7 Mistakes We Make When Using Antibiotics



In the 1940s, the first antibiotics appeared and they are welcome to medical world as magic. Because they can cure infectious diseases that caused the death of thousands of people around the world then, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, leprosy, strep throat due to Streptococcus bacteria. Therefore, human health is more and more improved as well as their longevity.


Antibiotics Use Reality

Recently, American researchers and medical officials have just recorded the first antibiotic resistance situation of an all-drug-resistant bacteria and the risk of its infection that will start ‘a nightmare’, a hopeless pandemic. And the reason of this danger comes from human usage arbitrariness.


Common Mistakes When Using Antibiotics

  1. There is no antibiotic resistance if we choose the right medicine

Antibiotic resistance occurs because of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, bacteria have had to protect themselves from chemicals produced by drugs or fungi. In 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin and called them antibiotic. As a result, antibiotic resistance had already existed before human invented antibiotic. Whenever we use an antibiotic, the process of antibiotic resistance still occurs in bacteria. Your choice of a better antibiotic, with higher doses, will only kill the strains of the disease-causing bacteria that have not formed resistance to it.

If unluckily, bacteria survive, they will continue to survive and multiply. Bacteria can exchange resistance to one another, multiply or cause infections in humans treated or infiltrated into the skin and body of another patient.


  1. The body is becoming resistant

The fault is not in your body but bacteria. Therefore, it cannot be conceivable that if we change something in the body, it will help us overcome resistance. The object that you need to act on is the bacteria.


  1. Antibiotics treat colds and flu well

Antibiotics work only against bacteria. Meanwhile, colds and flu caused by the virus, these against antibiotics and antibiotics for treatment will not work. The more we abuse antibiotics, the more resistant the bacteria develop and spread.

The use of indiscriminate antibiotics is the single largest cause of increased antibiotic resistance worldwide. The result of using antibiotics to treat colds and flu is to harm your body by the side effects of antibiotics. Influence the family and society as they increase the chances of bacterial resistance.


  1. Stop using antibiotics in the last days of treatment

During the treatment, they believe that they can reduce the dose or discontinue use in the last days when they feel better. However, the fact is that you only assess your health condition by emotion.

Symptoms usually improve before a period of time, when the bacteria have been killed and treated. If you reduce your dose or reduce your dose by yourself, a number of antibiotics will not be enough to kill the remaining bacteria.

These residual bacteria may reproduce and recreate the population. As a result, you will have a recurrence of the disease over time. So follow the treatment plan for you. Do not voluntarily reduce the dose or stop using antibiotics without consulting a physician.


  1. Using of excess antibiotic of others when not expired

The use of leftover pills in the family medicine cabinet is not recommended. Because antibiotics of other people do not match the dose of antibiotics for you, even if both are diagnosed the same. At the same time, antibiotics over time will be reduced activity and antibacterial activity in bacteria.


  1. Antibiotic resistance only appears from the second treatment onwards

Antibiotic resistance can appear whenever you use antibiotics whether it is your first treatment.


  1. Antibiotic resistance is a medical problem

The resistance of antibiotics to spread today, can not fail to mention the responsibility of doctors and the medical system. However, the fault was not entirely with them, from the early days of penicillin production, Alexander Fleming warned about one day the antibiotic pills would no longer work.

In particular, awareness of the community in the use of antibiotics indiscriminately makes antibiotic resistance becomes worse today. So right now, every individual must be aware of and learn the correct use of antibiotics to prevent antibiotic resistance.


Alternative antibiotic solution

The widespread use of antibiotics not only results in antibiotic resistance in bacteria but also exacerbates the health of humans, especially our descendants. For example, increased risk of the intestinal anastomosis, increased asthma, allergies, liver damage, increased risk of cancer, weight gain, the creation of ‘super’ bacteria.

While science does not clearly understand the cause of antibiotic resistance as well as the evolution of bacteria, the medical community advises people to use alternative herbs.

For example, garlic is a food, spices are as effective as antibiotics, especially in the case of food poisoning by bacteria. Some herbal antibiotics can be substituted for ibuprofen, such as high-dry white willow bark, cat’s claw tree in the tropics of South America.



Boswellia Inflammation, made from the resin of the Boswellia tree, native to India. This gummy plant is believed to block leukotrienes, a powerful arthritic cell-damaging chemical, capsaicin (a dried fruit extract from some chili), curcumin (the main constituent of curcuminoid, found in turmeric) and aromatic oils


Moreover, a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing to concern. Stay healthy and enjoy your wonderful lives!

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