Fast Track to Profits OTO – Pocket $1,000-$5,000 Per Day – Fast Track to Profits Review

Fast Track to Profits is meticulously crafted to kickstart revenue generation in just 24 hours and then scale up to a remarkable $1,000 daily in sales within a mere 90 days.

Envision this: How would attaining $1,000 daily transform your life?

Or consider this scenario: What if you simply achieved an additional $100 daily?

This equates to a monthly windfall of $3,000 in untainted profit that can be directed towards debt settlement, bill assistance, or simply affording you some much-needed financial flexibility each month.


Thanks to Luther Landro, I get the results I wanted

If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with Fast Track to Profits Review.

Fast Track to Profits OTO – Overview


Product name Fast Track to Profits
Vendor Luther Landro
Front-end price $17
Release Date 2023-Sep-15
Release Time 09:00 EDT
Niche General
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund 60 Day Money Back Guarantee  

Fast Track to Profits OTO – What is it?

Fast Track to Profits is a complete business-in-a-box coaching program that gives you everything you need to build email lists that earn $1,000 per day or more in 90 days.

Fast Track to Profits FE: Fast Track to Profits

Fast Track to Profits OTO 1: Fast Track to Profits Unlimited

Fast Track to Profits OTO 2: Fast Track to Profits High Ticket Sales Machine

Fast Track to Profits OTO 3: Fast Track to Profits Done For You

Fast Track to Profits OTO 4: Fast Track to Profits 100% Commissions

Fast Track to Profits OTO 5: Landro Inner Circle Gold Membership

About Creator


Luther Landro is the vendor of Fast Track to Profits.

Luther Landro is a full-time consultant, coach, and affiliate business owner. He has worked with companies like Mcdonald’s, Adobe, and Nestle, as well as small businesses around the country. He’s coached thousands of students around the world to build sustainable 6 and 7-figure businesses.

I’ll show you more in my Fast Track to Profits Review.

What Are the Features of Fast Track to Profits?

Let’s discover Fast Track to Profits:

  • How to leapfrog to the first page of Google for any topic or niche in 48 hours (these pages are DOMINATING Google right now)
  • How I’m using AI to pull buyer traffic from the biggest marketplace in the world without having a product to sell…
  • How to get product vendors to send you BUYER LEADS to promote their products absolutely free…
  • The simple set-and-forget traffic source everyone with a Facebook account has access to that works for any niche…
  • The sneaky 30-second videos that are generating thousands of views per week…
  • How top affiliates are getting free buyer leads directly from affiliate networks…
  • The AI content strategy that automatically ranks pages in Google results…
  • How to capture ‘product launch traffic’ to build a list of qualified buyers while earning a commission promoting the latest launches…
  • The under-used forum site that can flood any offer with traffic in 24 hours (by far the biggest boost in immediate traffic IF you do it right).
  • The ‘3rd tier’ social network that can send you a flood of buyer traffic using AI generation tools (NOT Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok)
  • How to pull steady traffic from LinkedIn (high-value leads) automatically using their new AI tools.
  • The Set & Forget YouTube strategy that creates evergreen videos (Capture endless search traffic for years with a single video)
  • How to get $1,000’s in free ad traffic every month (Paid traffic works wonders when it’s free)
  • How to get your content included with big product launches so you can capture buyer leads automatically
  • Top 3 traffic sources for product creators that want to see more sales on their offer.
  • The ‘gig traffic’ that gets you paid while building your list (this is too clever I almost didn’t want to include it)
  • The platform that will advertise for YOU if you give them relevant content (this platform spends millions a month on FB ads and will send you free buyer traffic if you join them)

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Fast Track to Profits OTO Is it worth buying?

Fast Track to Profits works for rookies and veterans alike.

  1. Fire your boss – Have enough money that you can walk away from any situation. You are a slave to no one and can adopt a ‘take no crap’ philosophy.
  2. ZERO debt, huge savings, and an 800 credit score – My debts are completely paid off, and all my bills are paid ahead of time. This has boosted my credit and made everything cheaper. Think about it: With good credit comes lower mortgage rates, credit card rates, and bonus perks only offered to those with good credit.
  3. Bills are paid ahead of time – I have enough saved to pay my bills for the next 3 years. Every month I receive a statement saying I owe $0 because the bills have been pre-paid. The stress I used to feel is just gone…
  4. ​Emergency fund for anything that comes your way – Life happens. Maybe the most important thing this program has given me is the peace of mind of a nest egg that is there for my family that can be used to solve any problem that comes our way.
  5. ​Work on my own time – Some days I sleep late. Some nights I go to bed early. Some days I just play with my kids. I plan my work around my life and not my life around my work.
  6. ​Work from anywhere – My family and I moved to a quiet little community that has been a blessing for us. We spend summers away in different parts of the world. All the while, I am able to run my business from my laptop. This has been an amazing experience for myself and my children.

Step 1: Use AI to build a simple email sales funnel.

Follow my beginner friendly instructions to set up your own high-converting lead capture page in about 20 minutes.

This is the exact same way I set up funnels in my own business.

The best part is there is a free AI app that does all the work. No technical experience needed.

Just fill out a form and the AI handles the rest.

Step 2: Set up one or more free traffic sources.

You’re getting my complete ‘rolodex of free traffic’ that you can put to use immediately to generate traffic into your funnels.

