5 Simple Steps to Optimize Featured Snippets


What if I told you it is not really that hard and even easy in some cases to optimize Featured Snippets.

All you need to do is follow the right guidelines, and you can bring your content to the top of the list as you wish. And these guidelines do not cost too much to learn and implement.

In fact, you can learn how to optimize Featured Snippets for free through this article. Let’s start.

What Are Featured Snippets?

One thing for sure, you’ve seen the Featured Snippets countless times when you started looking for information on Google.

Featured Snippets also have another name in the SEO world that is top 0 on Google. Because whenever you search and see Featured Snippets, they are placed in the first position of the search page.


When you require a keyword, Google will reply you a result in a frame standing on all other search results.

Google often gets this content from the one that in the top positions of search engines. These Featured Snippets help provide the necessary information to the user immediately so they do not have to click on the article to read.

Why Optimize Featured Snippets

Simply because it has so many benefits.

  • You do not have to be in top 5, in some cases top 20 can still reach to top 0
  • This top 0 position will increase the reputation of the brand as well as the display on the SERP.
  • Get more traffic to your website. The top 0 position can has a higher CTR than the top 1 position.
  • You do not have to spend any extra to optimize the top 0 position.


3 Kinds Featured Snippets

There are 3 main types of Featured Snippets.

  • Paragraphs (accounting for 63%):


  • Lists/Steps (19%):


  • Tables (16%):


  • Moreover, there are images, charts,…

5 Steps To Optimize Featured Snippets


Step 1: Search for possible words

You must understand that not all keywords in Google can optimize Featured Snippets. Normally Google will display Feature Snippets for the following cases:

  • Comparison
  • Definition
  • How-to

And many other cases. Since you yourself do not know what keyword Google search engine will accept to be Featured Snippets, the best way is to search for the current keyword that is on the top, then optimize your article itself.

There are 2 ways:

  • Analyze of domestic opponents
  • Analyze your competitors in the global market


  • List the competing domains.
  • Go to Ahrefs –> Organic keywords.
  • Select Features –> Featured snippet.


At this point, you will have a series of domestic and foreign rivals that are top of the list, listing them and then grouping synonyms with one another to optimize your clusters for ease.

Step 2: Analyze Featured Snippet of keywords

Analyze the number of characters Featured Snippet that is allowed to appear on the top. Suppose the Featured Snippet of the keyword A appears 52 words, then you should layout your content to have the explanation that ranges from 50 to 60 words for Google to easily identify and put that content up.


Step 3: Optimize heading tags & paragraphs of Featured Snippet

Headings: You should choose H2, H3 or H4. I usually choose H2, depending on the context, in the next step you will know what heading to choose for accuracy.

The heading tag should be optimized for the Featured Snippet keyword to make it easy for Google to recognize the paragraph you are talking about.

How to optimize?

You’ve known what kind of Featured Snippet keyword you need SEO. If it is a paragraph, then you need to write a table explaining what the phrase backlinks. Same with table and list.

Next, you will want to do better than your opponent. Which is better? Suppose you see the top 0 is not beautifully visual or not too much information, then you optimize your content so that better than the opponent’s.

Do not forget to insert some pictures with the correct Alt tags. Google loves it, moreover, videos are the best.


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Step 4: Optimize content format

Optimizing the content format here is making the outline as well as optimizing the heading tags in it.

You have to create a frame of the topic that you are optimizing the Featured Snippet keyword. Remember, make a content that is more in-depth and better than your competitors.

Your subject must go from generality to detail of each aspect of the problem.

Your heading tags, likewise, are also optimized based on article’s outline. The heading 2 includes the main ideas/subheadings discussed in the article to clarify the entire article. Heading 3 is the subject / specific sub-topic of the topic heading 2 mentioned. Similarly, content in heading 4 must clarify the meaning of heading 3.

Step 5: Submit your articles

I encourage you to use Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) for Google bot to crawl the content of your posts.


This will allow Google to update your content immediately, leading to your content can even be Featured Snippet when Google bots crawl again.

Some Notes To Optimize Featured Snippets More Effectively

Above all the 5 steps you need to do to optimize Featured Snippet, I will now give you some notes so you can better optimize and understand the problem:

  • The higher the position of the article, the more likely you are to place the Feature Snippet, so SEO your whole article.
  • Even though you are top 0 already, but follow those words too. Because the opponent may then optimize the content better than yours and take your position. At this point, what you need to do is go back and optimize the content better than your opponent at that time.
  • There are many other factors that affect the top 0 positions, above are the key factors, and this is the bonus, such as social signals, backlinks, bounce rate,… So, when it is not optimized as Featured Snippet as you want, just analyze the opponent, what their strength? Then try to improve their posts to be better and better.
  • Google may take some time to post your articles to the top. So the spirit is you have to wait for it like SEO, do not expect just a few days to be on the top.

Just do it and good luck!

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