2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR Review – 35 Fresh Fitness Articles For You to Create Informative Content


The New Year 2020 is about to come.

There are some niches that have enormous profit potential, and the fitness niche is one of those. It’s not just because of the broad audience it caters to, but the evergreen appeal it has, in addition to the timely craze, like with New Year and summertime.

Do you know that people will attempt to gain their fitness goals? So, they will search for all information everywhere, every source that they can possibly find to reach their target, lose weight and get fit more quickly and more effectively.

That’s where this content comes in handy. It will help you guide your audience in becoming information about what strategies will the most appropriate for them. Let’s get straight to it!

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2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR Review – Overview


Product name 2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR
Vendor Tiffany Lambert
Front-end price $17
Homepage http://plrlaunch.com/2020-fitness-game-plan-plr/
Release Date 2019-Dec-12
Release Time 10:00 EST
Niche PLR
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 100 Bonuses Value At $50,185

2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR Review – What is it?

2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR is a full package of brand new 35 fitness articles that help you create useful and appropriate content for your audience.


About Author


2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR was created by Tiffany Lambert. She is such an amazing woman that creates plenty of incredible products for everyone.

Yet, she has been a member of WarriorPlus since 2007 and is in Top 5% Vendor and Top 5% Affiliate with +3,000 sales and 12 products.

Her fields are mainly Health, Mindset, Marketing Education, and so on.

You probably know some products of hers, like Empower Yourself By Blogging, Tiffany Lambert’s Writing Productivity Challenge, Total Self Care PLR, 2019 Christmas PLR, etc. They are all profitable and promising.

And I’m sure 2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR is definitely one of them.

What Are the Features of 2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR?

2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR includes 35 articles that are repurposed them into 7 individual reports with eCovers.

It includes the following:

Report #1: 5 Hot Fitness Programs for 2020

Includes the following 5 articles:

  • Bodyweight Exercises for Fitness
  • High-Intensity Interval Training for Fitness
  • Crossfit for Fitness
  • Yoga and Pilates for Fitness
  • Strength Training for Fitness

Report #2: 5 Ways to Burn Fat in 2020

Includes the following 5 articles:

  • Use Cardio to Fight Fat Quickly
  • Let Strength Training Help You Burn Fat Faster
  • Use Protein to Reduce Fat in Your Body
  • Increase Your Fiber Intake to Shed Fat Swiftly
  • Cut Carbs to Shape Up and Say Goodbye to Fat

Report #3: 5 Ways to Tone a Flabby Body in 2020

Includes the following 5 articles:

  • How to Tone Your Arms
  • How to Tone Your Legs
  • How to Tone Your Stomach
  • How to Tone Your Back
  • How to Tone Your Buttocks

Report #4: 5 Ways to Build Muscle Mass in 2020

Includes the following 5 articles:

  • Add Calories You Can Turn Into Muscle
  • Maximize Your Lifts
  • Stop Getting as Much Cardio
  • Take Supplements to Help Build Mass
  • Let Sleep Help You Build More Muscle

Report #5: 5 Ways to Get Six Pack Abs in 2020

Includes the following 5 articles:

  • Increase Cardio to Tone Your Tummy
  • Engage in Specific Ab Building Exercises
  • Alter Your Diet to Shed Fat That’s Hiding Your Abs
  • Avoid Foods That Bloat Your Belly
  • Be Consistent to Carve Out Your Six Pack Abs

Report #6: 5 Ways to Get Fit on a Budget

Includes the following 5 articles:

  • Build a Home Gym on the Cheap
  • Use Natural Fitness Regimens
  • Shop in Grocery Stores – Not for Fad Diet Foods
  • Use Digital Media to Guide Your Workout
  • Join a Local Adult Sports Team

Report # 7: 5 Ways to Have Fun as You Get Fit

Includes the following 5 articles:

  • Walk-in Interesting Destinations
  • Get Lost in an Audiobook or Video Series as You Work Out
  • Use Your Pet’s Needs to Help You Get Fit
  • Find an Exercise Buddy to Partner Up with You
  • Make a Game Out of It

Plus, 7 eCovers in PNG & JPG:


For more information about this product, click the button below:


What Can You Do With 2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR?