Use the ‘fast action’ traffic sources to generate sales in 24 hours…

Then use the ‘set and forget’ traffic to grow your email list on autopilot securing your path to $1k per day.

I’m including hand holding training that walks you through every traffic source so you’re never left wondering how to make the most of it.

Step 3: Mail Your list…

Once your funnel and traffic are set up you’ll start getting email leads right away.

Each week use my simple affiliate formula to pick the hottest affiliate products to promote, then follow my short-persuasion email guide to write short sales emails to sell those products earning a 50-80% commission on each sale.

You can even use the built-in AI email writer to write your sales emails for you…

These emails go out there earning you sales and commissions all week long while you relax and watch the money roll in.


Who Should Use It?

Generally, Fast Track to Profits is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

Pros and Cons


✅ Autopilot 24/7 Sales & Commissions

✅ Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before

✅ All The Work is Already Done For You

✅ Generate Passive Income For Years

✅ ​​60 Day Money Back Guarantee  


❌ No Cons Found.


Fast Track to Profits has 1 Front-end and 5 OTOs:

Front-end: Fast Track to Profits ($27) 

Fast Track to Profits Traffic Rolodex – $197 value
Coaching Module 1: 20-Minute Sales Funnel Creation- $97 value
Coaching Module 2: Fast Action Traffic Strategies – $97 value
Coaching Module 3: Set & Forget Long-Term Traffic Sources – $97 value
Coaching Module 4: $1k/Day email marketing – $97 value
Coaching Bonus Module: Scaling to 7 figures – $97 value
Bonus 1: $1k/Day in 90 Days challenge – $97 value
Bonus 2: Emergency quick cash report – $97 value
Bonus 3: Top Performing Affiliate Offers in 2023 – $97 value
Bonus 4: Sales Email Writing Cheat-Sheet – $97 value
Super Bonus: Outsourcer Rolodex – $197 value
On-Demand Coaching Program – $497/Month Value
Personal Coaching from me to help you get started – $497 Value

OTO1: Fast Track to Profits Unlimited ($37)

The Most Powerful Online Income Hacks That 10X Your Results to Start Banking $10,000/Month Faster… Without Working Extra Hours, Spending Money on Ads, or Doing Any Extra Work for Your Paychecks.
Congratulations on making the smartest decision today and giving yourself the chance you deserve to earn a passive income with The Fast Track to Profits. You now have everything you need to earn fast commissions using an AI sales funnel

However, many of my best customers are a lot like me – they are a tad impatient, and they want every possible opportunity to achieve better results and achieve them faster.

That’s why I composed this letter for you. Please read it carefully.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that making money online requires the right tools and personal coaching to achieve results. Until now, the problem has been time, lack of convenience and of course price.

That’s why I decided to let you in on some of the sneakiest income hacks I have ever found in my over 15 years as a consultant and online business owner. I call these tactics my ‘Big Bag Of Money Tricks’.

These secrets have been formulated after years of growing my business to over a million dollars a year… a few small tweaks to everything I was already doing that can 10X your results without any extra work… Automatically and without effort.

With these secrets, you get to follow the Fast Track to Profits Program and earn 10X the profits with no extra work.

These ‘Online Income Hacks’ Have Already Caught the Eye of Big Names in the Affiliate Industry and Are Normally Only Taught Through $2,500/Hour Business Coaching Sessions.
As silly as it sounds, even though these tweaks are small, I get paid thousands of dollars an hour to make them for you… And over the years, I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars in private coaching fees to have some of the biggest names in the industry make these same tweaks in my business.

These secrets are closely guarded and only taught in private coaching sessions because they work and make the difference between a few hundred dollars a month… and hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a month.

They’ve been working so well for members of The Fast Track to Profits that I’ve decided to take all of my private coaching tweaks and offer them as an on-demand coaching system… Before this training becomes a private invite-only program.

Introducing: The Fast Track to Profits Unlimited… Your On-Demand 10x Coaching program
Simply apply the steps in the unlimited program to your The Fast Track to Profits account, and you’re set. Nothing could be easier.

The best time for you to use the small tweaks in Unlimited is right away to increase the results you get from The Fast Track to Profits exponentially. (Read on to see just how fast this scales to $10,000… then to $100,000 per month in profits for the same amount of work)

Here’s What You Can Expect to See When You Apply the Hacks in This Unlimited Coaching to Your The Fast Track to Profits
Within 1-2 days, you’ll feel confident…
Most report results a lot faster because most of the work is done for you (you’ll see how in a minute). It’s an unfair advantage over other The Fast Track to Profits members. Others report having an easier time starting their side-hustle because these tips help you set things up faster.

Within 1-2 weeks, you’ll experience the excitement of receiving that first big check…
The most commonly reported result of The Fast Track to Profits Unlimited is the ability to earn more money in less time.

You’re literally spending the same 2 hours per week with The Fast Track to Profits, just getting 10X the results without the stress of trying to figure everything out. You’ll have everything laid out for you. That means less work yet bigger checks than other members of The Fast Track to Profits.

Within 1-2 months, you’ll notice your debt is gone, and your bank account is filled.
The Fast Track to Profits Unlimited is all about maximizing results fast. These small tweaks will take you to $10,000 a month or more quickly without doing any additional work (or even working less than you would without them).

Reaching 6 or 7 figures per year is easy when you use these million-dollar hacks.

