6 Forms of Content to Develop When Making Money With Amazon Niche Sites


This guide is for those who have, are and intend to make money with Amazon Niche Sites. However, the development of a website to make money, especially the review blog it is almost the same, so if you do not do Amazon Niche Site, you can read the reference so that later apply to the same site self.

Right below, I will suggest to you 6 types of content to grow when making money with Amazon Niche Site. It can be said that developing the necessary content for an Affiliate Site is a matter of a lot of gray matter, effort, money because, at present, you not only have to spend a few dozen USD to get more content. At least, when you do any field, you should also be knowledgeable in that field, so you take good care of the content.

scaling up niche sites

If you are good at Keyword Research, you will find a good set of keys for Niche Site, you are very excited to believe that holding a good keyword in your hand means you get more than 50% success rate. But, this only comes to fruition, when and only if, you know the content development, you have all the necessary articles to make sure your website can make money.

When you make money with Amazon Niche Site, there are three main types of content play a key role in helping your website make money with the form of affiliate, that is.

  • Buying Guide Article (Detailed purchase instructions).
  • Product Review.
  • The articles cover the sub keywords in the keyword set that you found in the keyword research step.

In addition to these three types of content, there are some minor contents, but also of some importance. In this article, I will summarize the 6 types of content you need to develop Amazon Niche Site.

Buying Guide Article – The Main Content For Niche Site

First, I will talk about the most important form of content when you develop Niche Site, which is the Buying Guide Article. Normally, with Niche Site, Buying Guide Article is the type of content that needs to invest the most money to have a quality article. It is useful to customers, as a full guide to help them choose and purchase according to your instructions.

Most of the Niche Sites put the Buying Guide on the home page and will focus on SEO for this article. So next, to quality content, the length required in this article must be 2000 words or more, depending on the capital. You can hire over 3000 words as much as possible, because of the importance of this type of content.

There are many sites that have Buying Guide of over 5000 words. (Google likes the full, detailed things). And there are many niches that have evolved to the authority site, they have to build more Buying guides, and even more, investors are building more Buying Guides in the same field, such as 1 post for Buying Guides based on the style, 1 post based on the essence, 1 user manual post,…

buyingguide en

I will point out the required elements in the Buying Guide so that you can understand the content as well as the conversations with a writer, you must know the elements required in the article to ask them to write properly.

For example, you are making niches for product A, the format for writing a Buying Guide for a Niche Site A is as follows:

  • Introduce/open, start talking about the market of product type A
  • Common types of product A
  • The advantage of choosing the right product
  • The criteria for choosing the right product.
  • Review some product categories A (which you have previously selected)
  • General guidelines for using product A
  • Guide to product storage A durable
  • Conclusion
  • F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions about product A

In the list of major Buying Guide items above, I have given you all you need to give the writer to write for you. if you think of something interesting that you discovered in the field you do, you need to save When they write articles for you because I repeat, this article is very important.


Comparison Article

The next will be a Comparison Article. In a niche product you do, there will be many product lines, many brands are selling the same item. Therefore, comparisons will give an individual view of each type, and if you know how to invest in this type of content, the Conversion Rate will be pretty good.

For Comparison Articles, the main content will focus on comparing the main features, the advantages of this product has that the other does not. The disadvantages of this product but the other product can be overcome.

And there is one thing that you should not ignore when building comparison articles. That is the Comparison Chart. If you have a chart that compares the products in your article and you have a Call-to-Action button on your product name, your Conversion Rate will be raised significantly.

In this chart, you will select the typical products in your niche, then give factors such as brand, type, model, weight, size, rating… depending on each niche. There may be more comparisons of the factors that only niche have. Like this:

comparison chart

You can use the Go Pricing Plugin, a super cool tool to create beautiful Comparison Chart. You can view this plugin HERE.


Product Review Article

In this article, you will need more than just one article such as Buying Guide or 1, 2 articles as Comparison Article. This will be the content you review on each specific product. For every product that you find good in your niche, this is exactly what you need.

This type of content you may find so familiar with, you have done through the Product Launch form with digital product reviews.

The purpose of the product review is to have many customers will go directly to Google and search ‘product name + review’ to see the evaluation of the product they intend to buy. Those who read the review are satisfied, often they will click on the affiliate link to buy the product, either to promote their writers or to return to find the product.

