Drippler Review – Unlocks Leads & Profits On Demand Like Crazy

I believe despite nonsense statements out there that say email marketing is not going anywhere, it is growing.

And I believe you share the same thought.

But the problem is, your emails can’t stand out from the full inbox of any customers.

Moreover, what’s the point to pay recurring fees for email marketing services if you can’t profit from them?

Just stick to what you are doing, but in the right way, and with the right tool. I’m talking about Drippler.

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Thanks to Dr. Amit Pareek, I get the results I wanted

If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with Drippler.

Drippler Review – Overview


Product name Drippler
Vendor Dr. Amit Pareek
Front-end price $47
Homepage https://www.drippler.co/special
Release Date 2021-Jun-11
Release Time 10:00 EDT
Niche Software
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 300 Bonuses Value At $198,200
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Drippler Review – What is it?

Drippler is providing a new system where you can profit from email marketing that results in more subscribers, more opens, and more commissions day in day out.


About Creator


Dr. Amit Pareek, Simon Warner, and Er. Ashu Kumar have spared no expense to build Drippler.

And I think their products are worth any wait Kaptiwa 2.0, MaxMailzYouTube Business Pack DFY PLR, Agenciez, MaxConvert, MaxFunnels Reloaded, MaxDrive Reloaded, SellersPal, WebSuitePro, VidRankXpress, Ziliate, MarketPal, AcademyPro 2.0, MaxFunnels 2.0, etc.

Join me in my Drippler review to be ready.

What Are the Features of Drippler?

Here’s what you will receive when purchasing Drippler:










For more information about this product, click the button below:


How Does It Work?

Release the power of Drippler by:

  • Step 1: Log In To Drippler


  • Step 2: Start A New Project


  • Step 3: Launch It For Unlimited Earnings


  • Step 4: Finish Editing Your Page & Publish It



Drippler Review Is it worth buying?

Drippler is created with your success and comfort at its core.

Send Unlimited Mails Instantly or Schedule Them for Later With No Restrictions

They’ll also make sure to let you queue up and send as many emails as you want.

That’s right. No restrictions or limitations on how much you can do in your Drippler account.

Queue up emails for the week, the month, heck even the year if you like.

And do it for multiple lists if you choose. Once you’re done, Drippler will deliver your emails on time every time.

Exclusive Email Follow Up Journey Automated Technology

Just like building a funnel, you’ll be able to visually design the journey of your email follow-ups with total ease. This will give you a perfect view of how your campaign will look to your subscribers.

Once you’re done and satisfied with your designed campaign, simply let the automation do all the work of managing the campaign for you while you sit back and profit.

Collect Tons Of Potential Subscribers With Our High Converting Lead Pages

Lead pages are the simplest way to generate qualified leads and build a huge base of cash-paying customers for your business.

Keeping this in mind, Drippler helps you to grab the attention of more and more subscribers on your blog, e-commerce sites, or WordPress sites with premium designed, eye-catchy lead pages.

Craft Awesome Emails With Our Intuitive Editor

You’ll find that most email editors to be clunky and well, not very user-friendly. But as they said before, they use email a lot in their marketing and often found with other software that it was a pain just to write a decent email.

So that’s why they’ve designed the perfect email editor. One that’s non-intrusive but delivers an amazing writing experience that helps you craft the perfect email to your list

Trigger Emails On A Particular Customer Action For More Personalisation & Traffic

Along with giving you the power to Send unlimited emails, Drippler enables you to boost personalization & traffic with the power of sending trigger emails based on specific customer action.

Now that’s everything you need to add a personal touch to your subscribers & grow your email marketing business from all facets without any hassles.

Create And Send Beautiful Broadcasts, Newsletters, And Autoresponders

Broadcasts & newsletters are some of the best ways to develop long-term relations with your customers & keeping them updated for your upcoming offers.

Drippler helps you to create & send beautiful broadcasts, newsletters & autoresponders so you can strengthen your relations & create happy customers in the long run.

Boost Email Delivery, Click And Open Rate

Opens and clicks give you an accurate idea about how your campaign is performing.

Today all the marketers want to get their mails delivered in inbox, clicked, and opened on time and that is what Drippler is made for.

It increases your delivery, click, and open rate and gives you full control over your campaigns.

List Cleaning and List Checking Included At No Extra Cost

If there’s one thing that interferes with getting your emails delivered it’s sending to bad email addresses and getting a ton of bounces.