  • QuickStart guide to earn your first commission in 48 hours – Follow this guide to earn money faster or scale your business by setting up multiple AI funnels quickly.
  • How to reinvest your Fast Track to Profits profits to grow faster – Get a 5x return on every dollar you spend allowing you to grow to 6 or even 7 figures quickly.
  • How to have a zero-hour workday by outsourcing the funnel – Use this rolodex of outsourcers to have the work done for you (outsourcing is the number one way to scale any business without additional work)
  • The products and niches to AVOID when using an AI sales funnel – Don’t pick the wrong products. Avoiding this short list will save you from disappointment and guarantee that your campaigns bring in as much cash as possible.
  • The Sneaky way to get paid $5 instantly for every subscriber that is added to your list.
  • How to double your commission on any affiliate offer – Use this simple strategy to double your commissions on every offer you promote so you earn twice as much money for the same effort (a huge unfair advantage over other affiliates)
  • How to steal buyer email leads from product vendors – This sneaky trick will allow you to syphon buyer leads off any product launch. Use this every time you see a guru launching to get their leads while earning a commission on the sales.
  • The 3 traffic sources that are easiest to scale your side hustle to over $1 Million per year – Not all traffic scales! Use the same sources I do in my online business.
  • Thousands of dollars in free ad traffic: Use these coupon hacks to get free ad credits with all the top ad networks. Use your The Fast Track to Profits funnel to convert this traffic into free leads that pay you over and over again.
  • How to buy traffic at less than half what everyone else has to pay – It’s easy to be profitable when you buy traffic at half the price. (This is the best way to reinvest your side income to grow it to 7 figures.)
  • How to spend $1 on traffic and turn it into $5 in affiliate commissions over and over
  • Self-confidence on demand: The simple mind hack that will break you out of any funk instantly and have you feeling like a millionaire. (You become a millionaire in your mind before you earn that first million dollar check – not the other way around.)
  • 30-Second time management solution: Learn the only No BS time management system I’ve been using for over 10 years. You’ll get more done in a day than most people do in a week without stress, multi-tasking, or silly ‘day planners’. Use this in every area of your life to free your time and peace of mind.
  • Simple goal-setting method that manifests the income you desire within the next 60 days.

After 30-60 Days, Things Get Really Exciting
The Unlimited coaching program allows you to take the results from The Fast Track to Profits and 10X them every month.

You’ll be promoting higher ticket offers that pay $1,000+ commissions…

And with the expanded traffic sourced in Unlimited, you’ll be generating MORE sales with the same funnels…

All together earning 10X without any additional work inside of The Fast Track to Profits.

At a $1,000 affiliate commission per sale (on the low side when you use Unlimited), it doesn’t take many referrals to earn a full-time income:

5 sales/month: $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year.

10 sales/month: $10,000 per month or $120,000 per year.

20 sales/month: $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year.

50 sales/month: $50,000 per month or $600,000 per year.

And Yes: These Are 100% Ethical, Legal, and Easy to Implement Affiliate ‘Hacks’ That Require No Coding, No Building Websites, No Email Lists, No Selling, and Nothing Technical at All.

Just A Few Tweaks To What You Are Already Doing Inside The Fast Track to Profits to 10X Your Results (Plus One Very Unique and Powerful Trick 90% of People Are Missing Out On)
The strategies in Unlimited are common (except for two, which frankly I’ve never seen anyone reveal or use before); however, combining these affiliate hacks with the little-known lead source contained in The Fast Track to Profits creates a combined effect that can 10X your results without any additional work.

A lot of first timers are missing this one key ingredient to breaking through and becoming financially independent.

Because Your Financial Future And Livelihood Are at Stake, I’ve Decided To Do Something A Little Crazy…
As much as I’d like to promise you this forever, I can’t offer these marketing hacks to everyone.

What I can do is offer this to you now as a customer of The Fast Track to Profits to put these tricks to work in your business so you can get the most out of your time in this coaching program.

However, Your Borderline ‘Insane’ Discount Is Only Available To You On This Page AND Before Our Offer Is Sold Out…
So If You Close This Page, This Offer Will Be Passed On To The Next Lucky Person.
Just remember: The number you see below is the number of copies that are available. Once sold out, we will not be allowing more people to access, and they will have to purchase our $2,500/hour coaching to get access to these hacks.

So, you simply must take action now, or you’ll lose out on what is absolutely the fastest, least expensive, and easiest online income coaching there is.

OTO2: Fast Track to Profits High Ticket Sales Machine ($197)

Now many of my students want to know the fastest way to land their first big paycheck so that’s why I created this video for you. I feel I need to let you in on the surprising program that is generating commissions of 997 dollars and twenty-five hundred dollars per sale. What you’re about to see is a five-minute presentation that will take you through my high ticket commission machine that you can use to book commissions like you see here in your Fast Track to Profits

Now before I show you the program I must warn you about the biggest problems that even veteran email marketers are facing you see the majority of affiliate products are priced between ten to fifty dollars and pay a fifty percent commission that means on average you earn twenty dollars per sale when you promote them

And so in order to earn 10 grand a month in commissions and hit that six figure level you would need to generate at least 500 sales every month with your side Hustle. Think about it this way if you build an email list of 200 subscribers every person on your list would have to buy more than two products a month for you to earn six figures

Now what if those same products paid you one thousand dollars or even twenty five hundred dollars in commissions per sale at a thousand dollar commission it would only take 10 sales per month to hit that coveted 10 grand per month level. And only four sales per month a 2500 commissions four to ten sales a month is a perfectly reasonable goal when you have a list of 200 subscribers

