Elderly Subjects Should Be Interested In Online Marketing


The world population is aging, the number of older people is increasing. Because of that, products for seniors have a very strong growth rate.

In this context, businesses should have marketing strategies to reach this audience segment. For seniors, age is just a number.

The time has come for marketing managers to understand and take advantage of the segment of the elderly.

1. Marketing Managers Must Understand The Object

In the current economic context, although segmentation of customers at different ages, personalization still occupies an extremely important position.

Do not think that all elders are the same.

At this age, seniors have major physical and psychological changes.

They demand high for products and services that meet their own needs, such as insurance, travel, banking and finance, … especially health products.

Therefore, businesses are forced to create products and services to adapt to the requirements of this customer group.

Not only that, marketing managers need to change their views and thinking about the group of elders to be able to exploit the best customers.


2. Don’t Think That All Older People Don’t Know About Technology

Even though the audience of older customers is not born in the smartphone generation, they are quite interested and interested in technology.

Although most Facebook users are young, there are still more than 26.5 million users between 55 and 64 years, and more than 21 million users aged 65 and over.

These figures show that not all older people are blind about smart technology or devices.

Elderly customers, when instructed about how to use them, are not only used for communication with relatives but also for information.


3. Advertising Contains The Most Preferred Message

The group of older customers underwent a period of war, changes in economies. Therefore, they have knowledge in many different areas of life.

So, to convince this older consumer, the marketing managers of the business must deliver the message with the correct communication channels.

It can be said that the formula of the feelings of older people such as the transmission of messages through children, the harmony between the generations in the family, the sympathy or the recall of memories.



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