  • Use it on your blog. Posting fresh, top quality content helps you attract readers and get engagement and this content will definitely serve that purpose.
  • Use it in email autoresponders. If you want to cater to your list of subscribers, there’s no better way to do it than by sending them a series of well thought out articles.
  • Compile it into a report. Do you need a gift for your subscribers to read or a bonus report for something else you’re selling or promoting? Turn these articles into a PDF for your audience to read.
  • Turn it into an info product. If you prefer to sell the content, you can turn it into a PDF and make it an info product as part of your line of eBooks.
  • Engage readers on social media with it. Cut it up or use it in full on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more so you can begin interacting with a like-minded audience.
  • Turn it into multimedia. Use the content as a transcript to turn it into a podcast series or a YouTube series, depending on whether you want to use audio or video.

…And so much more!

2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR Review Is it worth buying?

2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR is a set of 35 Articles. They are brand new and all about fitness. But what Tiffany has also done is she has taken these articles and split them up into 7 different themes.

And each one of those themes is going to bundle up the articles into a report. So you can use these content either as articles or reports if you want. Flat covers are also put inside of the report for you in case you need to use that.

Besides, you can use them to build a list or give them as a gift or whatever you want to leverage them. It is up to you!

2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR is for fitness niche, a niche that has both trend timing (New Year’s Day and beach body season) as well as evergreen potential. It appeals to men and women of all ages.

These content are so big that they could technically last a several years. As a result, it is a good deal here!

Who Should Use It?

Generally, 2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

Pros and Cons


✓ Brand New & Evergreen Topic

✓ ​Well-written Articles

✓ Everything You Need to Create Hot Content

✓ Level Up Your Branding

✓ Feel Free to Edit


X No Refund Policy.


2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR has Front-end and 2 OTOs:

Front-end: $17 (See Details)

OTO 1: $27 

She always likes to give customers the chance to add on additional, related content. This upgrade is packed with great NEW content.

30 Page eBook: 10 Ways to Improve Your Odds of Achieving Your Fitness Goals

  • Chapter 1: Become Committed and Consistent
  • Chapter 2: Don’t Let Finances Get in the Way of Your Fitness
  • Chapter 3: Learn Proper Form to Prevent Injury and Delayed Fitness
  • Chapter 4: Use a Combination of Both Diet and Exercise to Reach Your Fitness Goals
  • Chapter 5: Lean on Others to Help You Cross the Fitness Finish Line
  • Chapter 6: Shake Things Up to Prevent Boredom and Stagnation with Your Fitness
  • Chapter 7: Set Reasonable Short and Long-Term Measurable Goals You Can Track
  • Chapter 8: Use Wearable Fitness Technology to Hold Your Feet to the Fire
  • Chapter 9: Push Yourself – Don’t Be Afraid of What Your Body Can Achieve
  • Chapter 10: Make Fun an Integral Part of Your Fitness Plan

5 Page Sales Copy


  • Headlines
  • Storyline
  • Bulletpoints
  • Call to Action
  • PostScripts

Lead Magnet: 5 Nutrition Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Fitness Goals

  • Failing to Use Carbs Strategically
  • Eliminating Fat from your Diet
  • Not Managing Calories Properly
  • Overdoing It with Workout Products
  • Ignoring Meal Plans to Put Most of Your Focus on Exercising

5-Part Email Series: 5 Ways Fitness Makes Your Life Better

Email #1: Improves Your Longevity
Email #2: Boosts Your Happiness
Email #3: Gives You More Energy
Email #4: Makes You Look and Feel Better
Email #5: Helps You Sleep at Night

15 Articles

1. How Often Should You Strength Train?
2. Ideas for Indoor Exercises You Can Do at Home
3. Outdoor Fitness Ideas to Give You a Change of Scenery
4. Should You Hire a Personal Trainer to Achieve Your Fitness Goals?
5. Pair a Health and Wellness Coach with Your Fitness Training
6. Why a Gym Membership May Serve You Better
7. Cycling Is a Great Fitness Tool for Many Individuals
8. What Should Go on Your Fitness Pump Up Playlist?
9. Adhering to a Fitness Schedule When You’re Sidelined with an Injury
10. A Short Workout Is Better Than No Workout at All
11. What to Do When You Burn Out on Fitness
12. Should You Eat Before or After You Exercise?
13. Is It Possible to Spot Train an Area of Your Body?
14. Don’t Let Lack of Time Be an Excuse for Not Working Out
15. Is Sugar Addiction Sabotaging Your Overall Fitness?

10 Product Reviews

1. Fitness Planner
2. Ab Trainer
3. Kettlebells
4. Mini Stepper
5. Waist Trimmer
6. Medicine Ball
7. Weight Vest
8. Pull Up Bar
9. Home Gym
10. Heart Rate Monitor

OTO 2: $47

It is a bundle of 70 hand-selected fitness and diet PLR bundles from her store that sells for a total of $1,480!