In fact keep watching and I’ll show you how I’m converting as high as 10 on these high commission offers now the challenge with one thousand dollar plus commission programs is that they usually require a week-long promotion that includes a live webinar replay and a closing sequence in order to generate sales

This is why these high ticket programs are normally only offered to Super affiliates with a proven track record the product vendor has to take the time to do these live webinars after all and this is why most Affiliates stick to promoting lower priced offers focusing on building bigger and bigger lists to make up for the low commissions

Now here’s the really good news I’ve discovered that using a simple video based sales funnel can sell these high ticket offers with the same Effectiveness as a live webinar I’m talking 10 conversions on offers that pay 997 dollars and twenty five hundred dollars in commissions per sale more than enough to earn over 10 grand a month with only a list of 200 subscribers

Now using this method also guarantees affiliate approval on high ticket products because they are proven to convert and the vendor doesn’t have to do any live webinars. Now the students who use this High ticket commission machine funnel are able to see their first commission checks in under a week and you’ll hear from them in a second.

First let me walk you through my high ticket commission machine here’s how it works first you add your affiliate link to a pre-made video sales funnel designed to sell the high ticket product. The video acts like a live webinar providing your subscribers with valuable content and selling the affiliate product complete with an auto buy button that appears at just the right moment to capture affiliate sales

Next you simply copy and paste the pre-written email sequence I have written for each product listen the secret to high ticket selling is follow-up follow-up follow-up these emails use my sneaky fake video button to get subscribers clicking then follows up with answers to the most asked questions about the product

And I end with a closing sequence that introduces scarcity and the fear of missing out to get your subscribers buying the offer now. Here’s the best part the whole thing is automated just schedule each message in your email service using my included mailing calendar then you’re done the whole thing takes about 20 minutes to set up and generate sales 24 7 while you take the rest of the week off

Now as a member of the Fast Track to Profits I want to give you the opportunity to put this very same high ticket commission system to work in your side Hustle. Listen I’ve been using video sales funnels to sell everything from nine dollar ebooks to twenty thousand dollar Consulting packages the video funnel I recorded for the high ticket commission machine regularly fills my accounts with 997 and 2500 affiliate commissions all from the list I generated using the Fast Track to Profits

The students who were lucky enough to get their hands on this funnel have been earning High ticket paychecks even with tiny subscriber lists and now their success can be your success guaranteed I’ve put together a package of done for you high ticket commission machines that you can use to earn one thousand dollar plus Commissions in your side Hustle. First you’re getting Auto approval on high ticket commission programs that earn 500 to 2500 per sale

These are products sold by the top creators and gurus in the industry including some of my own high ticket courses. Next you’re getting a complete High ticket commission machine for each affiliate product set them up with your affiliate referral Link in two clicks to start earning High ticket commissions the same day and finally you’re getting an entire seven-day email sequence for each of these high ticket sales funnels

The video thumbnail emails the Q a replays video replay emails and my entire fear of missing out closing sequence to knock prospects off the fence and squeeze out every sale possible on even the tiniest email list the included mailing calendar gives you the exact timing to schedule each promotion allowing you to set and forget these campaigns

Now I want to be completely certain that this package puts money in your pocket and so for the first few people to take me up on this offer I’m adding three super bonuses as well as a crazy guarantee to ensure you get results in the first Super bonus you’re getting immediate access to all of my favorite monthly rebuild affiliate programs

Each of these programs are monthly memberships you can sell to your subscribers that pays you a recurring monthly paycheck of over one hundred dollars a month per sale. Listen I’m still getting monthly commission payments for products I promoted over three years ago make just one sale on any of these products and you can get paid for years

Just imagine at a hundred dollars a month commission if you do just 10 sales you’re earning a passive income of one thousand dollars a month that’s 10 sales total. It only takes a hundred total sales to earn a passive Commission of ten thousand dollars a month do a measly five sales per week and you’ll hit that number in only five months

The best part is you keep receiving your commissions every month even if you never email your list or do any work in your side hustle again for super bonus number two I wanted to find the fastest way I could put more money in your pocket without you having to do any work and so I’m giving you a commission bump from 50 to 75 on all of my offers. That means your affiliate income is going up by 50 just for being a fast action taker today and in super bonus number three you’re getting access to my scarcity email timers these are working countdown clocks that you can add to any email by copying pasting one line these clocks increase the pressure and fear of missing out to push prospects off the fence and buy through your affiliate link now look adding these timers to my closing sequence double the number of sales I generated on some offers taking just two minutes to add it to your closing emails is the fastest way

I know how to boost your sales and earn you more commissions so if your side hustle is at five grand a month adding these timers can quickly take you to that ten thousand dollar level. Okay here’s the deal I’m sure by now you can see how these high ticket commission machines will take your side hustle to the next level

Now normally I would charge you 400 to a thousand dollars each funnel to create them for you which you would probably agree is well worth the price since they are converting a ten percent on one thousand dollar commission products the coaching students you heard from earlier had to pay the full price plus my 2500 coaching fee to get their hands on these funnels

Yet as a member of the Fast Track to Profits I want you to experience the same results and I don’t want finances to get in your way. So you won’t be paying anything close to twenty five hundred dollars or one thousand dollars per Sales Machine not even half that. Act right now and you can have all of my high ticket commission machines and the three super bonuses all for just one easy payment of only 197.

