Common Terms In Affiliate Marketing (Part 2)


thuat ngu affiliate marketing


Coupon is a discount code that many Avertisers provide Affilites with, in order to help them get more sales. Coupon can be sticked with your affiliate link, which means you can create a specific link with the code, then it will be accepted and the price automatically decreases. It either that or the code is distinct, customers need to type it to lower the prices.


Custom Coupon

Some good Affilites will be supplied special coupons. Purchasers can deeply decrease the price thanks to these special coupons. If you are a good affiliate, you can probably ask Advertisers to give you special coupons, and they have no reason to deny.


Link Cloaking

Affiliate Links are often long and not professional, because they are distinct and have the controlling and mearuring mission. So if you want to simplify your links, you should use Link Cloaker, which is a way to shorten your link based on your domain.

However, you should read the ‘Privacy & Term’ of each Affiliate Programme, because some big ones, Amazon, for example, do not allow Affiliates to shorten links.



Cookie is a file of Affiliate Programmes that is created for saving customers’ web browser information. If a customer click your Affiliate Link, the browser will save the cookie. And the time that cookie exists depends on each Affiliate Programme.

For example, if a cookie is saved within 60 days and a customer does not buy a procduct right away but he/she still use the very computer and the very browser, commision is still counted for you (in addition that this customer does not click another affilite link). There are a lot of Affiliate Programmes have lifetime cookies to bring ultimate benefit for Affilites.


Cookie Stuffing

Cookie Stuffing is some kind of trick. When a visitor go to your website, Affiliate Link will run immediately to be saved in cookie, while he/she does not click the link yet. It runs in a small popup or loads and turn off fast itself. Then, if your customers go straight to sale page, you still have commission because their computers have saved the cookie that is corresponding to your Affiliate Link).

But, most of Networks and Affiliate Programmes these days have algorithms to detect Cookie Stuffing. As a result, you will be eventually banned and prohibited paid.


Last Click

All Affiliate Programmes are run based on Last Click rule. It means that if a visitor clicks the Affiliate Link of an Affiliate but does not buy the product, then he/she clicks a different Affiliate Link of another Affiliate, commission will be paid for the second Affiliate. New Cookie is overwritten old Cookie.


CPA (Cost Per Action)

CPA, or Cost Per Action, is a type of affiliate marketing that Affiliate Programme will pay you commission when customers do actions through your Affiliate Link. You could read this article for more details.


PPS (Pay Per Sale)

PPS, or Pay Per Sale, is another type of affiliate marketing that pay you commission when a purchaser successfully make a complete payment, through your Affiliate Link, of course.


CPL (Cost Per Lead)

CPL, or Cost Per Lead, is an Affiliate Programme that you will receive commission from when customers fill personal information through your Link. The information is usually email, name, address, phone number, etc. Service companies need these information, and if they are all confirmed, you will receive your commission.


EPC (Earn Per Click)

Earn Per Click is an index that every Affiliate Programme totals up and shows us about how much money you can earn per click. It can be used for a single product or entire affiliate marketing process.


Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate is percentage wise. If there are 100 customers click your Link but 7 out of them complete actions, your Conversion Rate is 7%.


Advertising Network (Ad Network)

Ad Networks are given by Advertising Network Provide Companies. When you do affiliate marketing, you need to advertise products in many ways and if the product has high commission, advertising is one of the best choices to make better revenue.

Two biggest Advertising Network are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

facebook ads google adwords


Search Network

Search Network is a kind of Advertising Networks. Whenever a customer searches for something, your advertisement will appear with search results. Ads Networks usually make advertisements more remarkable than normal results so they will obtain more clicks from searchers.

For example, when I search for ‘affiliate network’ on Google, more than one of the first results are from Search Network of Google Adwords. They differ from normal results with yellow or green box.

vi du search network 1


Display Network

Display Network is a type of Advertising Network. Your advertisement will be showed up to users of websites, applications that under control of service providers. Popular advertisements are Facebook Ads and Google Display Network (GDN). Like this:

ScreenShot 20170808234150



Bid is the price for advertisements, the maximum money you pay for a click (CPC or Cost Per Click) or 1000 displays (CPM or Cost Per Impression).


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the work to properly optimize your website to be friendly for users and search tools. This work is very important, it helps your website get good rank when a person searches a keyword.

SEO is really a long process that you have to practise everyday if you want to make money online with affiliate marketing. Even if you have lots of money to invest, traffic from Google is huge and you cannot lose them.

Moreover, the factor Google uses to evaluate a website is the content quality of it. So your first job is to create high-quality articles for users.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is important too, like SEO. You can read more HERE.

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