6 Minutes To Make Money With ClickBank Not Everyone Knows


For a good start to making money online and making money with ClickBank, you need a good vision and a right direction. What is the ClickBank product choice? How to bring ClickBank products to customers? How to analyze the results and make a judgment for the next ClickBank products. The article should be for beginners or the ones who did but still not get the certain results to make money with ClickBank successfully.


Choose Good Products To Make Money With ClickBank

In potential markets, you should look for products with a Gravity Index of between 5 and 25. The landing pages of the vendor must be PRO-designed, at reasonable prices (ranges from $ 17 to $ 47). Then you contact via email, chat,… With that vendor, show them you’re a potential marketer and want a review of their product.

More importantly, you should consider if the vendor still invests in that product or not and if they care about affiliates or not.


Bring The ClickBank Products To Potential Customers

There are 3 choices for you: Micro Niche, YouTube and PPC. If the product is less competitive then it is good to choose microniche or YouTube. It is very easy to be on TOP. Less SEO but still effective.

Note that, with micro niche site, each website should have at least 5 or 6 pages (articles with product content and related to products). Ideally 10 (I usually write about 10).

For Youtube, it must be located in Top 1 or 2 to be okay. YouTube Videos are just like websites, that is also onpage then backlink.

If you follow the PPC direction, then the keywords will have low CPC (about 0.05 – 0.10 $ only) because the selected products are less competitive, so it is not difficult to find keywords with that CPC. Use Ads by Bing, not Facebook. Choose the deep targets, not too broad and costly and low return. You need to make more templates, text, images, everything into variety for your Ads.

Evaluate And Analyze ClickBank Products

Analyze your CB stats. If your sales rate is too low, eg 1% for example (1 for 100 hoplink) then I’m sure you are going the wrong way. Maybe the vendor’s sales page is not stable or cannot target properly, etc. At this time you need to contact the vendor to get help from him/hers.

You have to tell him/hers the difficulty you are having, see where on the web it is not okay, what to add, ask them for advice on what to do next for their products (no one understands the product more than them).

Sell Other ClickBank Products

The more you do, the more experiences you will have. After a while, there is a stable source of income for you! Experienced with the cost then you will fight the products that are a little harder, or more aggressive.

6 minutes passed! OK, so the next move is to practice immediately what I shared with you. Good luck!


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