Remember your investment today is backed by my 60-day results guarantee take the next 60 days to use these high ticket sales machines in your side hustle if these funnels don’t produce the high ticket commissions you expected just send me a support ticket showing that you’ve done the work and not only will I send you back every penny of your investment I will personally help you fix your high ticket sales machines so you get the results I’m promising you commit to doing the work and all the risk is on my shoulders sound fair enough

Now click on the yellow add to cart button below and fill out a secure checkout page in the next screen to secure your copy of these high ticket sales machines you must act now however these done for you funnels are only available on this page and if you pass on it you will not be given the opportunity to get your hands on them again

So please don’t email my support desk if you pass on this deal I need to be fair to the proactive people who jump on opportunities when they see them look right now you have two choices. Choice one is you can go at it alone and keep promoting low-priced offers in your side Hustle sure you’ll earn commissions. Just imagine what it will feel like seeing 20 40 or even 50 Commissions in your account knowing in your gut that those could have been 500 1000 or 2500 payments for the same amount of work

And then there’s Choice two have all of the work promoting High ticket offers done for you and start earning a thousand dollars per sale Commission in your side hustle with no extra work more money and less time. The choice is yours and it’s clear make the only smart move you can right now and put this done for you commission machine to work in your side Hustle. Click on the add to cart button below to get started and I will see you in the members area with even more surprises for you

OTO3: Fast Track to Profits Done For You ($297)

How would you like to have me personally do all of the work setting up your first one thousand dollars a week side Hustle that would mean no market research looking for Hot Topics no creating content or dealing with AI chat Bots and no writing any sales emails to earn your first commission

I’ll personally set up everything for you while you sit back and let the leads and commissions roll in interested well here’s the deal I’ve been teaching the Fast Track to Profits for a while now and for establish affiliate marketers they’ve been able to take my training and generate hundreds of leads per day with ten thousand dollars or more in affiliate commissions every month first time marketers however often have trouble getting started and earning their first commission check they feel Paralyzed by all the decisions they have to make have a hard time picking an affiliate product to promote can’t seem to set up the email funnel and end up procrastinating rather than taking action

Or many times they start following this method only to give up just short of earning their first commission check to chase some other shiny object or business method listen in my experience these students just needed to have their first affiliate funnel built for them to give them the proof and motivation they needed to follow through

After all it’s far easier to grow a business or side hustle than it is to start one from scratch and so I started doing all of the work for my students picking the highest converting products that are working now getting them approved as an affiliate

And building a lead funnel that generates hundreds of leads per day I then wrote A month’s worth of emails to send to that new list that sells the products and earns steady commissions every day. My Hope was that getting these students started would be enough motivation for them to follow through and build a six-figure business

Now the results of this little done for you experiment have been dramatic normally when a student is left to do everything on their own only about 10 percent go on to build a successful full-time affiliate business. The rest would just give up before seeing any real results the students who had it done for them. However had a 90 success rate in growing their business to a six-figure income or more ninety percent of first-timers are earning a full-time income and all they needed was that initial push to get them started

I think of it like trying to push start a car have you ever had to push a car or get one out of a ditch getting the car moving from a dead stop is always the hardest part requiring a tremendous amount of effort and the help of everyone around you

Yet once the car is in motion it’s easy to keep it moving and steer it to wherever you want it to go it’s the same in business. Once you get started and land that first check it’s easy to keep that momentum going you just needed a friend to give you that initial push to get you going to provide you with some momentum. And that’s what I want to do for you the students who signed up for this done for you system are earning six figures or more as a result like Eric demy who hit his first ten thousand dollar month and grew to over twenty thousand just two weeks later who banked just under thirty thousand in two weeks using this coaching now as a pre-launch member of the Fast Track to Profits I want to give you the opportunity to have a complete email sales funnel built for you

A funnel you can grow into a ten thousand dollar a month side Hustle here’s everything I’m offering you in this exclusive one-time only deal. First I’m going to hand pick the top selling products for you to promote these products will be proven to convert and pay a high commission for every sale as much as a thousand dollars each

I’m going to generate all the content you need to get affiliate networks sending you leads and finally I’m going to give you a month’s worth of custom emails to generate sales and commissions from these leads the affiliate Network uses this content to send you leads the emails convert those leads into buyers you gain a reliable passive income source as a result

And a proven side hustle as well as the motivation to grow it to any level of success that you desire now over the past few months I’ve been charging students a flat fee of 5 grand to set up this very funnel for them and considering that ninety percent of the students who get these funnels go on to build a six-figure business I’m sure you’d agree that five thousand dollars is a small investment for this service

However I’m looking to start selling the Fast Track to Profits on webinars and I need more testimonials from regular folks who built six figure businesses using the system and so I’ve decided to take 10 students and do all of the work for them at a fraction of my usual five thousand dollar fee 10 people who have their side hustle built for them affiliate networks sending them leads affiliate sales coming in

Everything they need to grow their side hustle to six figures the only catch is that once you’ve landed your first paycheck from this funnel I want you to give me an honest testimonial to use on my webinar. Act right now promise to give me a testimonial and you can have all of the work done for you along with my total satisfaction guarantee for the low price of only 297. That’s ninety percent off my usual fee remember this done for you program includes my satisfaction guarantee I’m so confident in this program that I am personally guaranteeing your results for a full 60 days

