9 Ways To Increase Quality Views For Youtube Video

Youtube is now the largest video channel in the world, video publishers and individuals posting videos on Youtube have different purposes such as posting for entertainment, making money, promoting affiliate products, introducing products, their own services, …

No matter what format you choose, everyone needs to have a video viewer, the more views you earn them more money.

  • Adsense : More views => The more click => The more money
  • Affiliate: The more views => The more people buy through your link => The more money.

In this article we have a number of methods to help your video has multiple views (of course, real people) for Youtube video.

The methods of increasing real views for Youtube below are aggregated based on my knowledge has been drawn from the masters specializing in this field.

1. Buy cheap views from Fiverr

This is the fastest way for you to have the first view, increase channel reliability, increase your audience’s credibility or support SEO. I often use these services to increase the view.

For just over $ 5, you can have a single view, from which views, your video can be easily topped up and get more natural views from Youtube or Google. (You can pay by VISA or Paypal)

Depending on the gig (the service on the Fiverr called gig), they will give you a certain number of views, which can range from 5000 views to 20,000 views. The freelancers on this competition compete to bring you the best choice.

However, you should buy from the 5-star review gig of many people ordering to ensure quality.

2. Make video site.

This is how many people are doing quite well. That means you will create a site dedicated to video, post all the clips up on your Youtube (Same topic).

Then instead of navigating the viewer straight to the video, you navigate to the website that posted the clip, viewers will watch this video to another video, and all of that video is yours and the entire video is counted for. friend.

Instead of watching on Youtube, viewers after watching your video can click on other people’s videos, which can be highly effective. Also with Website Video, you can place more Adsense ads on your website to increase profits

Or maybe incorporate this website to make money with blogs too. You can choose WordPress for your website, you have instructions in this article.

Some example themes from Videotheme from Mythemeshop, VideoTouch, The Motion, Vlog, … can help you do this easily. The amount you spend to make a website is not large, only $1/month.

3. Invest in quality videos.

Nobody wants to watch and share your video when the video content is tedious, of poor quality, the sound is bad. So if you do not want to spend a few minutes of someone’s life then you have to invest in video content first.

If it’s a video about a product or service, you have to make sure the video content is convincing, HD quality, clear audio, and concise content that you think your customers want to listen, not long.

If it’s an entertainment video, it must be attractive, focused precisely on the customer you want to target.


Once your content is good, quality. Viewers will share and spread your video to thousands of other viewers, and the view will increase naturally:


4. Keyword Research for Video.

If you know about SEO (search engine optimization) then you will have heard of “Keyword Research”.

Generally, users search on Google, Youtube for certain keywords to find content, here we will consider that content is a video and users search on Youtube.

There are keywords that tens of thousands of searches per month, and when you set the title for the video under these keywords, you have completed a small step in SEO, more precisely a small section of SEO On page.

Look at how many searches this keyword has over the month:

increase view youtube2 1

You can see that these videos can have a pretty natural view (free traffic) quite a completely automatic. (Note the title is only a small part of SEO. SEO is a long section that you need to find out)

5. Optimize Video (SEO On page)

Include the following steps:

  • Title: Set a highly stimulating headline, containing keywords that are beneficial to SEO. I mentioned above
  • Thumbnail: Make a beautiful, high-stimulating HD picture thumbnail
  • Video description: In order to describe the keywords that are good for SEO, the description is also one of the factors that Youtube will classify your video into related videos of other videos. You can also write a number of calls for viewers to share video, subscribe channel, …
  • Tag: This is also a factor for YouTube to identify what your video contains, from which it’s possible to arrange your video when someone searches or shows up on a related video. Look for another video-related tag. and add that tag to your video.
  • Annotations: Annotations are a sensible way to place call-to-action stimulus viewers like, share or act

For example, the BiBaBo Nerf War channel puts a very stimulating thumbnail image, an impressive title. Their target audience is children:


6. SEO for Youtube Video

Google is the source to get rich free customers, Youtube is Google so it has a slight preference for SEO, according to many American and world experts, SEO for Youtube is somewhat easier than SEO for the website, as well as SEO for the website, must determine the keyword need SEO for Youtube video.

SEO for Youtube includes the following steps:

  • Focus on content: Invest in content, quality content that will keep viewers watching and help spread the video, increasing the channel’s credibility.
  • SEO On page: As I mentioned above
  • SEO Offpage: Promote your video for more quality (point-to-point) links

SEO for video is a long one, you can refer to more reliable sources below: Detailed Guide SEO Video by Backlinko

7.Run Adwords Ads for Video

In addition to increasing the video footage for the video, running Google AdWords will help you to earn potential customers. The ad position displayed when running AdWords for Youtube Video is as follows:

  • In-stream ad: Your video will be running on another video with ad-enabled, you may notice when you watch Youtube occasionally there is a promotional video and you can skip it. You’ll be able to run the same ad for your Video and pay when someone views your video ad over 30 seconds
  • In-display ad: Your ad will be displayed when customers search for keywords on Youtube, displayed in related videos, displayed below the bottom of the video, or displayed on websites with Adsense ads.

The target for video ads with Google Adwords is very diverse: gender, age, interests, keywords, videos or specific sites, … you can learn more here.


8. Pull traffic from social

Social networking, especially Facebook, has become very popular in the United States. You can post your videos on your personal Facebook page, join groups that you think your videos are useful to them, get friends to share videos, You can even set up a fanpage and run ads.

There are many ways to pull views on the site from Facebook to the website to see the video that I see daily. Even if you make affiliate money, you can also use Facebook to run ads on Youtube channel to support SEO.

Or you can create events, minigames pull traffic for video, how creative is up to you.

9. Hire ads from website

If you do not have a website, you can rent a view (by day or by week) from high-traffic sites, even if the content of the site is the same as the video itself.

This is also the advantage of website development. I always want you to create a website yourself, just build a YouTube channel to develop parallel & make money.

Having a website with many keywords on the top, you can navigate the traffic to wherever you want. If you do not have a website that wants to traffic to your youtube video then, of course, you have to rent ads from other sites.


Here are nine ways to increase the effective Youtube view that many people have applied successfully. I hope the information you provide can help you.

The creativity is endless, in some ways you can think of your own “recipes pull view” and do not forget, create quality content, do not copy anyone’s whether you make money Youtube or affiliate.

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