3 Main Types of Content You Need to Know When Blogging

If you have chosen the topic for blogging, there are ideas in mind that will develop your blog, what is intended and what purpose, this article will help you better understand the blog types for you to easily imagine, from which to develop content more properly.


Three Types of Content When Blogging

1. Main Content: Sharing Experience, Personal Point of View

These are articles that share your experiences and thoughts on the subject of your blog that you have experienced and have the knowledge to share. These can be personal tutorials, case studies or tricks that you have ever gained, gathered during your learning, practice in the field of blogging.

This type of content is a bit hard to write because it has to be really experienced about what you share, so you can write this type of content, but the level of ‘making money ability’ is tremendous.


You share your personal experience, which means that you are letting the reader know that you are an experienced person, guiding the reader how to be able to do the same and that your content is “unique”. It does not coincide with the content, the writing of any blog, if you have a good writing style, customers will be fascinated.

Examples of blogging tutorials for this newcomer are in this type of content, these are my own knowledge, my experience in the blogging process, comes from the number 0 to earn money.

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These contents ensure the best amount of user interaction, because, readers will believe in how an individual shares his or her experiences rather than just a sharing general knowledge website. And when there is a high positive feedback, the ability to make money from your product or service is huge.

This kind of content is hard to write if you are a novice it is very hard. But if possible, publish 1 or 2 contents like this one month. I call the articles in this form the “mainstream content” for your blog, as this form of content is the highest monetization and you must always direct visitors to these contents. That is why you also consider keyword research for the article, scrutinize the content, study thoroughly to publish the main article.

2. Type 1 Supplementary Content: Guidelines

Guides Content make the tutorial articles about many different aspects of the field you choose.

Why is this content easier than Main Content: Since these guides may already be available online, you can reshare your blog ‘in your own words’, emphasizing for you. Write your way of presentation, not copy someone else’s hand, and make sure you understand this knowledge before sharing it on your blog.


Posts like this have a very high traffic function, as you will be more comfortable in choosing article topics, choosing keywords, the ability of SEO to top quickly and the frequency of article publishing will also be higher than Main Content a lot, so you will have quite a lot of free hits from Google for posts like this.

Users are looking for daily by Google Guides, so take advantage of publishing a variety of content guidelines for your blog. If you have a little more experience, mix the Main Content into the content of this form, that is both guides and share a little experience, tips, so readers will be content with you more attractive.

And the content guide will greatly support your main content on both sides of the SEO and Traffic: Backlink to the Main Content clever. With clever internal linking, in addition to the support of SEO, you will have the amount of traffic that you ‘dictate’ from the articles on the Main Content. The more traffic there is on the Main Content, the more likely you are to make money than to read your tutorials and then leave, thinking: Each visit will always bring you the ability to make money.

You can also place ads, popup, welcome bar, etc. to navigate the guide content to the main content.

The tutorial content is easy to write, and you can read and understand the tutorials on your front-page blogs and rewrite your understanding, even more than they are, so try publishing this blog weekly.

3. Type 2 Supplementary Content: News Content, Trends

Currently, I do not have time or system to develop news on williamreview.com but I believe this is a good kind of content and I am sure I will grow through time as soon as possible.

News Content, or what is referred to as Trending Content, is news articles about trends in the area you choose to blog. To get this content, there are two most popular and effective ways:

  • Search the main keyword Google on your blog, then choose the search time is the last 24 hours, see if the news page or popular blog with news articles are on your blog topic or not.
  • Search by BuzzSumo tool with the main keyword on your blog and select the last 24 hours.

Not every day there is news about your field, but if it does, you can read it, then rewrite it on your blog.

The content of the news will be most interested in social networking, after posting the article, you can share your article with the same field with yofu or the group you built yourself. So, share with your personal group.


As with the content, the news content is also a very good complement to the main content, and you’ll still have to think of a way to navigate the content reader, always remembering that the Main Content is ‘money-content’, which means the content of money.

News Content is easy to write, even if you do not need any knowledge because this is just rewriting the news. Remember to rewrite it in a different way, do not copy the content. So consider whether you can ‘ask’ or ‘hire’ someone to write something like this and send you a week 2-3 times instead of writing it yourself, because of something like this if you write by yourself, it would be time-consuming. Depending on the field, there are many areas always have new content every day but many areas are rare.


The 3 things you need to develop above may have made you ‘drown’. No need to create additional content types, because I have not even developed the third type of content, but I’ll hire someone to write that in the future.


Hope you can get the most scientific and thoughtful view to navigate traffic from News Content and directions to the Main Content and bring in more customers to your blog.

Good luck. Any questions, just let me know by leaving a comment.

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