Install Wordfence Security For WordPress Website


Install Wordfence Security for WordPress websites is a way to secure your website against common hacking attacks like Local Hack, XSS, SQL Injection. It is a free security plugin that is used by many users, including two-layer security and automatic malware scans.

In this article, I will show you how to install Wordfence Security for WordPress website, its functions and how to use it for better website security.

Functions Of Wordfence Security

First I will introduce you to all the functions of Wordfence Security and explain each one.

  • Falcon Engine support technology for the purpose of creating a memory for websites to speed up the website 50 times. If you use this function, you will need to uninstall the cache plugin such as WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache.
  • Compatible with other plugins and themes.
  • Automatically block popular attackers. This means that when a website that is using Wordfence Security is attacked and set up to block the attacker, your website will also block the attacker.
  • Supports dual-layer passcode by mobile code.
  • Scan the vulnerability through the HeartBleed security bug.
  • Ask other users on the website to use complex passwords.
  • Automatically detects malicious code by scouring the WordPress source code, plugin, and theme. When scans the source code it will compare to the source code of WordPress to see if there is anything different, if yes it will send you notifications.
  • Set up firewalls to block common types of attacks such as Local Hack, XSS, SQL Injection, and block spammers.
  • Automatically block attackers from being blacklisted through advanced IP checks and domains on WHO IS.
  • Monitor the change of files on the host and can automatically repair if the file is changed.
  • Automatically scan for common malicious code such as 99, R57, RootShell, Crystal Shell, Matamu, Cybershell, W4cking, Sniper, Predator, Jackal, Dive, Dx, … and many other malware.
  • Automatically scans whether web pages have been blacklisted by Google and see if pages have been infected with malicious code.
  • Automatically finds and locks suspicious malware.
  • Customized bots can crawl websites in case of botnet attacks with large frequency.
  • Track website visits through real-time, change, edit, delete content, 404 error statistics,…
  • Real-time tracking and website visit statistics by country
  • Check if the host’s hard drive information is full or not, in case of a DDoS attack


Set Up Wordfence Security

After installing the Wordfence Security plugin, it has already set up the important functions for your website to be safe.

You access Wordfence -> Options to find the Security Level to set the level you want. If your site is normal and not be attacked, choose Level 2.

Block The Dangerous Countries

To block your access to Wordfence -> Country Blocking, select the country you want to block and click Save blocking options and country list. The purpose of blocking a country is to minimize the website being attacked.

Some countries you should block such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, China.

Above is what I have taught you how to install Wordfence Security for WordPress websites to make your website more secure. There are some functions you can figure out because they are quite easy to understand.

Good luck!

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