5 Ways To Find A Good Niche For Business & Make Money Online


There is a blog that only writes about a single topic to help readers find a niche, which is Nichehacks.

I will show you 5 ways to find a niche, that when you finish reading, you will feel why it is as easy as this, but I have not implemented it before.

In fact, there are many different ways to find a certain niche, but I will list 5 ways that I most often apply, and their effectiveness is also highest.


Why is Niche Important?

Quite a few of you have just started making websites to make money or online business usually focus head into topics such as finance, tourism, beauty, household appliances, vehicles, food,… and fail lately.

Doing a time to find yourself extremely small and cannot overcome those current websites. Or feel too much to do and overwhelmed, not knowing what to do next to be reasonable.

The obvious reason is that you are going headlong into the big market, where there are a lot of big guys and professional startups that are trying to get in the way.

That’s absolutely not a niche. Niches are more specific topics.

If market is a highway, then niche is a small alley. In the past, when the highway was large and there were few people going, everyone went quickly and went far.

However, after a period of time, the number of people rushing into this road is more and more crowded, exponentially, there are cars and trucks of all kinds, the era of traffic jams has arrived.

Instead of extreme hardship, many people choose to go down the niche, though it is smaller, generally, it is easier to go and reach the destination faster.

In marketing, to make money or business, by choosing a niche, you will basically get the following 6 strengths:

  • Reduce competition, avoid heavy competitors.
  • Budget for implementation is lower than for large market entry.
  • More impressive in the eyes of customers, because it is more specific.
  • Apply well if you want to personalize content.
  • Easy to be more professional, because you have time to dig deep into that niche.
  • Understand customers better, from which you will know how to improve yourself to satisfy God.

Beginners are often very weak in knowledge, resources, finance, etc. So the niche is an extremely suitable step.

Must Know Keyword Research When You Find A Niche

Before going to guide you to find a niche, it is imperative that you learn keyword research.


The main purpose is to have data and understand:

  • Whether the niche you seek has potential, is it developing or going backwards?
  • Do products in your niche have a lot of interest?

If you combine the keyword research factor, you will get assurance from the data. A perfect niche never stops with your imagination but must have real numbers.

These basic skills are required because you have to practice in parallel while looking for a niche, be sure to master before continuing.

Okay now I’m going to start going into detailed instructions for you with a variety of ways to find niches that ensure efficiency.

Method 1: Find A Niche By Searching on eCommerce Site

Amazon or Aliexpress are the top e-commerce websites that almost everyone hears about.

Behind them are people with very high qualifications. So from the layout of the site, they will do it in a way that the user can find the list in the easiest way.


In this picture you will see:

  • Market (Large market): Home & Garden, Appliance
  • Sub-Market: Furniture
  • Niche (Niche Market): Home Furniture

No need to search, everyone can shape the kitchen furniture is a potential niche market because everyone needs it and there are many products in this market.

However as I mentioned, don’t stop at shaping in your head. Please use Google’s available data.

I did a search simply about “kitchen cabinets” products, there are up to more than 100,000 queries per month:


So if you are about to start a business, or build a money-making website on this market, never choose a topic of “household goods” or “furniture”, which you must choose:

  • Furniture for the kitchen
  • Interior for children room
  • Interior of the office
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Bathroom interior

When you make money with some small niche and have enough capital, the resources to scale up will grow to the same niche with a market.

For example, if you start with the “office furniture” niche and 6 months later you have a very good income with this niche, then you can definitely develop “bedroom furniture”.

At present, people have entered into the super niche, such as the above case, they will not choose “bedroom furniture” to deploy, but they will do niche only “bed”, “mattress”, “sleeping lamp”, etc.

That is, the product is a niche. Mattres Review is such an example.

Method 2: Find A Niche Based on Strengths or Interests

If you have a strong point in any field, even quite good at it, that’s a good thing, because you can commercialize your own knowledge.

For example, you have very good knowledge of “computer hardware”, you can find a niche around this area.

However, you must understand that. Computer is a very popular field and there are a lot of specialized students graduating every year, so you need to find more specialized niches.

You can find the “computer hardware” niche to do. However, to be safe, you need more specific things like:

  • SSD hard drive: Over 50k queries per month
  • Computer headset: Over 50k queries per month
  • Dedicated computer for gaming: How to buy and assemble yourself.

Pc Gaming Builds is an example site for this case.

The key thing I want to emphasize here is: If you are strong in the field you are doing, you can grow your business faster and more accurately than others.

You have the potential to be one of the expert in the niche you are doing – This will be the marketing trend of the future.

For example, at present, building a PC is almost done by a shop with a computer business.


The content of these shops is almost compiled by their personnel. The trend will gradually transform, searchers will gradually believe in people with high level knowledge in the field of sharing.

And they need more in-depth experiences. If you have knowledge of that field, you will be able to build the content that readers need, rather than synthesizing from sources.

If you have no strength, then hobby will determine the priority. Can you imagine what interests you?

For later, you learn about that field, at least you will not be bored.

However, it is imperative in your field to have a lot of things to commercialize.

For example, if you like to listen to music, this topic is more about entertainment, but commercialization for individuals is almost impossible.

But if you like to play soccer, there will be niche markets such as football fashion, specialized soccer shoes, …

Remember, always study keywords and difficulty first. I just give you an example to visualize, and the market above does not guarantee its difficulty. In my opinion, it is quite competitive.

Method 3: Find A Niche From Affiliate Network

If you are making money with affiliate marketing, you can choose this way. Which even businessmen can do.

That is, what product you are trying to promote, find the niche of that product and research the potential as well as difficulty.

Method 4: Find A Niche From Trends on Aliexpress

Spy is always the way I want you to always do at any stage. Even when you start to find a niche.

In this way, I recommend you to find on e-commerce sites, especially international e-commerce sites. Because sometimes you will find very good and new products.

And the platform I choose to spy is Aliexpress because there are most familiar products here, and there are trending products.

To spy on Aliexpress what products are trending, I use Thieve.co, this is a completely free tool. You can register to open an account.

Then go to Trending.


I have researched that the products displayed on this item have great needs and are suitable if you do online business or do affiliate marketing.

And sometimes there are strange products with a big demand, very suitable for those who want to follow the trends.


Or you can switch to Most Popular tab to find super good products on Aliexpress.

From there you can choose the niche based on the product easily.

For example, I found a nice alarm clock for decoration and temperature measurement that is being sold well.


Method 5: Find A Niche From 1792 Ideas

I have downloaded 1792 shared ideas about Nichehacks, based on these ideas, you can find your niche easily.

Please send an email request for us to [email protected] andI will send you these powerful ideas.

But note, a lot of niches in the list are big ones, especially the niche that the author has over 100,000 monthly queries. For example, the top are all market, not niche.


But from that market, you can search for more specialized niches.

When dragging down the list, you will get results from smaller, better markets to choose from.



Choosing the niche is an important step, but it is just the beginning. Whether or not you succeed depends on how you deploy that niche. From content to marketing.

Start building quality content for your niche to get ahead in that niche.

Even if you don’t do the niche in the future, you can completely resell your website at a high price to the individuals/businesses that need.

And don’t forget to choose products that are good enough to survive, because the business trend is still branding, don’t let inferior products break your brand.

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Or if you don’t have enough capital or resources to run your own online business, you can absolutely spend your time doing business without capital with affiliate marketing. Common Terms In Affiliate Marketing (Part 1)

If you have any questions regarding niche search, ask me under the comment section.















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