Email Marketing Advice For Beginners


It is strange that email is still an important tool for marketers, while too many other technologies are at our fingertips at the moment. Indeed, no matter how developed other modern achievements are, email marketing is still a very important platform. Here are some email marketing advice for beginners.


  • Identify your audience. Make sure you understand that you’re sending an email containing content your customers like to receive.
  • Break down your list into target audience segments. So you can send content to each specific customer. This will be far more effective than sending content to all the emails in your list.
  • Always add customers to your email list when approved by them.
  • Read how to avoid spam email filters. Your email needs rules to avoid spamming. Think of it before you send an email. Your email address should not contain the words ‘Free’, ‘Download’, ‘Click here’, ‘Opt-in’. If it does, the rate of spam will be higher. Because email is designed to communicate with each other rather than the company with a single person. So these words should be avoided, we can use other synonyms.

  • Invite people to subscribe to your form. There are tons of ways to do this, but there is a pretty easy way to approach them. You can use the popup form, but be careful not to bother them.
  • Give them a free but valuable gift. Why do people care about what you say? They want something from you, for example, the knowledge you share. Or at least the useful information about the product or service you provide.
  • Promote your news on social networks by inviting them to follow your channel.
  • Never buy email lists from online sellers. If you want a quality customer list, you have to ask people in your industry.



  • Adjusting the content for each specific audience is a good opportunity to build good relationships with customers.
  • Make your email personalized. It does not mean to send emails to each individual but tries to write like you are sending them individually.
  • People will be more interested in what you are saying if you use everyday language. If you talk like a lifeless robot they will exit quickly.
  • Pay attention to customer emotions. If you can evoke the emotions of your customers, the likelihood they will care about your content will be much higher.
  • At the very least, please provide useful and timely information.

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  • Always include a ‘call-to-action’. Of course, you want people to enjoy your email message, but do not forget when the game ends: you want them to do something to produce results.
  • Avoid continuous text blocks. Moderate interruption to the user not to feel bored.
  • Use images. This makes your email more visually appealing. But keep in mind that images can be turned off on many e-mail browsing platforms, so make sure that important content is in the text.
  • Make it easy for the reader to cover the content using a variety of headings and spaces.
  • Do not use the customer’s name too often. A little personalization is fine. But if you abuse it, they will feel bothered.
  • Include contact details in case customers want to contact you again after they have liked your email.
  • Include links, and check them before submitting them.
  • Place links on your images as well as text.
  • Link to your social network account. If your customers like your email content they may like what you say elsewhere.
  • Make sure your email content is friendly to the mobile interface. This is becoming more and more important as people today are more likely to browse the mail on their smartphones.
  • Ask for their feedback, especially if you start a new email marketing campaign. It can be a good way to refine your marketing efforts based on what the customer really wants.

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  • Think carefully about naming the title. Ask yourself ‘Would I open it if I were a customer?’ Or ‘Who cares?’ until you are satisfied.
  • Keep it short and persuasive. The obvious is the goal here.
  • DO NOT CAPITALISE EVERY WORD. Why do you want to scream at your lovely customers?
  • Do not use people’s names in the subject line. This feels like a nuisance to them. But if you serve local customers, individualizing the subject line with a brand, town or city of recipients brings positive results.
  • Create unique titles. Even if you send the same newsletters weekly, make sure your title is for specific content.
  • Make sure your title is relevant to the content of the email. If it is not relevant, customers can click but the next time it will be more difficult.
  • Experiment, test, repeat. It’s the only way to make the most of your progress by testing different headlines and finding the best headlines. Email list segmentation and testing on each segment is a great way to apply.
  • Do not forget the ‘from’ line. This should clearly identify who the sender is, so customers know where the email came from.

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Sending Emails

  • Read and edit all emails before they are sent. It will be better done by people who are not involved in writing that email.
  • Always send an email to test it first, and make sure everything is running fine, and catch the error you may encounter.
  • Send email regularly. We usually send daily newsletters, with the latest article links. But it also depends on your audience, you may want to send weekly or monthly emails are also very ok.
  • Be consistent. If you are sending weekly newsletters, make sure the newsletter is sent weekly. If people feel like waiting, it’s not good.
  • Do not send a too large frequency. How often you submit will depend on the type of information as well as the customer object. Make sure people do not feel being rushed.
  • Time is everything. Some studies show that there are some periods that the reader is most receptive to email. It is time to test what time of day your audience is attending.

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Manage Your Email Subscription List

  • Write an email and send it to all new subscribers to thank them. That is a basic polite.
  • Use a welcome message to ask customers what they expect to receive in the future.
  • Check your email list daily. Check if there is anything that can not be sent because of incorrect information or if the email address does not exist, remove them.
  • Making unregistered subscriptions easy, unless you want to finish and join the blacklist faster. Your email will be dropped in spam and customers will never buy your product/service again.

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