5 Fatal Mistakes That 99% Of Businesses Are Having When Using The Sale Funnel


If you are selling online or looking for potential customers in your market, I am sure you will: You have at least 1 sales funnel. Maybe you do not know what your sales funnel is, how it is but you certainly have a sale funnel.

The question is: How effective are your funnels?

When me and my team outline the sales funnels of a business, put the numbers in and they are often startled when they see the number of potential customers leaving them at every step in their funnel.

In this example, the funnel only has 5 steps and starts with 10,000 people like Fan Page.

Sale Funnel

Only 2-3 shoppers. It lost 998 people in the process.

In digital marketing, the number of people abandoned at every step in the hopper is huge. In fact, there are so many losers that nobody buys at the last step.

Tears have fallen, blood has fallen, money is gone.

And unfortunately, many of the brothers also say that online sales and leads can easily be obtained.

In fact, it’s almost the opposite, very difficult.

Successful online sales (including attracting leads) require:

  • Must have a plan
  • Experiment repeatedly, repeating the various marketing strategies
  • Time and
  • Money

That is the truth about online sales. Not easy at all.

If you do not want to face the difficulties and move on to success, you will need to avoid these five common fatal mistakes that 99% of businesses make when using sales funnels to grow their businesses.


Mistake # 1: Sales Funnels Too Many Steps

Every action people take requires them to have a decision-making process. At the time they decide, more than 50% of visitors (typically 80-90%) will choose not to participate or not respond to your message or do not leave information to you.

That means they are:

  • Do not click on your ad or link;
  • Do not participate in your email list to retrieve your Lead Magnet (ebook, checklist …);
  • Do not add anything to their shopping cart;
  • Do not checkout cart;
  • Not Paid

So imagine you have only 5 steps above and 1,000 people watching your ad.

This is what will happen if ONLY 50% (best scenario) does not respond to you:

  • 500 does not click on your ad or link.
  • Do not participate in your email list to get your Lead Magnet (ebook, checklist …);
  • 125 does not add anything to their cart;
  • 63 does not perform the checkout of a cart
  • 31 does not pay
  • 15 purchase

Let’s say you’ve spent $1000 on an ad campaign (CPC = $1.00). If you do not earn at least $67/order ($1000/15) then you are losing a lot.

Now let’s be realistic with those numbers. Let’s say 10,000 people see your ad …

With a 3% CTR, 9,700 do not click on your ad or link. 300 people clicked.

With a 20% customer conversion rate, 240 does not participate in your email list to retrieve your Lead Magnet (ebook, checklist …). 60 do 60 email.

Assuming that sales conversion rate is 5% (dream), 57 people do not buy. 3 buyers.

So, if you spend $1,000 on that campaign (CPC = $1.00), if you do not earn at least $334 per order ($1,000/3), you will lose a lot.

Are you in pain?

But you still have 60 emails there. This is what happens to them:

  • 30% of them open your email. That’s 18 people.
  • 10% click website. That’s two people.
  • 5% buy. You have 0.1 buyers. Too small.

Another proof:

Suppose you manage a Fanpage to get 10,000 people like (like real).

  • 10% of them see your Facebook post – that’s 1,000 people.
  • Many of the posts on Facebook get 99.9% interactivity, not clicks on the site. If the content is good, more posts can get a click-through rate of up to 4-5%. Suppose is 5% go. That means 50 people clicked.
  • 5% of this – that’s 2.5 people – equivalent to 0.00025% of people like to convert into buyers per post.

With a Facebook page with 10,000 likes, only 2.5 shoppers. Quite heartbreaking.

But please drill. It’s not the end. If every day there are 2.5 buyers per post x 365 days = 912.5 buyers per year.

But how do you get 10,000 turns like real now? You may have to pay from $1000 to $5000 to get 10,000 quality people with ads on Facebook. Because people like the page but low quality will never buy.

So, you will have to earn from $1 ($1000/912) to $ 6 ($5000/912) for every successful sale that you can get back (but after 1 year). This means that you will have to wait 1 year to reapply from $1000 to $5000.

Here is the assumption:

  • You do not run any ads to promote posts (many do) and
  • You reach 10% of your fans (many do not).
  • The problem is that Facebook squeezes out the current post, so sales performance drops by 90%.

That’s why we (and you too) need to move to the funnel with fewer steps:

  1. Advertise on Facebook -> Squeeze Page to receive email -> Email -> Click on the web -> Sales
  2. Or Advertise on Facebook -> Sales Page -> Sell [only 3 steps!]
  3. Re-marketing with objects obtained from # 1 and # 2 -> email or direct sales (call, meeting)

Mistake # 2: Do Not Attract People To Your Sales Funnel

Advertising is very important for new websites. But only 10-20% of the ads can be effective and profitable.

You will need to have more reasonable traffic.

That means you need to SEO or use social media for free. That means you will need to create great content (like this one you are reading). You have to create something that will help your potential customers and you do not need to be paid for writing it. But it does bring you a lot of people, some people choose to leave email to you, some others click on the link to act as something useful for them.

But the most common mistake many people make is not getting attention. Headings and images are not focused.

So you need to fix if you are aware of this.

Mistake # 3: Fear Of Revealing Business Secrets

Because every step in the funnel, we abandoned many people. So, to do something to improve it.

For example:

  • Create content and post to Facebook or social networking – something that deserves to be shared by others;
  • Create real value Landing Page (most focus on sales), worth to be shared, for example, a free Magnet Lead (ebook, checklist, webinar …) with great value – any You have to share it for its greatness.
  • Place Comment FB at the end of each content for everyone to join the discussion. Those discussions will be shared on their personal Facebook.

In general, you need to learn, research what kind of content people like to share and then write and share about it.

Mistake # 4: Only One Idea for Each Sale Funnel (No Customer Behavior)

In the past, people created a website, a campaign and ran it for days, months. It may fall into the blind spots Facebook advertising or it can cause boredom to rampant customers.

Tips are constant innovation, constantly tracking customer behavior, finding the right ideas and putting them into niche segments accordingly.

For example:

  • Use ClickFunnels to create 2-3 different versions of Landing Page to see which version performs well, converting well.
  • Duplicate landing page, same product / service but different message, image, presentation, design or even price.
  • Tested various ad templates, from image, content, CTA, target …

You are not capable of doing all this. To be honest, I have not been able to do anything (I can not do much experimenting with the ads, but you have to do 100 samples, but the most I do is 11 samples for a landing page).

Is not it hard?

And if you can do it all, you will definitely rise to the top. I am also trying to do all three things well. You should too. Do not be lazy here, right now or you will regret it.

In a nutshell: Split Test anything, wherever possible.

Mistake # 5: Afraid of Sales

Everyone else is selling. They are slowly pulling your customers. Me too.

Recently I read the story (email) of Grand Cardone – American billionaire, he has told: the first eight years he was afraid of selling.

But why fear? While you are providing products/services that are really valuable to the user.

I realize: Do not be afraid to sell. Sell and move them to the next step. Take them forward.

Find out what is preventing them from buying, telling them what will happen if they do not work with you. Make them see their vision, show them where you are and where you started and prove to them that they are where you were before.


In short, follow a habit when writing something. Always have a conclusion.

The conclusion is: Please fix all the mistakes on. You will forever stomp on the spot if you do not. You will earn huge profits if you do.

Share this article if you find it useful to you and to someone.

Good luck!

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