4 Appealing News Themes From Themeforest To Build A News Site


Every day, people frequently use social networks and applications like Facebook, Messenger, YouTube as well as surf news sites to update information.

In addition to the famous online newspapers, individuals now make small news websites focusing on certain areas such as finance, technology, sports, daily trends…

I will introduce you to 4 beautiful news themes that you can use today to build your own news site.

News Themes From Themeforest: Newspaper

One of the best selling news themes of Themeforest is Newspaper.

With the number of sales on the top after only a few months of launch, Newspaper proves it is the best fit in choosing a theme as a news site.


Newspaper allows you to diversify different topics, from sports to health or hot fields like Cryptocurrency.

News Themes From Themeforest: Bimber (Viral Theme)

The second theme in the top list is Bimber. This theme is suitable for making magazine-style websites with high viral content like entertainment, showbiz, superstars, cooking magazines and other viral content.


Bimber is compatible with most plugins that support powerful website customization, this theme makes it easy to own magazine-style websites with simple operations.

News Themes From Themeforest: Jannah News

Jannah News is the next name, it is not inferior to any other theme of ability to customize website manipulation and adaptability to news topics.


Developed by the talented founder team of the Buddypress plugin, Jannah News themes have a very unique, eye-catching interface, and a dark effect trend that optimizes website compatibility for readers.

This theme adapts to all areas, especially with hot topics like automotive, cryptocurrency…

News Themes From Themeforest: Newsma

Newsmag is appropriate for all types of news websites from traditional news or magazine news.



With a news website, you can definitely make a huge profit from it, by using Google AdSense, Ads Lease, Facebook Audience Network, etc. As long as you have a clear orientation in identifying areas, planning and optimizing traffic, the website is your monetizing machine.

I listed super nice themes that match the news website above.

Just go to Themeforest HERE: https://themeforest.net, type the theme name I mentioned to see the demo and buy it if you like.

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