Customers may also visit your site (usually the Buying Guide), then read the review content, and purchase.

product review

With this type of product review, you’ll be slightly less expensive than the other two which are above. The length required for a Review Article is 700-1500 words depending on the level of your investment.

Formatting for this article type is not complicated:

  • Introduction.
  • Product features.
  • Why choose this product, not another product? Every product that the vendor launches into the market always has features called “superiority” to make it more valuable than others. Note the Writer to pick out the best one to highlight in this section.
  • Pros and cons of the product. Of course, it is always better to take advantage of the land, but you have to have a little defect on the product, of course, at least for the reader to see you do not cut the wind is 100% ok.
  • Overview of you.
  • Conclusion.

There is an important note that you must remind Writer to write him/herself and DO NOT COPY DIRECTLY FROM AMAZON, as it is illegal. You can find ideas from there, absolutely not copy, or your Amazon account is hard to keep.


Tutorial – Tips / Tricks Article – Increase The Value Of Niche Site

This is a kind of content that provides value to the readers, users, and useful in Google’s eyes. It will have a much lower Conversion Rate than the articles mentioned above (it only means traffic navigation), but if you want your site to have trust, quality traffic cannot be ignored.

This will be the type of content that you publish on your site to direct what relevant, useful in your niche. These can be problems that you often encounter, you need to see instructions to use the product better.

I bet you usually search google for “How to…”, this is a general signal of How-to-Article. As you develop content for these forms, you need to base on the keyword information you have searched for in keyword research to know what content is usually searched for the field you do.

ScreenShot 20171019101439

I have a small tip for you, it is with this article, you should invest a little money to publish content in the form of INFOGRAPHIC for the website. Visual images always attract the reader’s eye.

Nowadays, the trend of modern content always appreciate the diversity of content, you should start planning to develop the content as: Infographic, Video Content,… for the website.

You can refer to http://visual.ly/ to find out the beautiful infographic, get ideas from the successful infographic and ask your designer to make you one.

Case Study Article (Advanced) – Practical Experience

I’m sure you and countless other people believe in people who have experienced something rather than just writing articles. Case Study Article is the type of content that guarantees this quality, if you do well it, the conversion rate will be very high because understandably, people will always prefer to buy a thing that someone has experience before enjoy themselves.

I can say that this article is extremely popular and attracts readers. Neil Patel – the leading expert in SEO, Traffic Increase, Content Marketing … not random that has given the high guide article on how to produce the qualified Case Study Article.

huong dan ve content marketing case study

You can refer to these two articles:


This type of article is intended to share personal experience, so when writing, it is similar to writing in the form of Comparison Article Writer, you must write from a personal perspective, but cannot overstate. The writer will need to emphasize that this is his/her own experience of this or other blah blah…

To be able to write this article, it is very difficult to invest, not only to invest money but also the effort and time to publish a perfect exaggeration article. Because I insist, you never buy products in your field for trial use or evaluate the case study in detail. Often you will research your products on Google and from other experts, synthesize weak points and draw knowledge, experience, and you are an expert in your field.

With such content, you can completely insert Affiliate Link in a subtle way, emphasize that you have to do clever, not exposed. You will insert the Affiliate Link as ‘Recommended For You’.

News Article – Keep The Niche Site Updated

Nowadays, for long-term survival with sustainable SEO and to meet Google’s Qualified Website criteria, your site needs two things:

Firstly, high-quality content and always target users – Keep this in mind!

Second, the website must be fresh, updated. Google likes to update, the site always updates content, always fresh will score on Google. That’s all!

ScreenShot 20171019114243


With News Article, your blog will always be updated with the latest news about the field you are doing. With every niche there are new topics every day, the new information you update to the site immediately will also attract readers, increase their time on the site and your website trust in the eyes of Google will only be increased but not reduced.


There are many other types of articles for a website, with Amazon Niche Site. Those I mentioned are enough and you have to spend a lot of time, effort and money to get content like them, not to spend money for writers like to write.

First of all, you need to grasp the basic and necessary article form for Amazon Niche Site and plan to develop content for your website in the coming time.

Focus on Content Marketing, although the first time is a bit expensive in the long run, what you pick from it will definitely make you happy. Content themes for the website and how to optimize content are my favorite subjects.

There are billions of things you need to know about Content, I will gradually help you explore and manipulate the most suitable. Wish you to develop Amazon Niche Site well.

See you again.

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