Corporate Culture – Indispensable Branding Factor


Professor James L. Heskett (professor of Logistics Business) once said: “Corporate culture can account for 20-30% of business performance.”

Why is that?

The image of corporate culture contributes to the promotion and branding of businesses.

So what is corporate culture?

Why is it an indispensable element of every business?

1. What Is Corporate Culture? How Does This Factor Affect Business Branding?

Corporate culture is all values, beliefs and forms that all individuals in the enterprise recognize and think, speak and act as a habit.

These cultural values are built up during the existence and development of a business, becoming conceptions and traditions that are deeply ingrained in the operation of that business and controlling the behavior of all members in the enterprise.

This is the decisive part of the long-term success of the business.


Corporate culture is expressed through the expression of uniforms, slogans, rituals, regulations, activities of the company, working attitude, behavior with colleagues, partners and customers, …

Because corporate culture is a combination of the traditional values of the company and the behavior of each individual in it.

Therefore, customers will have positive or negative comments about the company.

If a business does not have a clear corporate culture, it is like a person who does not have a life goal, knows no direction and is easily lost.

That is why corporate culture affects the branding of businesses and becomes an indispensable element.

2. Factors That Makeup Corporate Culture

Each culture possesses unique features and interlocking elements.

Integrating these elements can be the first step to creating a different culture, helping to build corporate branding and long-term organizational development.



“Vision is the future picture you want to create,” Peter Senge once said.

From the perspective of an enterprise, it is possible to embrace the goal further, orienting the following steps more clearly.

Vision is a simple factor but is the foundation of both corporate culture. This is the guideline for all decisions and actions of the company.

Core Values

Although the vision shows the goals of businesses, but thanks to core values as a measure of standards to align behavior to achieve that vision.

And many businesses also find their core values revolving around a few simple topics such as employees, customers, professionalism,…


The important factor to contribute to building that corporate culture is people.

According to Charles Ellis: “A good company is always planning to recruit employees who are not only good but also suitable for the company because they will contribute to creating a corporate culture.”.

Indeed, a person who lives in their favorite culture will stick to it longer and also contribute to strengthening the corporate culture.

Work Environment

Building an effective working environment is to build a successful corporate culture.

In the working environment which is more dynamic and professional, to work well and achieve high efficiency, it is necessary to form habits, working ways, civilized and polite behavior.Working-environment-plays-an-important-role-in-branding

It is these factors that contribute to the unique character of each corporate culture, making an important contribution to the branding of the company.

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