IM Video Ads Review – Over-The-Shoulder Video Training Shows You How To Master Facebook Video Ads

IM Video Ads Review

This is the time for you to change your career and your life as well. So, online marketing business has been so different than it was years ago. Online marketers can now have many choices in picking the way to promote their products.

Today I am talking about a product which is said to be a revolution in the online marketing industry. That video marketing is what I am trying to tell. The vendor team knows you find it hard to create video marketing. Therefore, they have done the work for you and now you have got the tool that can help you all the way on your business.

IM Video Ads is the latest invent of the IM Video Ads vendor team. IM Video Ads is what you have to invest right now if you are a marketer who is looking for a way to earn by using video marketing.

Come with me to my IM Video Ads and see if it is worth buying.

1. IM Video Ads Review – Overview

  1. Homepage: IM Video Ads Official Site
  2. Product name: IM Video Ads
  3. Type of product: Training course
  4. Vendor: Kevin Fahey
  5. Price: $27-$47 (FE)
  6. Bonuses: More bonuses only from my site
  7. Target niche: General
  8. Skill levels needed: All levels
  9. Recommend: Recommended by experts
  10. Support: Effective response

2. IM Video Ads Review – What Is IM Video Ads?


IM Video Ads includes over tһе shoulder video trаіnіng and case ѕtuԁіеѕ on how tо drive аmоuntѕ of traffic tо any offer uѕіng YouTube and Ғасеbооk Video Ads. It is said to be the most in depth video advertising training course for online marketers ever created!

It is video ads that make people buy more than usual. People seem to trust more in video ads than any other ways of marketing. People enjoy watching video ads and of course that will increase your sales rapidly.

IM Video Ads will show you the way to build up the most attractive videos ever. It has got everything you need to know about creating and editing a proper marketing video that can attract traffic and customers as well.

Get High Converting Traffic For Just A Few Cents

IM Video Ads Review1

Reach Out To Thousands Of Customers With A Single Campaign

IM Video Ads Review2

3. IM Video Ads Review – Special Features

А training course by videos along with a lot of knowledge are shown in the РDҒ version of tһе training course. Wіtһ this IM Video Ads, your conversions will get higher and higher every day. I have got to tell you that this is exactly what you have to invest to get your career into a higher level. You just cannot get further when you don’t invest in your work.

Module 1:  Why Facebook Video Ads?

Discover why Facebook video ads work in EVERY single niche whether you’re promoting affiliate offers, selling your own physical or digital products, or even for offline business owners.

We usually get video views for as little as $0.001 and inside this training, you’ll discover how you can do the same.

The 4 different types of video ads you can run with Facebook are revealed and explained inside (with examples).

Module 2:  Setting Up Facebook Video Ads

Watch over-my-shoulder as I take you by the hand and show you how to create your first video ad from beginning to end.

An in-depth look at the video targeting, ad budget, and placement settings that will get you the least expensive traffic possible.

How to create multiple ad sets to get the best results possible and some simple tricks to do it quickly, keep things organized, and how to get the best result.

Module 3:  Custom Reporting

An overview of my actual Facebook custom ads reports along with an explanation of what everything means and what you’re looking for.

The one thing that most people ignore that you should include in your custom reporting.

Watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly how to customize a report with the reporting metrics that are most important to you.

Module 4:  Breaking Down Reports

During this module, I break down a real report and show you what’s most important and what everything means to you.

The one thing you should be looking for if you’re getting traffic but it’s not converting well.

Why it’s not ALL about “cheap clicks”… What you should be looking at to get a good idea of which ads are worth keeping and which ads need to go.

Module 5:  Retargeting Audiences

The power of creating custom audience from people that have actually watched your videos so you can effectively retarget those audience and maximize your conversions.

And examples of what indicates a good response to a video ad, and what’s not so good…

How to actually access your custom audience to create retargeting campaign that will get you the lowest costs and the highest conversions (When you learn how to do this, you can see a massive improvement in your overall ROI of your ad campaigns)…

Module 6:  Video Lead Ads

Why video lead ads are the best way to build your list and capture leads, and how to properly set up a video lead campaign.

