How To Beauty Link (Article, Affiliate Link, Youtube) When Posting To Facebook


In this article, I will guide you how to beauty link before posting to Facebook.

No matter if your content is interesting or not, posting content with kindly visual display on Facebook will look professional & sure the click rate will be higher.

I will guide with the most popular links.

  • Article links on WordPress
  • Any affiliate link (or any other link)
  • Youtube links

Note before posting to Facebook:

  • Nice display size 1200 × 620 pixels, Facebook is testing display 1: 1 (square) photo & vertical image. However, it is still in the test but not mass deployment. See source here.
  • CTR will be high if you have a creative, prominent image, as the image will occupy most of the display area. It looks like this:


  • You need to prepare your own 1200 × 628 pixels image before following the steps below.
  • Use the Facebook Debugger tool to load data every time you change a new image for your link.

Articles Link on WordPress

Very simple, you will add pictures in the Featured Image section when editing any posts.




Link affiliate

For you who are making money with affiliate marketing must understand as follows: Facebook does not block link affiliate, but only block link domain.

That is if the domain spam on Facebook, or reported in a certain number, the ability to block that link is very high.

Link affiliate has a high block rate because the community of affiliate freeze, or get link to the group, spam bluff.

However, with the way below, not only you can create affiliate link with nice display picture, but also can share that link to Facebook (even if it is blocked by default).

Step 1: Create Business Manager
Step 2: Create a Facebook Ads account
Step 3: Create Facebook Ads campaign according to Target traffic
Step 4: In the Ads Set setting, uncheck all visible positions, leaving only Newfeed
Step 5: Set the link & picture displayed in the Ads setting
Step 6: Temporarily publish a campaign
Step 7: Hit ad preview with Facebook post with comment
Step 8: Done, you will see this post as beautiful as you want, now you can share it anywhere
Step 9: Turn off Campaign to avoid losing money.

Youtube Link

Google & Facebook are two competitors, so Facebook displays a very bad Youtube link on their platform:


However, you can use the Picsee tool to customize, this is also a tool that many famous online businesses are using.

The new link will look like this (You can also customize the title of the video as you wish and have the play button increase the CTR):

That’s it, if you do not understand this tutorial, please review the article or ask me a question under the comment section.




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