7 Cancer Warning Signs That 90% Of People Usually Ignore


When the body goes wrong there will be warning signs. However, there are many symptoms warning dangerous diseases are still ignored by many people.

Signs or symptoms of cancer depend on the organs of the cancer, the size of the cancer and the effect of the tumor on the organs or tissues of the body. If the cancer spreads, symptoms will appear in many parts of the body.

Here are some typical symptoms of some common cancers.

1. Tumors under the skin:

Tumors are considered signs of breast cancer. It appears along with hard bumps in the breast or armpit, itching or rash, changes in shape …



2. Cough lasting:

Prolonged cough is a symptom of lung cancer. Lung cancer is also associated with symptoms such as decreased appetite and sudden weight loss.

In the late stages, lung cancer also leads to coughing up blood and rapid breathing.

3. Itchy skin:

Skin rash is not always related to the tumor. But if you have a mass of uterus that can cause genital itching, cancers of the brain can cause itching in the nose.

4. Colon dysfunction:

Colorectal cancer can cause symptoms such as blood in the stool, mucous membranes or pus, and go to toilet uncontrollably

5. Difficulty urinating:



Difficulty urinating may also be a sign of kidney cancer, but it also includes symptoms such as bloody urine, high blood pressure, kidney pain, and chronic fatigue.

6. Sudden Weight Loss:

Sudden weight loss can happen when you have stomach cancer. In addition to sudden weight loss, other symptoms include fear of meat, fasting, anemia, and difficulty digesting food through the intestines.

7. Prolonged sore throat:

The prolonged sore throat may be a symptom of larynx cancer. Laryngeal cancer also has symptoms of difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, lumps in the throat.

* According to Boldsky


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