How To Increase Website Conversion Rate (CR)?

Do not know if you have heard of this phrase ‘Conversion Rate’ ever? If you have not applied it but have heard and have been interested, it is a good signal but not enough. And if the phrase ‘Conversion Rate’ is completely unfamiliar to you, now is the time to start learning it.

Why do I recommend doing this? To make the reason for you understandable by the actual status:

  • There are many SEOers often lament as “My website is up on top of which no customer, traffic is much fewer orders.
  • I do offpage very well, but do not understand why the rate of Bounce Rate (the rate of customers only see one page of yours and then leave) to increase gradually.
  • They are very good at SEO and they won the top position 1,2 and 3. Then, is there any chance for me?

When you still have these questions, these views, you are missing from thinking. Online Business, Make Money Online with the development of the current website does not stop with the SEO for the keyword ‘to the top’ anymore, but then you must turn that traffic into customers. After that, you are really successful with the online promotion of your website.

What is Conversion Rate?

First, look at the picture below to know the formula for Conversion Rate calculation (CR).


The Conversion Rate, or CR for short, is the percentage of impressions that represents the percentage of visitors who have taken the desired action on the total number of visits to the website. This desired action is called conversion, and this conversion is usually a purchase, an information form filling, or a complete survey for you to retrieve customer information.

For example, today your website has 200 traffic. By the end of the day you check 5 people have purchased through your website, then, people take action (purchase), divided by the total traffic and multiplied by 100%, you get the CR. In this case CR = (5/200) x 100 = 2.5%. And you have to find ways to make this number as high as possible.

Why should you care about increasing your Conversion Rate?

By definition as above, it is very clear for you to understand why we should care about increasing the Conversion Rate for the website. Another obvious thing is that the problem of a service, a product has SEO website to top 5 Google get more customers than the one in top 2 is normal.

You just cannot simply stop at SEO on the top, it is only half a way. The problem is that after they click on your site, you have done something on the site, make impressions, make them like it, especially as they absolutely believe in it and make them take last action: PURCHASE.


By optimizing conversion rate, finding ways to increase Conversion Rate on your site will help you differentiate in the top tier, give you the address at which your purchase will go high. Helping you convert traffic is not quite potential, become the traffic has a huge purchase rate.

In addition, if you keep customers long at your website, and make readers click on other items to read, to learn more, then Google also highly appreciate and then gradually you will also overcome the opponents above you.

This increase in Conversion Rate is a very broad topic, there are a lot of experts in the field and they almost see it as a science, called ‘Conversion Science’. You can find more on Google about this science.

So to wrap in an article will never be enough, this topic you want to say can be talked for a few days even not enough. Because it is a testing process through many tests, based on the techniques have been guided and combined tools can reasonably be called temporarily optimized CR for the website.


And you need to understand that there will not be a formula for increasing the Conversion Rate available for you. Why? Because each website needs different elements because each item, the product you sell are different, different customers, such as a website selling clothes, it is sure to be another website selling lawn mowers.

But there will be general knowledge, general rules, called the platform that everyone needs to know, and then test themselves. This article will help you get a first glimpse of the simplest ways to increase Conversion Rate on your site. Here are some tips to help you figure out what to do during Conversion Rate increases.

Tips for increasing your website’s conversion rate

Optimize website interface

The website interface is very important because it is the first thing that your customers hit. The more and more products and services, the more choices that customers can choose and the more likely they find difficult to put their trust in someone. And even website interface becomes a factor for them to feel the professionalism.

If you are a customer, you find a service, a product to buy, between a website with a bad interface and the one which is beautiful and good-looking, you will have an initial impression with which one?

Also with an optimized interface, you will have very low bounce rate. For example directly from my blog, I have changed and optimized interface at the end of March, early April this year, then the amount pageview has increased over 30% of the total pageview before, and I’m constantly optimizing.


So optimizing the interface to match is a very necessary work that you need to consider first if you want to increase the conversion rate. Because as I said, you create the impression first, when your customers visit your site, the chances of them buying will be higher.

Perform A/B Testing

This A/B Testing technique is truly a very specialized, very scientific category of topics that optimize conversion rate. At the scope of this article, I will only introduce you the simplest thing that you can understand and easy to apply for the website. You try to read every word carefully because this topic must say each word carefully to avoid confusion.

You can understand A/B Testing like this. Assuming the traffic to your site is 100%, you divide the traffic in half, I called the traffic group A and the traffic group B. For each traffic group, the same factor, you tested in two versions to see which version brings the Conversion Rate (the desired action performing traffic) more effective.


So you can understand. To truly recognize the design of any website is highly effective, then you have to test.