When this happens, you can be flagged by most email service providers and end up in the SPAM.

Or worse, you’ll be blacklisted altogether!

But nothing to worry about. Drippler comes with built-in list cleaning and list checking options for you.

So you not only save money on these services but make sure you’re emailing a clean list with every single follow-up and promotion.

Smart Tagging For Easy Segmentation – A True Conversion Booster

You’ll also be able to tag your subscribers to various offers, interests, and more.

This feature helps to boost conversions because you’ll be able to mail relevant offers to those who want them without upsetting those who don’t.

This can increase subscriber retention and boost your open rates. When that happens, you’re more likely to end up in the inbox and not the SPAM or Promotion Folder.

Integrates With Your SMTP Easily

Not into the major autoresponders? No problem! Drippler can also work with just about every SMTP service too. And configuring the settings is an absolute breeze.

Now you won’t have to piece together multiple solutions for your email marketing. By combining Drippler with your SMTP service, it’ll be like a match made in heaven.

50 Beautiful & Mobile Friendly Done For You Lead Pages & Email Templates

When it comes to building a responsive list, first impressions matter greatly.

But unless you’re a bonafide graphics designer and master coder, how will you create stunning options to capture your visitor’s emails?

That’s why they’ve created a number of visually appealing templates to get you started. Just load them up, click to edit, make changes, and you’re good to go.

Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Email Campaigns

Higher bounce spoils your image and gets murky with every bounce. With Drippler, you can get rid of all the bounced and spammed mails.

Drippler automatically removes mails that were counted as bounce and makes your list clear without any grunt work.

Intelligent Analytics To Measure The Performance – Know Exactly What’s Working And What’s Not

Know your numbers – what’s performing well and what simply is not working.

Drippler can give you all the data you need for your email marketing campaigns and not even break a sweat. Get down to the details of every single campaign to see what’s working and what to avoid.

This way you can see which emails resonate with your list and create more successful campaigns in the future.

Personalization Options To Boost Open Rates

In case you want to add a personal touch to your emails, Drippler gives you that option too. Use it to craft perfect subject lines or make your emails stand out.

When you do this, you’re sure to boost your open rates because your emails will look like they’re being sent from a friend.

Add Contacts For Your Massive List Building Needs

Other autoresponder services charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month depending on your email list size.

And what’s worse, you get charged for the same subscriber that’s on different lists!

But you won’t have that issue with Drippler. They’ll unlock the option to add contacts for you today without any hidden fees.

Create Email Lists To Organize Your Email Marketing

Just like they’ll boost the number of contacts you can have in your account, they’ll also give you 100 different email lists to organize all your contacts and niches you market to.

This is great to help with segmentation and is plenty enough even for the most aggressive marketer.

Custom Domain Names Included

Although they provide you subdomains for you to host your pages on (see below), they also give you full customization over where your pages are displayed with Drippler.

If you want to host them on your own domain, no problem.

They’ll give you that option right inside of your account. And to make sure you have even more flexibility, they’ll give you the option to do it with different domains instead of just one with no additional costs to you.

Sub Domain Names Included

They’ll give you a ton of subdomains for your Drippler account as well. This way you can separate your markets and audiences or even use it to manage your clients business using your free commercial license upgrade. (see below)

Advanced SPAM Checker – Makes Sure Your Emails Get Delivered

There’s no use in sending an email if it never gets seen. To help with that, Drippler includes one of the finest and most advanced spam checkers available today.

Run your emails through this option and you’ll have insight as to whether or not your email will make it to the inbox. Great for boosting your deliverability before you press send.

Advanced Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Page Editor

Unlike other page editors, their page editor is truly what you see is what you get. (WYSIWYG). There are so many features included that you’ll be floored at how easy it is to design your lead pages and other items inside of Drippler.

Everything will be perfectly positioned on the screen so you create the perfect page and elements the first time without any frustration.

128 Bit Secured, SSL Encryption For Maximum Security To Your Files, Data And Websites

Normally you’d have to pay extra for a SSL certificate, but not with them. You’re not only getting encryption more secure than Ft. Knox with Drippler, but you’re getting that same SSL Encryption FOR EVERY PAGE you ever create with your account.

Normally, this would run you hundreds. But they’ll hook you up when you sign up today at no additional charge.

