How To Earn $77,000 Monthly With A Review Blog?


In this article, I will analyze a blog that especially reviews products from JVZoo. This blog is very successful that can earn $77,000 monthly with review for its owner. And its owner is none other than Mike Thomas.

Mike Thomas is a super affiliate. He focused on promoting and marketing the products sold on JVZoo, primarily software, WordPress plugins, and the development strategies for online entrepreneurs.

You will discover his complete model, how he operates and develops the blog to make such a great source of income.

It is a very simple process that anyone can do just like he does. Let’s find out.


What Is A Review Blog?

It’s a blog dedicated to evaluating products honestly.

This blog is also a great place to discover high-demand and best-selling products on the market (as a reference for some who are analyzing the market or topic to determine the direction).

Interview The Vendor Of The Product Daily

Basically, Mike conducted interviews with the product owner he was marketing and motivating it.

He does this every day. Create Live Stream on Facebook, Google Hangouts then upload to YouTube.

An incredibly smart way for shoppers to trust their own buying decision. Mike asks the owner of the product features, issues the buyer will likely encounter and the solution for each issue… Moreover, a story of the product creator and asks he/she to answer all questions related to the product.

He usually has short interviews for about 20-30 minutes.

You can see all his interviews here

Just under every interview video, he lists his own gifts to customers if the customer buys the product through his link. For example:

Gifts play an enormous role in promoting the sale of affiliate products. It helps increase conversion rates in a given time.

Typically, Mike donates high-quality PLR format or exclusive gifts that the product owner offers only for Mike.

How To Find Upcoming JVZoo Products?

You can find upcoming JVZoo products by visiting Muncheye is a website listing forthcoming products at JVZoo, ClickBank and Warrior Plus.

Why Mike Creates Interviews?

When conducting interviews, Mike often emailed his list of people before a product launch day.

This will make people on his list feel excited about the upcoming event.

If you are interested to learn exactly Mike’s model and see what he says in his email, just subscribe to his email through his blog and start exploring everything he is doing.

Building An Email List Is Required

Yes, to be successful in any business model, building and owning an email list is a must. Money In List.

You need to have a list, then submit your product reviews to that list daily.

Rest assured, an email list is a large asset.

And do not worry too much that you can only make a small list. As long as you provide great value, those values will be well received and spread.

What Will Happen On The Launch Date?

When the time comes, the product is officially released, Mike posts a short video with his detailed review on his blog and sends an email to his list, leading them to the review.

At the same time, he also published the article on his personal Facebook.

As you can see, the people in Mike’s email list or his friends, fans, and followers on Facebook are the first to know about that review. If they are interested in the product he introduces, they just click on the referral link and buy it.

He never directly shared affiliate links via Facebook, email…

In brief, here’s the simple model: Write a review on blog (Text & Video) -> Send email & Post on Facebook -> Visit review article (Details & Gifts) -> Click on affiliate link -> Buy product.

With this model, the conversion rate is always higher than introducing users to direct link.

How To Get Traffic?

As far as I know, Mike uses 07 strategies to attract traffic, specifically:

1. Build Email Lists through Product Introductions

In the future, surely Mike will create and launch his own product. And when he had a list of people who had bought products from someone else through his referral, that was a very big list.

2. Build Email Lists through Exclusive Gift Giving

This is a very clever strategy. Mike asks the product owner to place his “Bonus Squeeze Page” on their thank-you page.

Basically, when someone buys a product, the buyer can only receive the gift from Mike when and only if the buyer proves that he purchased the product through Mike’s referral by filling out an email to confirm.

If they exist in the list, of course, they get Mike’s gift. How about not? No problem, Mike could still collect that email, even if they had bought it from someone else’s introduction. Essentially, Mike wants to collect emails from buyers.

3. Build Email Lists Through His Blog

As you can see, on his blog there is always a gift form. Visitors who want to get the gift must enter their email address.

4. Google Search Engine (SEO)

He constantly publishes the product review articles, and he’s getting more and more incoming traffic from search engines.

When a product is still in the sales stage, there are many people who will go to Google and search for something like “product X review” or “product X bonus”.

And here’s how they found Mike’s blog and articles.

5. Traffic from YouTube (SEO)

Mike uploads his videos to YouTube and not surprisingly his videos are always in the top of Google search results.

6. Traffic from Facebook

Mike makes a perfect Facebook profile. Most of Mike’s friends are other affiliate marketers, who are interested in doing business on the Internet. So, whenever Mike posted the status, even though the interaction is less, they basically just click on the link or watch the video, they just do not like to interact with posts.

7. Traffic from Facebook Group

Mike, like you, can share the review on related Facebook groups – focused groups who are interested in Product Launch, Solo Ads, etc.


Any job, any success requires time, energy and resources to build and develop. Can you imagine, with $77,000 monthly, does it make a difference in your life?

Of course, this will not be available to you in 1 night, 1 day, 1 month or even 1 year.

Mike works hard, determines and consistently in his day job.

He starts with zero, like all of us.

The difference here is concentration, consistency, determination and hard work.

Of course, there are many influencing factors. But if he does and many people do, then YOU can do even better than them.

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  1. Mike is really a great marketing expert. I also want to grow like him. Learning from him helped me develop my online marketing quite well.


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