4 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Website


Are you an entrepreneur and you own several small and medium businesses?

Are you a shop owner?

Are you looking to build and develop a personal brand?

Are you preparing or starting a business?

Do you have a website to promote your brand on the Internet?

Are you thinking of just having a website so you are ready to develop your business or brand?

But it is not true.

Most of us have been doing business based on prior relationships, from one person introducing another to our product or service. But we also know that the relationship is limited. It is limited by geographical location, time, by income gap, by trend, by the ability of each person. Not everyone has the ability to connect well to expand their relationship like speakers, celebrities… If so, our social relationships and business relationships will be depleted. And if we do not have a plan to find and expand our customer service prospects, then surely we will soon get bad results in business.


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So, how to connect, expand relationships with our potential customers?

You might think of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email Marketing, Google AdWords … but let’s say, website is the best tool for you to connect to all these services.

When you have a website, you post articles on it, then you share them on Facebook, Twitter … you promote them through email lists by using Email Marketing services or you invest money to promote through online advertising channels such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWords ads to reach so many people that want to know your share or interested in the field you are doing like the product you are selling … and that is your prospect. They visit the website, they like it, bookmark or save your website so that when they need they can revisit. Because of that, you need to have a website, you need to design a professional, impressive website that leaves marks for the first time.

When you have a website and you are officially on the Internet, it means you have to compete with billions of other websites. Most of them commit to their customers on the site is to provide high-quality products and services. Of course, there are some exceptions.

Therefore, if you want to win then you need to create a standard and professional website. Here are four specific reasons why you need a professional website.

1. A Website Is The Business Office Or Store On The Internet

If your website looks ugly, it means that your business or yourself is considered ugly by others.

Try to think about how you choose and buy a product on the internet. Will you stay long at the site looking ugly, lack of content, provide inaccurate information?


Your customers or fans will not be able to trust you when they see a bad site that they cannot afford to buy or decide on a particular action.

The impression for the first time and in the process of using the web is very important. You will lose potential customers the first time they visit and you will have no chance to change their minds.


2. Losing The Opportunity To Compete

Undoubtedly, if you are operating a business in a field or industry that popular, there may be hundreds of different websites offering similar products or services. Just like yours.

Your product/service may be the best. But if your site does not talk about content that is related to your product/service or does not reflect the quality of your own business, then surely your customers will never trust you. This issue focuses on how you create content for your website.

3. Losing The Opportunity To Make A lot Of Money

You know, to start a business you need to have a small capital. What is the cost of renting premises, decorating shops, corporate offices, papers, tax…

And whether you are starting or already doing business, you still have to invest, more or less. For simplicity, there must be a profitable new investment.


I will tell you this, you can start or redo now with a professional website. Low cost, only few dozen dollars and you have a professional website already. Moreover, you have the excellent ability to connect with many customers of all objects, unobstructed by geographic distance, age, interests, …

You know, a lot of companies have poured money into renting large, beautiful premises and pretty shops but in the end they cannot sell, which leads to losses and even closed. That is a big mistake because they overlook the importance and performance of the website in their business.

4. Customers Always Expect

In 2016, customers expected all businesses to have a website. Whether you are selling on Facebook, Amazon or eBay or a real shop, your customers always want to check your website or your company. They want to see if you or your company are credible, professional, do not scam or provide poor quality products.

And with updating the new algorithm of Facebook, it’s very limited to reach customers on your fanpage. Facebook requires us to pay more for customers to access, so we need a website to be able to transfer them on Facebook to the website.

So, how to create a professional website? Please check out here:

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