Building A Marketing Strategy On Instagram Effectively (Part 1)

Have you used Instagram as a normal social, interaction with friends like a pastime or use it for business, branding,…? How to build an effective Instagram marketing strategy? Be sure to read all of this special article series so you know what you can do with it!

Instagram has more than 40 billion images shared and 400 million users each month, generating an average of 80 million images a day. It is designed on a mobile platform with the power from social networks by sharing images that create a community of users around the world. And in just six years, this platform has shown tremendous growth demonstrated by the number of users and most demographic groups.

When people join a community on Instagram, brands will have the opportunity to attract their fans. Instagram posts have an audience interaction rate of 4.21%, 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. That means you need to build your marketing strategy on Instagram if you want to grow your brand on this platform.

The success of the brand on Instagram requires more than the publication of attractive images. It is the product of building a thoughtful Instagram marketing strategy, a well-defined brand identity based on visual creativity and effective community management. As you explore the potential of Instagram for your business, keep an eye out for the power of visual media to tell a compelling story about your brand.

When you apply these principles in practice and combine storytelling with great images like Flowers for Dreams, which was recently released by Instagram for Business, that proves your brand will reap a lot of benefits. To be able to help you build your marketing strategy on Instagram based on clear objectives and measurable results, this is the reason for this series.

The features covered in this article include:

  • Social media engagement suite
  • Audience targeting
  • Publishing calendar
  • Instagram management
  • Instagram analytics


Determine Your Goals When Building Your Marketing Strategy On Instagram

Whether you do not publish a photo or want to enhance your presence, consider the following when building your Instagram marketing strategy:


  • Does Instagram allow you to do on other platforms?
  • Who are your target audience and who are working on Instagram?
  • How will Instagram integrate with other networks in your social media strategy?

In fact, Instagram is focused on sharing through visual and providing a unique platform to showcase your culture and people, in addition to your products and services. The mobility of the app helps you quickly capture moments, giving your followers the opportunity to interact with your brand in a more relaxed and immediate way than other social networks. Depending on your industry, brand, and key performance indicators, when you set up your Instagram marketing campaign, you can target some of the following:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Demonstrate corporate culture.
  • Introduce your team and recruit new talent.
  • Increased commitment and customer loyalty.
  • Introduce products and services.
  • Enhance and add event experience.
  • Encourage consumer engagement with your brand.
  • Share company news.
  • Grow your community.
  • Connect the influencers.
  • Increase sales through 3rd party applications.

As you continue to grow with your Instagram marketing strategy, these goals will guide you in identifying the best approach to each part of the Instagram marketing strategy.

Develop A Content Strategy  

Content is Instagram platform. Many B2C businesses use Instagram for their product launch, while B2B companies often focus on corporate culture and team hiring, the right approach will be one of the ways of introducing them. Your best performance is based on your target audience and goals, develop a plan to provide eye-catching content to your community on a consistent basis.

Develop topic content

Before building your Instagram marketing strategy, you should review your goals and determine which aspects of your brand will be featured in your Instagram content. The products, services, team members and culture, all have rich potential on the topic over time. Once you have a list of topics with specific content, think of possible themes that apply to your images and videos.

Some companies focus on introducing their products and services, providing hands-on guidance or going the opposite direction and creating quirky landscapes with their products.

For example, Dunkin Donuts’ meals often put their services in front and center, including year-round and seasonal services, by attaching post content to major holidays and events.

Determine content types and rates

Instagram started as a photo-sharing application, but creative users have published everything from video to graphics and animations. When planning your content, you should consider balancing the types of content that will work best with the resources you have and the level of interactivity you want from the user.

If the video allows you to tell an engaging story about your product, do so with your content more often. If you do not have the resources, time, skills, or comfort to make videos at the level you want, you can choose not to publish videos or store and use it for campaigns and special promotions. When building an Instagram marketing strategy, you need to have quality issues and spend time creating the best possible content.

In addition to being a top app, Instagram offers a number of additional applications that help you create more with your posts. The Instagram suite includes HyperLapse, Layout and Boomerang, allowing users to create their own videos, images and GIFs. These additional applications allow brands and consumers to create unique content on Instagram without the need to design or produce video.

Schedule your content flexibly

To establish and maintain a positive presence on Instagram, you need to determine how often you will post. Then you should develop a content calendar that spans your topics and integrates the main days and campaigns. Instagram does not have a scheduling function, and it does not provide API access to third parties for publishing, meaning you can not schedule posts directly on Instagram or through social media management tools. That means you can easily prepare your content (photos, videos, subtitles) in advance, and create a content schedule so your team knows when it should post.

Some of the best content for Instagram will happen spontaneously, especially if your goal is to highlight corporate culture or events. By preparing your content and setting up a master schedule, you have the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they occur.

Consider and store content created by the user

If members of the Instagram community are sharing their content with your brand, you will have access to a potential repository of content. Retaining content from your fans allows you to engage your users and motivate your users to share their own creative ways by interacting with your products, service or your company.

Usually, the photos you choose to store must match your brand. Be sure to review the user’s account and other posts before sharing their content to evaluate whether to brand your brand with them by sharing their image. In fact, ask others, before sharing a cramped image.

One thing to keep in mind when building your Instagram marketing strategy is always to provide trust by mentioning the source of the image in your annotation and giving your users detailed information on how to do it. How to share more photos of what your brand may have in the future.

You can find user-generated content on Instagram by tracking the hashtag associated with your brand and business location.

For example, Pottery Barn has done a great job promoting brand awareness by encouraging Instagram users to use the #mypotterybarn hashtag tag to share their images through the brand. When editing customer photos, the Pottery Barn uses subtitles to comment on the originals, often giving praise to the photographer and always referring to specific pottery items.

Above is my first sharing article of this special series. Please read carefully and leave a comment if you have any problems. I’ll be back with the next article soon. Have a great day!

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