Customized Drag & Drop Business Central Dashboard

When you first log into Drippler today, you’ll be greeted with the user-friendly & intuitive drag and drop dashboard.

You can rearrange sections however you see fit on-screen to customize visibility for maximum productivity.

This is great for giving you the specific data you need at a moment’s notice when it comes to your email marketing campaigns.

Hosting For All Your Pages Is Included – No Expensive Hosting Fees Necessary!

Say goodbye to your hosting fees because every single page you create in your Drippler account already has lightning-fast hosting included.

Just create your page, publish, and you’re all set to capture leads with pages that load faster than the blink of an eye.

Step By Step Video Training To Get You Up and Running Fast! (Master Drippler In 14 Days or Less!)

While using Drippler is incredibly simple, they still made sure to cover all the bases when it comes to getting started.

That’s why you’ll find an in-depth library of videos that will walk you from A to Z when it comes to using Drippler.

This wizard will guide you every single day through learning the features in Drippler so you get great results straight out the gate.

Just follow the steps and you’ll be zooming through the software in no time.

Plus, FREE Limited Time Upgrade: Get Drippler Agency License To Create An Incredible Income!

As they have shown you, there are tons of businesses that need your email marketing services.

They will pay top dollar to you when you deliver top-notch services to them using Drippler. They’ve taken care of everything so that you can deliver those services simply and easily.

Notice: This special agency license is being included in this limited time offer ONLY for this launch. Take advantage of it now because it will never be offered again.


What People Say About Drippler

Let’s hear some opinions about Drippler:


Who Should Use It?

Generally, Drippler is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

Pros and Cons


✅ Tap Into Profitable Email Business – No Product or Service Required

✅ 100+ Stunning Done-For-You Templates For All Your List Building Needs

✅ Send Beautiful Emails To Get Massive Clicks, Sales & Commissions

✅ Drag and Drop Lead Pages, Popups & Email Builder

✅ Set & Forget, Follow Up Email Journey Technology

✅ FREE Commercial License – Build An Incredible Income Offering Services To Clients!

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


Drippler has 1 Front-end & 5 OTOs:

Front-end: Drippler ($44.95-$49.95) (See Details)


Option 1: Personal ($44.95) (See Details)
Option 2: Agency ($49.95) (See Details)
  • Host 100/UNLIMITED Videos
  • Domain/Businesses – 10/50
  • Visitors/month – 30,000/Unlimited
  • Ultra-Light & Attractive Player that Works on Any Device
  • Lightning-Fast Loading Speed Means More Sales…
  • Have 100% Control on Your Traffic – Zero Leakage
  • Maximize Visitor Engagement with Ad-Free Videos
  • Build Up to 50 Video Channel & 50 Playlists/Channel
  • Generate & Manage up to 10,000/30,000 Leads
  • Get FREE Storage up to 10/50GB and Bandwidth Up to 50/250 GB/m
  • Sell Unlimited Courses and Agency Services
  • Create beautiful memberships to deliver courses, videos & playlists securely
  • Accept payments through Paypal & Stripe with zero fees
  • Smart-Checkout Links – Directly receive payments from social media, emails and on any
  • page.
  • Selling on Clickbank, JVZoo & WarriorPlus? Seamless integration to Deliver products on automation.
  • Publish Videos on ANY Website, Landing Page, Online Shop or Membership Site!
  • Embed Your Own Ads And Calls to Action Inside Videos
  • Done-for-You, High Converting Ads Templates
  • Drag And Drop Editor To Edit Ad Templates In A Few Clicks
  • Always Know How You Are Doing With Precise Analytics
  • Makes Your Videos Look Awesome!
  • MP4 Video Format with Full HDR Support
  • Fully SEO Optimized Video Channels & Pages
  • Go Effortlessly Viral with Social Sharing
  • Cutting-Edge Integration with 20+ autoresponders to Send Emails to Your Subscribers on automation
  • Manage All the videos, courses and clients hassle- Free, all in single dashboard.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption for maximum security of your data & files
  • Customized Drag & Drop Business Central Dashboard
  • Completely Cloud-based – No domain, hosting or installation required
  • Mastermind FB group
  • Easy and Intuitive To Use Software with Step by Step Video Training
  • Live Chat – Customer Support
  • BONUS TRAINING: How to Make Fast Cash Using Drippler!
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Agency License included
  • Use For Your Clients
  • Provide High In-Demand Services
  • Bonus 1: Exclusive Access To The Online Business VIP Club
  • Bonus 2: Auto Video Creator
  • Bonus 3: Latest Facebook Marketing
  • Bonus 4: Advanced Video Marketing
  • Bonus 5: Instagram Marketing 3.0