The details of every pack are too numerous to post, so she’s included a list of them for you here and the value of what it sells for on her PLR store.

So you’ll get them for a discount of over 96% off!

  1. 12 Month Diet OTO (Value $72)
  2. Diet Niche Starter Pack Outlines (Value $66)
  3. Elite Power Fitness Funnel (Value $65)
  4. Fight Disease With Food Content Funnel (Value $65)
  5. 12 Month Diet Rotation PLR (Value $60)
  6. Wearable Technology PLR (Value $60)
  7. 2019 Weight Loss Tips PLR OTO (Value $59)
  8. Building Muscle Mega PLR Pack (Value $58)
  9. Diet Mega Pack (APAP) (Value $57)
  10. hCG Diet Mega PLR Pack (Value $57)
  11. 2014 New Year Diet Success PLR Bundle (Value $52)
  12. 50 Diet Tips for 2012 (Value $50)
  13. hCG Diet PLR eBook (Value $50)
  14. Summer Fitness Planning PLR (Value $44)
  15. 2010 Diet Plan PLR (Value $38)
  16. Protein for Weight Loss Bundle (Value $38)
  17. Fitness Motivation OTO (Value $33)
  18. Meal Prep OTO 1 (Value $33)
  19. Ditch Your Dad Bod OTO1 (Value $31)
  20. Bodyweight Bundle (Value $30)
  21. Healthy Kitchen OTO (Value $30)
  22. 2019 Weight Loss Tips PLR (Value $25)
  23. 2018 Best Diets (Value $20)
  24. Ditch Your Dad Bod FE (Value $20)
  25. Keto Diet Success (Value $20)
  26. Meal Prep FE (Value $20)
  27. Social Network Fitness Motivation (Value $20)
  28. Stick to Your Diet (Value $20)
  29. This Is Why You’re Fat (Value $20)
  30. Belly Fat (Value $15)
  31. CrossFit PLR (Value $15)
  32. Gain Weight PLR (Value $15)
  33. 15 Sensible Diet Tips for Maximum Weight Loss (Value $11)
  34. Cardio Fitness Reviews (Value $10)
  35. Fitness Accessories (Value $10)
  36. hCG Diet Sales Copy (Value $10)
  37. Kettlebell PLR (Value $10)
  38. Mini Trampolines (Value $10)
  39. P90X (Value $10)
  40. Top 10 Amazon Fitness Programs Resell PLR (Value $10)
  41. Top 10 ClickBank Fitness (Value $10)
  42. hCG Diet Email Autoresponders (Value $7)
  43. Customized Fat Loss Presell PLR Report (Value $6)
  44. Truth About Abs Presell PLR Report (Value $6)
  45. Truth About Cellulite Presell Report (Value $6)
  46. Creating Your Own Dietary Guidelines (Value $5.50)
  47. Getting Started with the Paleo Diet (Value $5.50)
  48. 5 Ways to Overcome Dieting Depression (Value $5)
  49. A Guide to Muscle Building Relief and Recovery (Value $5)
  50. Belly Fat 2 (Value $5)
  51. Bodybuilding (Value $5)
  52. Cellular Weight Loss Report (Value $5)
  53. DASH Diet Versus TLC Diet PLR (Value $5)
  54. Dieting (Value $5)
  55. Eating Foods That Burn Fat (Value $5)
  56. Elliptical Trainers (Value $5)
  57. Fitness Accessories (Value $5)
  58. Giving Up the Quitter Mindset When Dieting (Value $5)
  59. hCG Diet blog posts (Value $5)
  60. Healthy Eating (Value $5)
  61. New Year – Fit Year (Value $5)
  62. Nutrition for Fitness (Value $5)
  63. Pregnancy Fitness Tips PLR Report (Value $5)
  64. Replace These Diet Fads with Better Weight Loss Tips PLR Report (Value $5)
  65. Say No to Fast Food and Yes to a Healthy Diet PLR (Value $5)
  66. Shed Fat with a Focus on Fiber (Value $5)
  67. The Benefit of Having Brown Fat in Your Body (Value $5)
  68. The Venus Factor Presell Report (Value $5)
  69. Treadmills (Value $5)
  70. Weight Loss for Women Autoresponders (Value $5)


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2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR













  • Brand New & Evergreen Topic
  • Well-written Articles
  • Everything You Need to Create Hot Content
  • Level Up Your Branding
  • Feel Free to Edit


  • No Refund Policy
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5/5 (3 Reviews)
5/5 (3 Reviews)
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