Use the lead sources and emails that I create for you and if you don’t generate at least 100 leads as well as the affiliate commissions you desire just send me an email with links to your account and I will personally help you optimize your side Hustle then if you still don’t get results I’ll refund you every penny no questions asked no hassles you even get to keep all of the sales materials leads and training as my gift

All the risk is on me you must act now however because the 10 spots will fill up quickly so look below this video right now if there are any spots left you will see a square yellow sign-up button below click that button to be taken to our secure checkout page follow the instructions at checkout and you will secure your spot in this done for you program. Remember I am personally coaching you through this and only have time for 10 students and I expect these spots to fill up quickly so only the most proactive customers will be able to make this happen. So look below this video right now click the sign up button and I will greet you personally in the member’s area

OTO4: Fast Track to Profits 100% Commissions ($197)

How would you like to be the next Fast Track to Profits Super Affiliate earning 100% commission on this $1,051.85 funnel?

If you’re serious about earning the most money possible in your affiliate business, then you need to read every word of this short letter. I wrote it to warn you about some of the difficulties new affiliates face when they get into the industry for the first time…

And to give you an exclusive, one-time opportunity to become one of my Super Affiliates for the Fast Track to Profits program.

The Affiliate Marketing Newbie Trap
It’s no secret that starting out in the affiliate industry can be difficult.

Most product vendors won’t approve new affiliates because they don’t have a track record of sales. New affiliates are usually stuck promoting older offers that their list has already seen and consumed.

And even if you’re approved, many vendors will only pay out 30-50% of the sale to new affiliates until you prove that you can send reliable, quality traffic.

Then, after all that work finding an offer to promote… You’re stuck competing with every other affiliate that’s promoting the same offer. Many of these affiliates already have a great relationship with their subscribers and offer huge bonuses for them to buy through their affiliate link.

Bottom line: It can be an uphill battle when starting out in affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliates have an unfair advantage
Being a Super Affiliate means you have access to opportunities that other affiliates don’t.

As a Super Affiliate, you get auto-approved on the newest, most exclusive offers before anyone else gets a chance to promote them. Your list will be the first to see these super high-converting offers earning you all the initial commissions.

Super affiliates also get higher payouts than everyone else. Vendors pay 80-90% commissions because they know super affiliates can send huge amounts of quality traffic. This makes it easier to advertise because their profit margins are better than any other affiliates.

Product vendors also bend over backwards to help super affiliates generate sales. They will write your email swipes for you, build pre-sell pages, even give you exclusive bonuses to give away to your list when you promote.

Affiliate marketing can be a tough climb… Yet once you reach super affiliate status the entire business becomes smooth sailing.

Get Super Affiliate status from day 1.
Normally, to be considered a Super Affiliate you need to have generated at least $100,000 in affiliate commissions promoting my products.

However, as a member of Fast Track to Profits, I want to give you the opportunity to get Super Affiliate status and all the perks that come with it from day 1.

I’m going to register you as a Super Affiliate for this very product funnel. You will have the opportunity to promote this product and get th same support my other Super Affiliates get.

Here’s everything you get as a registered Super Affiliate for Fast Track to Profits:

Immediate auto-approval to promote Fast Track to Profits
100% commission rate for Fast Track to Profits
100% commission on all high-ticket upsells (over $1,051.85 per sales)…
100% commission on all recurring sales in the funnel ($97-$297 per month in recurring commissions)…
I do all the work, YOU keep all the money
Now as one of my registered Super Affiliates for Fast Track to Profits, I’m going to do all the work promoting this offer for you.

First you’re getting full give-away rights to an exclusive bonus that you can give away to anyone that buys Fast Track to Profits through your affiliate link. None of my affiliates are offering this bonus which means subscribers will buy this through your link before anyone elses.

Next you’re getting a pre-built sales funnel that will generate leads for you to promote this offer. Use this to jump start your business… Building an email list while earning commissions promoting Fast Track to Profits.

And finally you’re getting pre-written sales emails to help promote this offer to your list. These are the very same emails that I use to sell Fast Track to Profits myself, written by my internal copywriter.

Generate high-ticket commissions as a Super Affiliate… Guaranteed.
I want you to become my next Super Affiliate and I want you to earn as many sales as possible with this opportunity.

After all… You’ll be selling this very course so our interests are completely aligned.

I’m giving you a full 60 days as a Super Affiliate to put these sales materials to the test.

If in that time you don’t see the results you want, send me your landing page and screen shots of the promotions you did and I will work with you personally to help make the funnel work.

If you still don’t get the results you want I’ll refund every penny of your investment in this program.

I’ll even let you keep the Super Affiliate status on Fast Track to Profits and all the perks that came with it so you can try it out at a later time.

You must act now however. I’m only opening the door to a limited number of customers to sign up.

Once I reach that number, I’ll be closing the doors to new Super Affiliates so the ones that got in early can exclusively enjoy the rewards.

