Internal Link Building Techniques In SEO


Internal link has a relative effect on SEO. In this article, I will give a concept along with guide you on how to put an Internal Link for how effective.

The information I give personal in the process of making money on the Internet of all kinds related to SEO such as niche site, authority site,… Hope to receive positive feedback as well as evaluation, so that I can improve my knowledge.

1. What Is An Internal Link?

An Internal Link is a backlink that points to another page on the same web page (ie the same primary domain).

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For example:

  • Internet Marketing Tips is an internal backlink, it points to my blog’s homepage.
  • MMO is an internal backlink which leads to another page but still of the same domain.

Look at your website as a home, the structure of the house must be good and sustainable, so your house is solid. Similarly, for the website, the Internal Link of the site must be optimized so you can SEO effectively. The Internal Link also directs users to click on the link to the page they are interested in, increasing the time users stay. If you want to compete with other competitors, the Internal Link optimization is not to be missed.

2. Internal Link Building Techniques

The following is the experience of building Internal Links that I have done in the process of SEO for many websites and have good results, hope it will be useful for you.

Build quality content around the main content

If you want to link to your site a lot, the first link your site must have content, the more quality content related to the main theme of the website as possible. For example, if you are a SEOer for a website that sells weight loss pills, then you need to write blogs that teach weight loss, aerobics, diet, and so on to place the Internal Links.

So if your website is selling products, services,… do not forget to build blogs related to your products or services.


Create many Internal Links to the page with the main keyword

Every website you create must have main keywords, usually, you will SEO the main keyword for the home page, many of you do not like it but the SEO subpage is okay. Whether homepage or subpage, submitting lots of backlinks internally to the page containing this main keyword will be very good, however:

  • Must diversify anchor text, not anchor text is always the main keyword (I’ll add more in the section below).
  • Do not pay too much attention to the Internal Link to the home page and forget the Internal Link through the other pages, the pages in a website that are linked Internal Link closely will be very good, will help increase the total SEO power for the whole website.

Diversify Anchor Text

My above examples of Internal Links have Anchor Text which contains backlink, they are ‘Internet Marketing Tips’ and ‘MMO’.

To make the Internal Link more friendly to Google, you should diversify Anchor Text, not always Anchor Text is the keyword that needs SEO. But the Anchor Text must be related to the content of the page that needs to link.

For example, you need SEO the phrase ‘SEO course’ then the anchor text can be ‘SEO courses’, ‘SEO’, ‘a keyword to Google’,… These Anchor Text will occupy a high rate. You can also add natural Anchor Text such as ‘see more’, ‘click here’, ‘homepage’,… even to the bare site,… occupy a smaller anchor text, so Google will evaluate your site more naturally.

Set Internal Links that brings useful information to readers

For a blog site, there should be some points that put the Internal Link that you think the user is able to click on the information. For example, we build internal backlinks (words with blue colour) as the following image.

ScreenShot 20180121004552

This link leads to another page on your website that provides information about the related issue in the paragraph that the user is reading. It’s possible that the user is reading your post but do not understand the sentence or word which is inserted in another coloured link, so they can click and learn more through the other page within your site. It is also a good element of SEO.

Build menu on top of website

The basic menu system is also Internal Links because each menu item points to the main section of your website or to a page with important and prominent content on the website. Placing a menu on the top of the page highlights the main themes of the website, helping Google to understand and appreciate that content, and what the user will click on when they are interested in. Google will appreciate links at the top of the page at the bottom of the page, so leave the menu at the top instead of the horizontal or bottom of the page.

04 preview4

Build Internal Links at the bottom of the website

Backlinks at the bottom are not highly valued at the top, but not so you do not take advantage, to link internal anchor text to a number of pages with prominent content on your website. When a user finishes reading a piece of work, it is likely that he or she will pull down at the foot of the page, and is likely to click on some important information you have linked to.

Use in reasonable quantities

Building an Internal Link is not meant to be on a page you insert and full of internal backlink. Google has recommended that ‘keep the link in a reasonable number of pages’ but no one knows exactly how much this is.

The reason for this is that depending on the person, I set about 4-5 internal backlinks for content for about 1000 words (excluding link in the menu as well as the footer, only in the main content). This rationale is up to you, but not too much and not too little.

Show Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumb is a bar that lets users know the parent directory of the article they are reading and it is likely they will click on to find the same article, as you see it is internal backlink. Because it points to the directory in the same site, so let it show.

ScreenShot 20180122074203

3. Conclusion

Creating Internal Links is not too difficult, every time you write new articles should have the habit of linking internally in the paragraph where you feel the need to add links to bring value to the user or add the same type. Like ‘learn more about ABC’, ‘see more about XYZ here’,… all you do is help build a stronger website on SEO, if you do not, your opponent will surpass.

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The above is my experience of Internal Link Building Techniques In SEO, hope to help you with some basic issues. If you have any questions please comment below I will discuss.

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