The Concept Of Title Tag And How To Write SEO Standard Title Tags


If you are new to learn or learn SEO yourself then you should know that title tag is the first thing you need to care about when you want to SEO one keyword and build the article for the website.

Writing a title tag is what you declare to Google the main content of the website, what your article is. In addition, almost customers searching from Google will look over the title displayed on the search results before clicking on the web pages to see if the title tag is right for the content they want to search. So writing a good title tag is not only beneficial for SEO but also improving the click-through rate of your website.

This article will explain to you what the title tag concept is, how it is displayed on Google, the standard size of the title tag and how to write it, how the new SEO standards and some other notes help you get more knowledge and go to set the title tag for the website.

1. What Is A Title Tag?

The title tag is a short line that covers the content of your website/article. It can be placed on any page on your website and you can name this tag at your own discretion, so put the title containing the keyword that you want to SEO. Title tags are what your customers will see when they search on Google or when you post to social networks, title tags are also displayed.

For example, the title tag will show up on Google search results when someone searches for the keyword “what is SEO” as follow, which I highlight in red:

When people search on Google, most often they quickly look at the titles displayed based on the keywords they have typed if they are right or related to the topic they are looking for or not before deciding to click. Placing a good, honest, full content of the article and a little inviting title will make it easier for customers to click on your site. Placing the title tag is just as you are informing Google of the website theme and the keyword you want to SEO. However, some sites also use this to make the sensational title and increase the click-through rate. But when customers do not find useful information for them, the content does not match what described. They will soon leave and will feel bad about your website.

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2. How To Write SEO Standard Tags For Website

  • The title is not too short and not too long: Look at the top google pages, there are very few pages with short titles, and the short title does not optimize its function. In addition to keywords need SEO, you should add some words covering the content of the website. The title should not be too long, less than 70 characters (50-60 characters recommended). If it is longer, the words behind will not be displayed and will appear in the three dots (…).

  • Use keywords in headlines: Title tags are a pretty important factor when SEO Onpage. If there are no keywords in the title then you are almost missing a huge thing when SEO. It is also important to have the keywords at the beginning of the title as an advantage for SEO as well as to increase the likelihood that the users will click when they search for the keyword. Note that only use keywords once, do not spam keywords.

  • The title on each page, each the article of your website is separate, not identical: For every content/article you need SEO, please focus on 1 article at 1 page/post, not split many pages and with the focus on 1 article will help you have more quality content.
  • The content of the title is inviting: When your page is displaying the search results, the users will see the title tag, link, and description tag, and will glance the first header to see if it is like what they are searching or not. So take advantage of this to write inviting headlines but not sensational, not too talkative. Think of a title that fits in with the conditions above, but also tempting to click.
  • Add a brand name at the end of the title: If you are making a brand, want to grow it and make people remember it, then you should insert the brand name at the end of the title. Many well-known SEO companies have recommended this.

Based on the above knowledge you can change the title tag of your website to optimize SEO, especially the new websites, optimization, and promotion, in the beginning, will increase the competitiveness of your site.


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