In addition, you can expand on additional tests on other factors such as Headlines, Call-to-Action button, Font size, Layout on page, Where to put email Opt-in form that it can get more register etc. There are generally a lot of interests on a website.


What you need to know to implement A/B Testing:

  • At the same time, only perform a one-factor test: you pick out many of the factors that are on the site (I just listed above). At the same time, you will only select one to do A/B testing. Why? For example, you want to test whether the CTA button is red or blue, which buttons are clicked more. At the same time, you can only have A/B Testing with each of these buttons. You cannot test button CTA at the same time with a position mail Opt-in test, then test blog post layout… So when you have the test result, you do not know which test the result belongs to, CTA button test or position mail Opt-in one?
  • A/B Testing is only applicable when and only if your website has a lot of traffic and stability: Simply if your site has no traffic at all or it is very low, then you just waste your time but not enough to help you make data analysis.
  • A/B Testing must be applied for a long time: at least 1 week. But if the weekly results are slightly similar, you need to do this for up to a month to see the difference more clearly.


Focus on content marketing

Visitors go to your website by some keywords. If they are looking for information to buy things, what you need to do is provide something that will solve their problems well. Make them focus and deepen the information right on your website, not hit the back button and go to another website.


It means that you have to make them quickly find the answer to their needs and interests, not that they are more confused and then find another site to find out.

It can be said that the technique of content marketing in the sale is you immediately, promptly help visitors, when reading what is on the page and they will notice the reason why they want to buy from you, what your value is, and why they should believe you.


The theory is like that. Just get started on the site, you will see many things for you to optimize the right things. The following elements you may note to complement this feature:

  • Headline: site title, blog post title, review title, …
  • Subtitle: headings, heading tags, …
  • Bullet Point: especially review sites, you need to use a lot of bullet points. With many of the content on the website, no one wants to spend time, so they focus on the small items such as this. Especially when you review the product, talk about product features.
  • Pictures
  • Social Proof
  • Testimonial

These are all special factors that will be of great interest to the reader, and with these factors, I think it is not too difficult for you to add and edit them to be convincing.


Learn how to use ‘Call-to-Action’ properly


Using Call-to-Action has two main ways:

  • Call button with colour and designed if needed invest.
  • Call text, meaning a few words you use to do something that they click on this sentence and link to another link, can lead to a sales page.

I’m convinced that many times I see such things as ‘Limited Time’, ‘Limited Edition’ and countdown timer on a sale page. Have you ever thought, these things, does it work, what does it contain?

One word, ‘urgency’.


This ‘urgency’ leads to ‘urging’ people to take action if they do not want to lose the opportunity to buy good products. You will need to use sentences, buttons, generally any form, text, image, or button depending on your capabilities. You will do stuff like:

  • “TODAY 30% OFF”
  • “3 DAYS LEFT FOR $47.5”

Something like that. These are all contents for you to use for CTA buttons.


Next, you need to find out about the STRONG VERBS, HIGH DEFINITIONS FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION. Like “Get INSTANT Access Right NOW”, or when you give Opt-in Mail, you give them “YES, I Want It” and “NO, Maybe Later”.

You can see just using the words but I’m emphasizing the capital words. When you want to design CTA Button you should also note these things.

One last issue we concern about here is the color problem. Actually, color matters not so much if you do not do the same thing as professional companies, here I will talk about the colour of the Call-to-Action button to be close to customers.


For the colours for these Call-to-Action, you do not need to find out or perform any test for fatigue, you just need to grasp the rule: The background colour of the button, highlight or contrast to the background colour of the website. The text color on the CTA button, will stand out and contrast the background colour of the button.

Many traffic does not mean a lot of buying. Buying more or not, your job and all the online salespeople is CR optimization job, whether selling your own or doing Affiliate Marketing.

If you make money with Affiliate Marketing, just optimize the steps to make customers click on your affiliate link as much as possible (Click Through Rate Optimize), while the optimization of sales page has created people by vendors. And if you sell your own product, you are the one who has to do all the job.


I think you already understand what the concept of Conversion Rate is, and you’ve also figured out how important it is to pay attention to optimizing and increasing conversion rates on your site. What to do, traffic turns into sale to get money is the ultimate goal we care about.

About tricks, techniques to increase and optimize the Conversion Rate is really huge and difficult. Incorporate additional support tools (will be paid) to practice this array well. So I will gradually guide you further in other posts in the future.

Within the scope of this article, I hope you have grasped the important components that traffic to your site is often interest and general forms help you optimize Conversion Rate. From there you can pay more attention to this issue.


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