How To Take Capture Extended Content Screenshots On Web Browser

How-To-Take-A-Full-Page-Screen-Capture-On-A -Web-Browser

In the process of working with Google Chrome or Firefox browsers, sometimes you will need to capture a screen of the browser that can be the entire browser screen or a certain area without using any software any other third on Windows or macOS.

Screen capture can be a good tip you’ll need for working, studying, creating presentations and more. However, with the default ways on Windows, macOS, you can only capture in the viewable screen and cannot capture the full content on the browser.

Do not worried! In this article, William will introduce you to use the Chrome extension (as well as using Add-On in Firefox) to be able to capture a snapshot of the extended content easily in the browser.

Capture Extended Content Screenshots On The Browser

On Chrome browser

First, you need to access the Chrome Web Store page. Then, in the extension search box, enter “screen capture“. Then, a list of extensions appears and select the ADD TO CHROME button at the extension: Capture Webpage Screenshot Entirely.

Screen Capture

A message appears, select Add app

Add App

Meanwhile, this extension will quickly be installed in Chrome and it will appear in the upper right corner of Chrome’s toolbar.

Next, open the website where you need to capture the entire screen.

Screen Capture1

And to capture all content on Google Chrome browser, you just need to select this icon. Then, select the Capture entire page button. In addition, you have several options such as Capture visible part (Capture part of the content of the website you are reading), Capture selection (Capture an area of your choice).

Screen Capture2

Another interface immediately appears and it will contain the web content you need to capture. Here, you can choose to Save as Image to save to your computer.

On Mozilla Firefox browser

Similar to Chrome, go to Firefox’s Add-On page and type in the keyword “screen capture“. Then, select the add-on Nimbus Screen Capture.

Screen Capture3

At the new interface that appears, select the Add to Firefox button

Screen Capture4

A message appears, select the Install button to add-on to Firefox.

Screen Capture5

After successful installation, this add-on icon will appear on the Firefox toolbar as shown below.

Screen Capture6

And similar to Chrome, to capture the full content of the website, simply select the Entire Page button.

Screen Capture7

A new page appears and it contains a few basic tools that allow you to add text, cut, draw, and so on. Once you have made the appropriate edits, select the Done button on the right side of the toolbar.

Screen Capture8

Finally, select the Save as Image button to save to your computer. Alternatively, you may have other useful options such as Send to Google or Copy to Clipboard.


At this point, you probably already know how to install extensions and add-ons for Chrome or Firefox to be able to capture the full content of the web you want already? Hopefully this article will help your job.

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