketing methods that I have collected over the years, these are my own experiences and now I want to share with you.

1. Please use Google first

I have read a few blog marketing articles by some bloggers specializing in marketing and after a while of understanding, I realized that, to sell goods, use google.

Why? When you buy a computer, do you go to google search “buy computer”, and many websites appear before your eyes, you will choose a website that you like or sometimes it at the top and click on it.

From there you will have a decision to buy from yourself. This is in marketing terms that people call SEM. So what is SEM? SEM is divided into two categories: Google Adwords and SEO.


Google adwords ads understand the most is that you use money to stand on top google, reach consumers in a quick and easy way.

SEO is a collection of optimization methods to make the website more friendly to google, thereby raising the ranking of your website to top google with related keywords.

You need to optimize your content to be more user-friendly in search of more search traffic. From there will make your website top google in a period of time.

This is considered one of the most effective online marketing methods if you want to do business on the internet environment.

2. Create an attractive website

A great website helps you create a brand that stands out and makes a great first impression.

In addition, UI / UX of the website will increase the user experience to help you SEO more effectively, improve the trust of google.

3. Create an extreme social network profile

Today, everyone will seek the presence of social media to see if the business is legitimate. Not to mention, social media networks are a great place to market your business to your customers.

4. Build an email list

Building your email list is important. Do it, don’t wait. Email marketing is also an effective online marketing method for you to reach consumers.

In addition, you can build a customer care system, which will improve your brand’s ability to buy back and trust.

5. Connect your personal Facebook Profile to your Facebook business page

Your personal contact with the Facebook business page will introduce your business to more people. Also, when you connect to other Facebook business pages or within Facebook groups, they will naturally access your profile to learn more about your business.

You can do this by adding your Facebook business page to your current workplace and publicizing it for everyone to see.

6. Conduct the construction of seminars on the website

Online seminars are a great way to increase traffic and search strategy on your website.

7. Viral content

The easiest Viral content is giveaway – your giveaway will become a “viral” component on social networks. If your prize is truly valuable, your business can inflate (in a good way) in just a few days.

8. Ask old customers to recommend

People will always trust their families and friends through any online advertising they see. This is a free and fast method to get more customers.

9. Create an Infographic and share it

Well-designed infographics are greatly appreciated to attract people to visit your site.

Create a piece of great photo information, pin it at Pinterest, share it in many online communities. Infographics have a huge opportunity to become viral.

10. Join Facebook/Linkedin groups

The effectiveness of this will depend on the industry you are participating in. Participating in groups with dozens of potential customers, this will help you understand the problems facing potential customers.

From there, you will come up with marketing solutions for you to reach them. You will also be able to directly interact and advertise your business to members in the Facebook group or LinkedIn.

11. Share on Google+ Community (Google+ has closed since April 2019)

Google+ is one of the channels most trusted by google (because of it, Google) to help make your website SEO more convenient and your website will top google as quickly as possible.

The Google+ community works like the Facebok group – your potential customer will be in it.

12. For those who use online marketing to do business, you can’t ignore Twitter

Learn on Twitter and start talking to people, use the search bar and search for people who tweet about relevant keywords related to the person you consider a potential customer.

13. Start a joint venture with others in your field

These people are better not competitors – both of you can share customers with you and grow together.

For example, you can advertise someone with a larger audience to organize a webinar with you.

This is one of the most effective online marketing solutions to reach users because cooperating with people in the same field will grow together in the most sustainable way.

14. There are social network plugins shared on your website

Ask people to share your content. Most of the time, people don’t share because they think you don’t need to share.

Make it clear to them that you also need them to share knowledge with others.

15. Create your own affiliate program (Affiliate marketing)

This is a great way to get more customers – let others use marketing methods, marketing tools that they know sell products to you and then give them a commission.

16. Re-publish your content on Medium

Medium is a great platform to share your thoughts and you can republish your posts there to get more views.

17. Youtube

Youtube is the largest video social network in the world, you can create your own world. In addition, you can also advertise online on youtube in different forms.

There are many people on YouTube right now who are your potential customers.

18. Use hashtags Instagram tags correctly

If you’re using Instagram, start adding tags starting with # to your photo captions (or in comments). Card hashtags are a great way to contact customers on Instagram….

19. Other paid online advertising

There are other ways to earn paid traffic rather than just social media. Some examples: Google Adsense, banner ads, etc.

20. Visit Facebook Live/Periscope/other online advertising tools

In today’s noisy Internet world, LIVE will cut off all noise, allowing you to interact quickly with viewers. And that’s what you want, right?

Through the above, we see the importance of online marketing strategy, apply these methods and methods of online marketing to build a business strategy to synchronize your marketing strategy to attract businesses and stand. Firm in this online competitive market.

Good luck!!!

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