OTO5: Landro Inner Circle Gold Membership ($5/$27 For The 1st Month & Then $97/Month)

Option 1: $5 Trial ($5 For The 1st Month & Then $97/Month)
Option 1: $27 Trial ($27 For The 1st Month & Then $97/Month)
+ BONUS $5,000/Month Consulting Services Handbook ($4.99)

How would you like to earn five thousand dollars a month from each and every consulting client you land five thousand dollars per month is about the average I’ve been earning from consulting clients over the past year

Now you may find it more surprising that I did not upsell any of these clients no they came to me looking for my help and in the next three minutes you are not only going to learn how I’m earning this much cash but the biggest sales mistakes you must avoid if you want clients coming to you for answers

Listen using this strategy on consulting clients means you’d be earning sixty thousand dollars a year from each local business that hires you taking on just two clients is all it would take to earn a hundred and twenty thousand dollars this year a true six-figure salary for what is really only three days of work each week want to earn a hundred and twenty thousand dollars per year and work three days a week

Here’s the deal nearly every business needs a combination of different services in order to grow their business whether it’s seo mobile apps reputation management hosting social media management or even e-commerce every business is different

Most consultants ignore this fact and just pitch whatever system or solution they want to sell this would only close the handful of businesses that actually need the product you are selling the majority of businesses will just ignore you even though they probably need something else and would have done business with you had you simply offered it

Look the real secret to earning thousands and even tens of thousands in monthly fees from a business is to find out what they need before you try to offer them a solution this is surprisingly easy as long as you ask the right problem questions at the beginning of any client conversation

All you have to do is find a solution for the problems that the client is having and then charge the client a monthly fee to implement that solution there’s very little selling involved when you offer something a business owner already wants

Think about it these problem questions that you’ll learn about in a minute are like windows into a client’s mind allowing you to discover the services that any business owner is already shopping for and eager to pay big bucks to anyone who can deliver

And once a business owner learns that you are the go-to guy that can solve any business problem they will request everything they need from you heck I’ve even had business owners ask me for weight loss advice because I always seem to have a solution for them being a consultant is more fun when you can work with fewer more loyal clients and spend your time helping them grow their business instead of selling new clients on the latest mobile or seo gimmick running my consultant business this way over the last few years has allowed me to accumulate a number of solutions for almost any problem a business owner has whether it’s SEO lead generation

Handling bad reviews or generating more foot traffic I’ve built a collection of software checklist guides and outsources to handle every possible request this collection grows weekly as my consulting business gains new clients and has been helpful when hiring new outsourcers to do the work for me I started giving some of my coaching students access to this collection as well to see if they could duplicate my success and earn more money from their clients

One of my students scott williams from lake park Georgia recently used these proposals on some of his clients the most Scott has ever collected from a business owner before was fifteen hundred dollars and many of his clients hadn’t spoken to him in over six months

They simply never wanted to buy anything from Scott no matter what he offered with nothing to lose he sent each client and a handful of new businesses one of my copy-and-paste email questionnaires to his surprise nearly 40 percent of the people he emailed sent him a message back listing all of the things they are looking to buy for their business

Most of the services they wanted were things that Scott never considered selling before for many of the client requests Scott was able to use my pre-packaged software and solutions he posted the remainder of the client’s request to our member forum and I helped him come up with custom solutions he could sell this helped Scott earn five to ten thousand dollars from each client

This was more than he was earning from his entire business the previous month when he spent most of his time trying to sell businesses the latest and greatest marketing gimmick and Scott is not alone I’ve had dozens of students earning five to ten thousand dollars a month from clients ever since joining this membership

Like forum member solo warrior who recently posted this about one of my programs all I can say is thank you, Luther, you just closed my first of many to come five thousand dollar deals or remember Lena Zell who posted this success story to our forum after making over thirty thousand dollars his first month as a member thanks to Luther and colin I was able to sell almost thirty thousand dollars of a product I created a few weeks ago and member just Judy who posted her story on our forum my biggest breakthrough came when Luther got on the phone with one of my clients and sold the guy a five thousand dollar package

Now I want to give you the chance to earn five thousand dollars per client as a consultant before we begin I have to warn you this is not for everyone if you are already earning over five thousand dollars per month from each consulting client or if you are the type of person who will download these assets

And not take any action then this offer is simply not for you however if you are able to reach out to a handful of businesses using copy and paste templates and if you are willing to work with a handful of long-term clients for high monthly fees then this is not just another solution for you

This is the only solution for you here’s everything you’re getting when you become a member of the Landro inner circle the questionnaires and scripts that can uncover what a business owner is looking to buy after a single call or email students have been getting a forty to sixty percent response rate from these copy and paste templates

Every piece of software and service guide I use to service my consulting clients this walk-through training and software will allow you to become an instant expert and service any business owner’s needs including reservation systems for food service businesses appointment settings and marketing software you can sell to doctors web design themes and templates for mom and pop stores completely done for you reputation management software that can eliminate bad reviews

Seo checklists and plugins that are guaranteed to rank any website to the first page of Google’s results mobile templates that allow you to build fully functional mobile apps for clients in five minutes without writing a single line of code

As a member of the Landro inner circle you are also getting access to every product I have ever produced and free access to any product I produce in the future as well as high-end products from other leading marketers and experts you’ll also discover the free online lead sources I use to find new clients that have been getting me an unheard of sixty percent response rate with this method

You’re also getting access to all of my field-tested sales presentations and scripts that can sell any service your client needs and work agreements to make everything official so you can rest easy knowing that you have been paid to help you grow your consulting business you’re also getting my complete rolodex of outsourcers who can do all of the work servicing and selling new clients for you after all outsourcing is the real secret to working smarter and not harder

You just need to know which outsources to hire and this rolodex includes every outsourcer I have worked with personally so you know that they can deliver top quality remember sending these questionnaires out to a business will uncover all the services that the business owner is looking for and willing to spend big money on

