9 Ways To Write An Attractive Email Subject Line That Make Customers Click


In Email Marketing, the subject line is the most important factor because this is the first touchpoint of the user for the email content. An impressive and curious subject line always has a higher click rate than the normal one. So with just a few short words, how do you create an attractive and curious subject line? In this article, we will analyze the psychology and 9 techniques to write the used most subject line. Remember, there is not any certain formula, you have to manipulate your imagination with flexibility, skill, and especially to be consistent with the context and content of the email. Here are 9 ways to write an attractive email subject line that makes customers click which are also have been proven to be effective.


1. How To Write An Emergency Email Subject Line

The emergency subject line creates a sense of urgency for the user. Most people are quick to reflect and are more interested in the urgent matter.

For example:

  • Discounted 50% Only Today.
  • Only One More Day is Expired.
  • Click to Get Great Deals from ‘…’ TODAY.
  • Only 20 Hours Left for 100 Lucky People to Receive $1 million Promotional Gift From ‘…’.


2. How to Write Benefit Email Subject Line

Marketers are very keen to emphasize benefits based on features. You may find it useful in many places. Usually, it means a promise.

For example:

  • Lose 10 kg in Just One Month.
  • Achieved 700 TOEFL Points Within 60 days.
  • Increase 130% Traffic to Your Website.
  • You will Get Rid of Headaches Within 5 Minutes!
  • A New Method to Lose 1 kg in Just 2 Days!

3. How To Write A ‘How to’ Email Subject Line?

This type of title is very popular because it shows how to achieve the goal.

For example:

How to Make Your Website Top 1 Google Easily.

How to Increase 30% Profit With Email Marketing.

How to Create a Website in Just 5 Minutes.

How to Make Money Online Effectively.

4. How To Write Tempting Email Subject Line

For example:

  • Break The Internet Business Secrets.
  • Discover The Magic Curative Effect of Garlic.
  • The Magic Function of Bloodroot Flowers.

5. How To Write Listing Email Subject Line

We all like to read the list-style subject lines because it’s easy to get into our brains and visualize them right away.

For example:

  • 15 Ways to Make Money Online
  • 5 Strategies to Build a Personal Brand.
  • 10 Things to Keep In Mind When Sending Emails.
  • 5 Issues to Pay Attention When Choosing a Lover.


6. How To Write Problem-posing Email Subject Line

Users love this type because they are interested. It seems everyone has a problem, and when you mention it, it will work immediately.

For example:

  • Do You Sleep Well?
  • This Past Weekend I Had a Fight With My Boss.
  • Secrets of The Bank, Be Careful Or You’ll Be Cheated.

7. How To Write A Questioning Email Subject Line

The question-type subject line causes us to stop thinking. Human nature is always concerned with questions.

For example:

  • Do You Have Enough Money to Build a House at The Age of 30?
  • Too Tired to Richen for Your Boss?
  • What are You Planning to Do This Year?
  • What are The 7 Secrets of Apple’s Success?

8. How To Write Email Subject Line Containing Hypnosis Keywords

The subject line contains the attractive words: Amazing, Miracles, Promotion, Quick, Easy, Urgent, Breakthrough, Challenge, Tips for, Truth about, Reduced price, Last chance, etc.

For example:

  • Sharing Easy Tips to The Top 10 Google Not Everyone Knows.
  • 20% Discount Japanese Cosmetics Only Today.
  • Expert Advice For Two Mothers to Have a Slim Waist.


9. ‘What, Who, When, Where, Why, How’ Combined Email Subject Line

The example of this type of subject line is as follows:

  • ‘How to’ subject line:
    • How to Have Passive Income.
    • How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely.
  • Merged subject line: What, When, Where, How
    • Disclosure of The Latest SEO Tips in 2018 by Experts.
    • How do I Earn $ 1,000 in Just 15 Days On The Internet?

Here are some ways to write a compelling email subject line that has proven to be very successful. Please try and check the results. If there is any problem, just let me know in the comment.


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