How To Earn Money Online With Product Launch And What Is Product Launch Tendency In 2017?


Product Launch (PL) has been pervasive since 2011 and created a substantial income source. So, what exactly is Product Launch? How about the method and the competition of Product Launch? Is this field suitable for newbies? Is it obsolete in 2017? Let me answer those questions for you.


What Is Product Launch?

Product Launch is an EMO method of affiliate marketing field. You will publicize an upcoming product for a vendor who gives you an affiliate link and pays you the commission when customers buy the product through the link.

What Is An Upcoming Product?

There are 2 kinds of upcoming product, Digital Product, and Physical Product.
For myself, I prefer Digital product because it makes high commissions in a short time, but you can choose which product you are interested in. If you want to know what product is presented soon, you can go to

For example:


There is one more thing, which product you choose also depends on when it launches and your advertising plan.

Why can it be 100% commission?

Because vendors never sell just one product, after having customers due to your effort they will sell more latent products by creating Sale Funnel.
When you are considering which PL product you will choose, you should go to Jvpage to see vendors’ Sale Funnel. For example:


Front End: the first product of Sale Funnel, vendors usually pay major commission like the picture above.

OTO 1, 2, 3 (One Time Offer): products that are spare, supported or related to the first product. You will regularly receive 50% commission if customers continue to purchase – in marketing it is called Cross-Sale or Upsell.

Downsell: if customers deny Cross-Sale or Upsell, you can give them cheaper choice – like a trial version or a shareware. And you will also earn a commission if customers decide to buy trial versions or shareware.
So now you understand the reason why vendors pay you 100% commission for Front End. Because they need a customer file to sell funnel, and more important they could build their customer list to sell future products.
Besides, vendors do affiliate marketing too. They will popularize their products which bring them loads of revenue.

What Is Product Launch Network?

Affiliate marketing has networks as well, that is the third sites provide affiliate operating systems to assure the welfare, supply the sale tools, and reduce the risks for both vendors/advertisers and affiliates/publishers.

With Digital Product, there are three typical networks:
• Jvzoo: the network I usually work on.
• Warrior+: a famous network created by Warrior Forum but products here are of low quality.
• Clickbank: a habitual digital product network.

Muncheye frequently updates products from these three networks. Moreover, newbies should begin with Jvzoo because products on Warrior+ are difficult to flog and Clickbank is a highly competitive environment.
For instance, there is a product sold up to 106,500 copies. A copy commonly costs from $27 to $47, then you can easily calculate the huge profit and it is split for affiliates like us.


Product Launch Decisive Advertising Strategies

A new product is launched in a short time, then it depends on vendors who decide to continue selling or not. If they do, the product price will be more expensive than the price in the first launch days.

Choose proper products

This is definitely the first thing you have to do. If products are made by a vendor that is not really noted and difficult to flog, you have to try very hard to sell a single one.
The manipulation that I advise you is you should go to a network, then find a vendor and see if his sale history is good – it should be more than 250 sales. Besides, a $50 or lower product is fine for beginners.

Build websites, write content and SEO

During the pre-launch phase, vendors and their assistants are busy with advertising products via channels like email or Facebook.
Customers usually find reviews or information about the product they want to buy. Therefore, you can write yourself or employ someone to write reviews for you and then post them on your website (mainly WordPress).
SEO is all about trying to make customers go straight to your website when they search product’s name or reviews by using Google.


Email Marketing

During the product launch website building period, you have to make different websites for different products. Or if you are already skilled in SEO, you can choose to build just one website and review loads of products, then you should use Marketing Onpage methods to get more sales.
Email Marketing is popular and easy to deploy. When visitors come to your website, you should bestow them some kinds of free gifts, especially related to the product you are selling. Then send emails to email addresses they gave you and incidentally advertise your product and certain valuable bonuses.
Additionally, you have had a huge number of customers’ emails. Therefore, you could introduce your new products to them afterward and you may sell a lot.


Is Product Launch Difficult?