OTO1: Drippler Bundle Offer ($297) (See Details)

OTO2: Drippler Elite ($37/Month-$197) (See Details)

Option 1: Monthly Membership ($37/Month) (See Details)
Option 2: One-Time Deal ($197) (See Details)
  • Break FREE & Go Limitless–No Limits on What You Create & Make Profits with Drippler Elite.
  • Add Unlimited Contacts For All Your Mailing Lists – No Restrictions At All
  • Create Unlimited Email Mailing Lists To Segment Contacts Hands-Free.
  • Send Unlimited Emails To Unlimited Subscribers- Build Customer Relations, Promote Unlimited Offers
  • Setup Unlimited Businesses Of Your Own Or Your Client’s – You’re Getting Full Flexibility
  • Run All Your & Your Client’s LeadPages On Your Own Domains With UNLIMITED Custom Domains
  • Get Unlimited Visitors On Websites, Leadpages, Or Popups- Sky Is The Only Limit For Your Growth
  • Drive Unlimited Leads From Your Pages & Make The Most From Them
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Unlocked – Give Best User Experience
  • Get All These Benefits At An Unparalleled Price
  • Unlimited Advanced Follow-up Emails Journey With Exclusive Automation Technology
  • Create Webinar Registration Journey With Exclusive Automation Technology
  • Get 100 EXTRA Beautiful, Mobile-Friendly and Ready-To-Use Leadpages, Popups And Email Templates
  • Advanced Subscriber Management With Suppression List
  • Get The Untapped Power To Send File Attachments With Emails
  • Save Time & Efforts With The Ability to Clone Any Page, Popup or Email, And Save Templates For Future Use
  • Advanced Campaign & Project Management
  • Auto Webinar Registration Integration Included
  • Boost Relation & Conversions with CRM integration
  • Complete Team Management With Rights Control For Upto 10 Members
  • Bonus 1: 13 Ways To Make Your Squeeze Pages Convert
  • Bonus 2: Live Lead Generation Workshop
  • Bonus 3: Million Dollar Copy
  • Bonus 4: Autoresponder Marketing
  • Bonus 5: 49 Internet Marketing Promo Emails
Downsell To Lite ($67) (See Details)

OTO3: Drippler Enterprise ($47-$97) (See Details)

Option 1: Personal ($47) (See Details)
Option 2: Agency ($97) (See Details)
  • Advanced Analytics To 10X Email Campaigns ROI
  • 100 A/B Testing For Email Campaigns
  • 100 A/B Testing For Lead Pages & Popup Campaigns
  • Advanced Analytics For Lead Pages & Popups
  • Effective Bounce & Unsubscribes Management
  • Get 10 More Premium & Professional EMail Templates
  • Get 20 MORE Mobile-Friendly Leadpages & Popups Templates
  • Remove Their Branding From Your Emails, Leadpages & Popups
  • Add Up to 50 Team Members (Inhouse or Freelancers)
  • Unlimited Work Collaboration For Faster Results
  • Team Members Analysis & Activity Monitoring
  • Bonus 1: 100 Split Tests
  • Bonus 2: Brand Your Business For Success
  • Bonus 3: Building Your Organization On Autopilot
  • Bonus 4: ClickBank Marketing Secrets Video Training

OTO4: Drippler Business Drive ($47) (See Details)

  • Store Your Media Securely & Share Faster with Your Clients
  • Share Files on Elegant, Brandable & SEO optimized Sharing Pages
  • Single Dashboard to Manage All Type of Files
  • Manage files in folders easily & share the entire folder with clients or team members with Folder Management Feature
  • Get Maximum Visitor Engagement with Like/Dislike Option on Share Pages
  • Unbreakable File Security with Online Back-Up & 30 Days File Recovery Functionality
  • Manage & Share Multiple Files and save your time
  • Access Files Anytime, Anywhere with Business Cloud
  • Engage Maximum Audience with Royalty Free Stock Images & Videos- Pixabay & Pexels Integration
  • Advanced share page analytics to have a complete insight on How Your Files Are Doing
  • Preview and Download the Files Before Sharing
  • Capture Unlimited Leads & Unlimited Audience from Share Pages
  • Get Full-Text Search and Filters to Locate Files Instantly
  • Speed-Up Your Website Speed with Fast Loading & Optimized Images
  • Folders Effortlessly Enabled Login
  • Fetch & Sync Valuable Data Effortlessly with Google Drive, One Drive & Dropbox Integration
  • Bonus 1: Ready-Made Niche Websites
  • Bonus 2: Auto Video Creator
  • Bonus 3: 101 Photoshop Tips
  • Bonus 4: Author Preneur Mandate

