How To Import And Export Posts & Pages Data In WordPress


Exporting and importing posts & pages data in WordPress is a great way to back up your site’s post and page if unfortunately, your host is dead, you can still restore it later. Backuping data must be done regularly.

Now, I will show you how to import and export posts & pages data in WordPress in case your website lost data. However, this feature only imports/exports data related to posts and pages, but themes, plugins, and settings will not be imported/exported.

Export Content

To export content from website, go to Dashboard -> Tool -> Export.

Here, you can select the type of content to export:

  • All content: Export all content related to post, page, menu, custom file and custom post type.
  • Post: Export all content related to post
  • Page: Export all content related to the page
  • Feedback: Export all content related to feedback
  • Media: Export all image files in the media library

After selecting the content that you want to export, click Download Export File and it will download a .xml file containing the data you just exported.

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Import Content

To enter content into the WordPress website, you need a file with the extension .xml or you can also use the .xml file that you just exported from WordPress and enter that content into any website that uses WordPress.

To import the content, visit Dashboard -> Tool -> Import -> WordPress.

When you click on WordPress, you will be asked to install the WordPress Importer plugin. If you do not already have this plugin, then click Install Now to install as usual and then click Activate Plugin.

If your computer has installed WordPress Importer then it will display as picture shown below. Click Choose File to upload the .xml file and then select Upload file and import to start importing the data.

You will be asked to enter content for an existing user on the website or create a new one, it’s up to your choice. Select Download and import file attachments to upload images from the exported website and upload them to the website you are importing. Then click Submit to enter the content.

If the content has already existed on the website, it will be ignored and only new content will be entered. Select Have fun to return to the Dashboard.

Notes When Entering Content

When entering content into the website occasionally, you will encounter the following errors:

  • If you import large .xml files into a WordPress website running on a host, you are likely to encounter timeout errors. The solution is to re-import 2 to 3 times.
  • If the image on the website has been deleted or is no longer active, the downloaded images will be corrupted.
  • Note the maximum file size allowed to upload is usually 25 – 100MB.

Here, I have guided the import of post and page data in WordPress. If there is a problem, you just feel free to comment below. I will solve for you.

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