This is a very common question who are newbies always ask, and I may say the answer probably relies on the ability of different affiliates. Product Launch is about website development somehow, so it is quite difficult for those who are defective at informatics. Another important problem is SEO because whenever you want to build a website, you definitely need SEO.
I believe two mentioned problems could be solved if you have a willpower of learning things and even make mistakes to obtain the certain achievement. Generally, Product Launch is a slightly tough way to follow although it is easier than some other ways when you try working on niche site, authority site, etc which require much expert proficiency.

Advantage Of Product Launch At Present

When you work at Product Launch area, although there are many affiliates compete with you, it still has advantages that are really important to newbies, those are:

No High Capital Required

You can absolutely begin working Product Launch if you are savvy about a genre of a product by creating a blog with WordPress or Blogspot of Google to build a website without paying a fee.
But I do not completely advise you to abuse free blogs, you should register your private domain and hosting in order to make your website professional and usually-supported. Therefore, it will be competitive enough compared to adversaries’ websites. The expenditure for building a website is also not expensive, only $1 per month.

Sustainable Affiliate Platform

Product Launch genuinely pertains to Affiliate Marketing. If you are skilled at Product Launch, you could absolutely do well with niche site or authority site. You will be equipped with several cardinal skills, especially helpful for your EMO career:
• Proper product choice
• Blog or website creation
• Domain and hosting usage
• WordPress settings
• Basic SEO trick


No Despondent Method

If you build your website for a long time and do not SEO correctly, it will be punished by Google so your keywords or even your website will no longer appear on Google. An authority site is a potential method but you have to spend at least 6 months to get a particular profit. And I assure you 90% of people give up because they are discouraged or unable to maintain the website by their seed money. With Product Launch and a single product, if you do something that causes your website to be penalized, you could forget it and create a new one and it does not take much time.

Marketing Online Learning

When you work on Product Launch via JvzooWarrior Plus or Clickbank, you will get used to products about Internet Marketing, specifically Affiliate Marketing. You will understand the necessity of product and expand your view a lot, then you explore some ways to advertise a product that you even knew it before and even use them well.


Authority Site Developing Ability

If you are firmly good at ‘one website one product’, you can begin ‘one website multiple products’ visibly, that is called ‘Authority Site’. Authority Site is better than Single Site, because if you have already built a prestigious website, your new keywords may have a chance to be on top of Google and you just have to build one website instead of loads of them, also means loads of budget.


No Need Long Time Spending

If you are a beginner, you should focus on from one to three products to save time and make sure their qualities. Wait until you are quite good then you can spend more time and money investing and improving your business.

Should a newbie earn money with Product Launch in 2017?

According to what I have said, I believe you can answer the question ‘Should a newbie earn money with Product Launch at the present time?’. The answer is, if you have a little money or a few skills at affiliate field, you should experiences Product Launch yourself first, then you continue to niche site or authority site.
The prosperous era of Product Launch is wiped out but it does not mean there are no more benefits for you. It is hard to tell when you fail at one or two products.

My Product Launch Story

Since 2013, the time when Product Launch was still lucrative, I was also an inexperienced beginner with scarce document resources. I took part in some courses but they are inscrutably theoretical. Hence, I figured out the best way to practice Product Launch is ‘watch and do what people do’.
I searched for today best-selling products on Jvzoo by Google and watched the way they arranged, wrote contents, and presented bonuses to customers. After that, I imitated and even revolutionized in order to improve my knowledge.


The picture below is my earnings by Product Launch in September 2013:

Now I still continue to do Product Launch because sometimes there are very profitable products but at low frequency. I only choose the most qualified products of the most established vendors.

Advice For Product Launch Newbies

If you have just started to work at Affiliate Marketing or Product Launch, I think the most necessary is a fertile mind to learn and practice. Affiliate Marketing is always a prestigious EMO method that I highly recommend.
First, Product Launch is never out-of-date, every day there are loads of new products that you could work with, including both Physical Product and Digital Product. Second, you should choose a good product from a noted vendor with a fine sales history. Finally, you must not be impulsive, especially in SEO, you can enter some courses or educate yourself by yourself.

I do not pretend to be an expert, but if there is a single problem on my post, just leave a comment.

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