OTO5: Drippler – DotcomPal Premium Membership ($147/Month-$267/Month-$699) (See Details)

Option 1: Monthly Deal ($147/Month) (See Details)
Option 2: 3 Installments ($267/M 3 Installment) (See Details)
Option 3: One-Time-Deal ($699) (See Details)
  • Build Website & Membership Sites
  • Create a professional business Website
  • Free DotcomPal Domain & Hosting. Also connect your own custom domain
  • Build membership sites (multi-level deep) to deliver products and courses.
  • 300+ mobile-ready templates with drag and drop editor.
  • Quick-Start with a free logo & migration assistance from Team DotcomPal
  • Products & Accept Payments
  • Sell products, courses, memberships, services, or physical goods
  • Accept payments worldwide using PayPal & Stripe.
  • Sell unlimited. ZERO DotcomPal fee (limited offer)
  • Deliver securely with Memberships & MyDrive
  • Boost Sales – Use upsells, cross-sell, discount coupons or create offers
  • All-In-One Integrated Marketing Solution
  • High converting Landing pages
  • Fast Video hosting and Player
  • Funnels/Customer Journey
  • Send Emails
  • Dynamic popups, bars, and notification boxes
  • A/B test emails, pages, and popups
  • Deep Analytics
  • Manage Audience, Team, Integrations & More
  • Manage Unlimited Contacts (Leads & Customers)
  • Smart Audience Segments
  • Easy lead management – with lists, tags & lead scoring
  • Manage Media Content (store, share and deliver) with MyDrive
  • Connect with all major Apps with 40+ Integrations & DotcomPal API
  • Manage all your businesses and team easily in a single dashboard


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to download or install Drippler somewhere?
    NO! You just create an account online and you can get started immediately. Drippler is a 100% web-based platform hosted on the cloud.
    This means you never have to download or update anything again. And it works across all browsers and all devices including Windows and Mac.
  • Is my investment risk-free?
    They know the worth of your money. You can rest assured that your investment is as safe as houses.
    However, they would like to clearly state that they don’t offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You must provide a genuine reason and show them proof that you did everything before asking for a refund.
  • Is Drippler compliant with all guidelines & compliances?
    Yes, their platform is built with having all prescribed guidelines and compliances in consideration. They make constant efforts to ensure that they follow all the necessary guidelines and regulations.
    Still, they request all users to read very carefully about third-party services that are not a part of Drippler while choosing it for your business.
  • Is Drippler Windows and Mac compatible?
    YES. They’ve already stated that Drippler is a web-based solution. So, it runs directly on the web and works across all browsers and all devices.
  • What is the duration of service with this Drippler launch special deal?
    As a nature of SAAS, they claim to provide services for the next 60 months. After this period gets over, be rest assured as their customer success team will renew your services for another 60 months for free and henceforth.
    They are giving it as a complimentary renewal to their founder members for buying from them early.
  • How is Drippler is different from other available tools in the market?
    Well, they have a nice comparison chart with other service providers. They won’t like to boast much about our software, but they assure you that this is a cutting-edge technology that will enable you to create and sell stunning niche websites at such a low introductory price.
  • Do they charge any monthly fees?
    There are NO monthly fees to use it during the launch period. During this period, you pay once and never again. They always believe in providing complete value for your money.
    However, there are upgrades as upsell which requires monthly payment but it’s 100% optional & not mandatory for working with Drippler. Those are recommended if you want to multiply your benefits.
  • Will I get any training or support for my questions?
    YES. They have created a detailed and step-by-step video training that shows you how to get set up everything quick & easy.
    You can access the training in the member’s area. You will also get live chat – customer support so you never get stuck or have any issues.


I hope that my Drippler review can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):


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