5 Easy Steps To Build A Website By WordPress


This article may be quite basic but I am sure there are loads of people concern about. Because during my developing process I realize that my readers need their own websites for business, making news site or services, etc. Especially when you want to earn money with affiliate marketing, webiste bulding skill is a must-have thing.

Most of you might wonder if building a website is difficult, I assert it is very easy. Now you do not understand but I believe time and practice will show you. Especially since WordPress has been made and known well, it even easier for those who do not know code. Imagine that you could do on your own without hiring a single designer.

Why Should I Build A Website Myself?

The first reason is you could probably utilize all website functions for your work. You do not want to call your designer every time your website needs updating or repairing and he/she delays your requirement for weeks, do you? When you completely depend on your designer, it is not worthy if he/she just vaguely does and gives you no advice. So that is also one of my notion ‘Belive in no one but myself’.

For example, my blog made by WordPress:

Secondly, designer hire or course participation may cost more money than self-education with a small amount of seed money. Thus, believe me, you should build a website yourself, it will be good for you.

Earn Money Online From Website Development

Online money earning is now trendy tendency which I have mentioned in:

There are two main directions:

Free Traffic

When you finish building your website, you control your visitors’ direction from searching tools by SEO, social networks. So your customers go to the website and read articles, then they will decide to buy products via the website.

Paid Traffic

When you finish building your website, you control your visitors from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. so your customers directly buy products via your website.

Whatever direction you choose, website valuation will be huge. If you have done beautifully, it even increases day after day.

Take a look at one of some famous blogs:


Fundamental Concepts Of Website Building

There are several abstract concepts when you study further, but I just want to introduce you following simple but fundamental concepts.


WordPress is an open-source website creation tool. You can build your own website by this optimized and easy-to-use platform with existing themes and no code, I accentuate. WordPress is now really popular with a big user community and third-party providers which give you more benefit and conducive functions.


You may ask me why I do not use Blogspot to save money. Because if you intend to make a non-profit website, you can choose Blogspot and vice versa, WordPress is a better selection.


The first thing you must have before creating a website is hosting. Hosting has immensely functions and it is a place that keeps all your website’s data. If website is a house, then hosting is the ground. Hosting has to be bought new, I recommend because there are free hostings too, but they are very limited and slow.



Domain is a domain name ending with .com, .org, .net, etc. For example, google.com is a domain, williamreview.com is a domain, too.

Should I Use Shared Host, VPS Or Private Server?

As I said, the first thing you must have before creating a website is hosting, in order to optimize and professionalize your work as well as control completely your website. There are three main types of hosting:

• A Dedicated Server: is a physical server and you can do whatever you want. The price is expensive and not appropriate for newbies.
• A Virtual Private Server (VPS): is a single physical server, split up between a limited number of users. It is also quite hard for newbies.
• A Shared Hosting: is shared the same physical server with many other users and they can not access your stuff. It is useful for small and mid-sized business.


Five Steps To Build A Website

Step 1: Choose and buy shared hosting and domain

There are thousands of shared hosting providers, you have to choose a high-quality service with stable speed and good supporting. Hosting price is various, too. If you buy hosting from Godaddy, it costs only $1 per month. There are other providers with the price range between $40 – $70 for the first year.


Step 2: Connect hosting and domain

Your website only works when domain and hosting are connected. To do that, you have to:

  • Add domain to hosting: you manipulate on hosting manage interface.
  • Lead IP or DNS from domain to host: you manipulate on domain settings.

Hosting is bought once and used for a long time, how many domain depends on how many websites you build. Domain is quite cheap, even there are discount occasions sometimes.

Step 3: Install WordPress on your website

After connecting your hosting and domain, you can immediately build your own website. First, you install WordPress platform on your website by choosing one of two methods:

  • Automatic Installation: most of hosting have this option and you could do it easily.
  • Manual Installation: by using FTP Filezilla or some similar softwares.When you finish this step, your website essentially works and you could build a thousand websites yourself in the future.

Step 4: Choose theme for your website

Your website is built and based on WordPress open-source, so you can choose suitable themes from WordPress or providers’ existing storages. Which theme to choose depends on what kind of website you want: news website, shopping website, service website, etc. Themes are divided into two main types:

  • Free Theme: with simple, low-feature version and appropriate for blogging, knowledge sharing. You could use them without paying any fees.
  • Paid Theme:  with several choices and adequate attributes appropriate for your demands.

Particularly, if you are a coder, you can create themes for WordPress or sell them at theme markets. Take Smartpassiveincome of Pat Flynn, a famous affiliate marketing blog, for example, it has self-writing code which looks very professional. Then all you need is some final pruning to make your website more proficient.

Step 5: Install Some Basic WordPress Plugins 

WordPress Plugins are tools that have distinct functions and not incorporate in WordPress source. Like theme, there are two types of plugins: free and paid.

See more: 10 Basic WordPress Plugins For Your Website

How do your websites look after being built? Show me your achievement in the comments.

Or if you have any problems when you practice, leave a comment. I  will reply within 24 hours.

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