The one thing every single video lead ad MUST have to give you the best results.

Because most people on Facebook will not have their volume up, you’ll get real-world examples of little tricks that work well to get people’s attention and engage your audience for the best results possible.

Module 7:  Retargeting With Website Click Ads

How to use a “website clicks” ad to retarget people that have viewed your video to get low cost clicks and conversions.

Watch over my shoulder as I show you the EXACT settings, targeting, and include/exclude settings with your retargeted audience

The types of ads and budgeting that work the best with this campaign. The more custom to the audience, the better, and I’ll give you examples of everything.

You Also Get 4 Additional Video Modules That Will Make You a ‘Pro’ At Youtube Video Ads

Module 8:  YouTube Ads Training Part 1

Real life examples of YouTube video ads that you can run.

Why you may want to consider YouTube ads and the niches that work the best.

An overview of my YouTube channel, tips on what a proper YouTube channel should include, and the best way to use YouTube ads for traffic

Module 9:  YouTube Ads Training Part 2

Watch me set up a YouTube ad from start to finish. Everything is covered from beginning to end, so you can follow along and create your very own ad.

The best ad and budget settings to select to ensure you get the lowest cost ads with the highest rate of conversions.

Module 10:  Google Adwords Tracking

It will show you how to track Google conversions for your YouTube ads.

You will master Google AdWords and be able to setup tracking pixels on your websites.

And also discover the best methods for re-targeting audiences with you videos.

Module 11:  Retargeting With Website Click Ads

The quickest and easiest ways to add subtitles to your videos using the best free and paid methods.

The benefits of adding subtitles and how it can make a massive difference to the way your audience interact with your video ads.

Start your Free

4. IM Video Ads Review – How To Use It?

IM Video Ads is a training course that will give you all the information, all the tricks and all the experience ever known to make your business grow fast. Wonderful videos will be easily made right after when you finish studying from IM Video Ads! Things cannot be easier than sitting on a chair and knowing every secret to build such a business.

Just install it today and discover the most valuable knowledge package ever made with us, IM Video Ads!

5. IM Video Ads Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Having a weapon of their own is the main reason why many marketers can earn thousands of dollars within a day. This IM Video Ads is the tool that can be trusted to use and has been proven by many other marketers. You must have your own advantage. Or else, you lose. This IM Video Ads is worth it!

Moreover, I’m pretty sure that you will not feel happy if you hear that your competitors have left you far away. This business changes every second! Time doesn’t wait for anyone, so do your competitors. They may be earning from this product and you are still here having nothing. That doesn’t sound good at all!

There is one more thing that you need to know. You will never earn anything without investing to it. Your career cannot be better until you put your passion, patience and of course a little money to develop it. Don’t you think that IM Video Ads price is high. There is many other products with the same features but have got much higher price!


In conclusion, this IM Video Ads is really what you have to buy. This kind of product cannot be any cheaper. Believe me; you won’t find a second tool like this!

If you do not buy VideoPal right now, you will regret very soon. I have worked in this business for years, I know how it moves. Better be hurry right here, right now!



IM Video Ads













  • Simple and easy-to-apply methods
  • Highly understandable knowledge
  • Highly reputable author with ten years of experience
  • Proven result with least maintenance
  • Evergreen traffic flow


  • Only available on the sales page • Limited early bird discount offers


  1. IM Video Ads is the latest invent of the IM Video Ads vendor team. IM Video Ads is what you have to invest right now if you are a marketer who is looking for a way to earn by using video marketing.

  2. IM Video Ads includes over tһе shoulder video trаіnіng and case ѕtuԁіеѕ on how tо drive аmоuntѕ of traffic tо any offer uѕіng YouTube and Ғасеbооk Video Ads. It is said to be the most in depth video advertising training course for online marketers ever created!

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