All you have to do is paste a business’s response to the questionnaire in the member’s area and my team will help you put together a package to sell them paying you five thousand dollars per month to implement there is no easier or more guaranteed way to earn money as a consultant

Now I’ve been charging 97 a month for access to the Landro inner circle which I’m sure you’d agree is more than fair since this system is updated weekly with new stuff and you can request unlimited help as a member however as a previous customer of mine I want to make this deal a complete no-brainer for you I want to prove this system’s effectiveness by getting you results in advance getting you paid five thousand dollars a month from your next client take just 30 days to send out just a handful of these proposals paste the client’s reply in the coaching section of the member’s area and let me craft a solution for you all you have to do is implement the solutions and

Collect your five thousand dollars monthly fee means it would take just five clients to earn you twenty-five thousand dollars a month ten clients to earn you fifty thousand dollars a month or even just twenty full-time clients to earn you a total of one hundred thousand dollars per month

Imagine that’s 1.2 million a year for giving a dedicated service to just 20 happy clients and to get you started now you are getting a full month’s access to the Landro inner circle for just twenty-seven dollars that’s over seventy percent discount remember you will have your first client paying you five thousand a month this time next week

Once you have used this questionnaire strategy this discount is only valid on this page right now you can cancel this membership at any time so there really is no risk at all just unlimited access to thousands of dollars worth of software sales materials and outsourcers for a small deposit of just twenty-seven dollars

Click the buy button below now enter your information on the next page and I’ll see inside if you’re still watching I bet you have some questions about the Landro inner circle gold membership here are some questions that other savvy entrepreneurs have asked me in the past how soon can I make this money by following the instructions in this course you will be reaching out to hot prospects and finding exactly what they want to pay for students have received checks their first day using this system by working hard others have taken a week or more

Before they see their first check how fast you earn money will depend on how much work you are willing to do if I have no clients you can use my top lead sources to find hot clients and get started these scripts work just as well as booking new clients as they do selling old clients, in fact, you have an advantage you could start your relationship with a business on the right foot having them pay you substantially more money than trying to resell a client that is used to paying lower fees

How do I get paid clients to pay you via check credit card or PayPal you can collect your fees and anyway, you feel comfortable isn’t this business saturated no according to Forbes approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month there are more businesses out there and need help than there are consultants who can help them are these solutions difficult no most of the solutions are simple software you can use to provide the service along with detailed step-by-step instructions on getting them in place I will also provide you with cheap outsourcers who could do all the work for you if you choose how is this different than x product this system works by giving a business owner what they want instead of trying to sell them the latest gimmick

If a client asks for something that is not in this collection simply post what the client is asking for and I will have a solution created for you that makes this the last product you will ever need to buy can I contact you directly yes once you log into the membership you’ll be given my direct contact information can I get one-on-one coaching from you?

Yes if you want to partner directly with me and your business I’m here just send me a message and I will get it set up how do I cancel you can cancel this yourself at any time through your Warrior Plus or JVZOO account or you could send me a support ticket and I will handle cancellations promptly

Listen this is your last chance to secure your discounted access to this collection hundreds of others are using this system to earn six and seven-figure incomes working part-time from their home click the buy button below and I look forward to seeing you inside


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this Fast Track to Profits?
    Fast Track to Profits is an on-demand coaching program that teaches you to generate sales and commissions using free traffic.
  • Is this something I have never seen before?
    This Fast Track to Profits method has NEVER been revealed publicly. The AI tools in this program are brand new and hand-picked. This is the first time I’m showing any of this.
  • Is this Fast Track to Profits really newbie-friendly?
    Absolutely! Everything is presented in a step-by-step fashion that uses copy/paste materials. No experience is needed. If you can send an email, you can run this business from home.
  • How exactly does this Fast Track to Profits work?
    You follow simple instructions to build an AI-powered sales funnel. The funnel generates traffic, collects leads, and sells affiliate products that pay you a commission.
  • Does Fast Track to Profits include a free traffic method?
    YES! Digital course marketplaces provide you with a steady stream of buyer and affiliate traffic.
  • How much can I make with Fast Track to Profits?
    Legally, we can’t guarantee that you make any money with this as most people won’t put it into action. That said, our launches range from $10,000-$100,000 in profits per product.
  • How long until I start making money using Fast Track to Profits?
    Customers have seen their first paycheck in as little as a week. However, how long it takes depends entirely on how fast you are willing to put this into action.
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    YES! You have a full 60 days to try this out for yourself. If you are not completely 100% satisfied, for any reason at all, just send me a quick email with the word refund, and I’ll send you back every penny. No hassles, no questions.
  • How do I get instant access to Fast Track to Profits?
    After you click the buy button and complete the checkout, you will be granted immediate access to the member’s area, where you can access everything listed, as well as a few more surprise bonuses I have for you.
  • How can someone start an affiliate marketing business part-time while keeping their full-time job?
    This requires only 2 hours a week to manage. You can divide the work up however you like, as long as you follow all the instructions at least once a week.
  • How do I get access to this?
    After you click the buy button and complete the checkout, you will get immediate access to the member’s area, where you can access everything listed, as well as a few more surprise bonuses I have for you. Your login will arrive in your email inbox with the subject line “your login info…” shortly after purchase. If you don’t receive this email message, please open a ticket at


I hope that my Fast Track to Profits OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!

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