Does IP Address Really Affect Website Rank?

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I have not had the opportunity to write articles related to SEO so long ago, so today I will continue to write an article related to SEO on a lot of issues you concern; That is the IP address of the server that affects the rank of the website, or if satellite websites need different IPs, as the satellite website need different IP. With such questions, you will have the answers in this article.

First, Where Is IP Address?

For details of this concept you can find on Wikipedia, here we will present in a brief and easy to understand.

On the Internet, devices will connect to each other through a specified address of each device and this address is IP Address. Assuming that when you send an email to a certain address, your computer must also determine the IP address of the recipient of the email, but usually, we do not type the IP address to send the message. We type their email address instead, and their email address has been resolved to the IP address of the receiving server through the Domain Name Server (DNS) system.

If you want IP addresses to work on the Internet, they must be granted by the appropriate authority corresponding to each geographical area. For example in APNIC for Asia-Pacific, and in each country also. The unit is responsible for allocating and managing IP addresses.

Is IP Address related to the website?

It is obvious that our websites will be placed on physical servers located in data centers and depend on the service, the website will have its own IP address or IP address.

For example, if you use a physical server rental service, you will have a separate IP to connect to that server, similar to VPS because the system you’re using is completely separate. And if using the Web Hosting service will usually have a shared IP address because the site will be placed on the same Webserver with the same set, we can also buy private IP for Web Hosting service if the provider has support.

So all of our websites have an IP address to determine which server is hosting it, just that we use the domain name and IP address resolution system to gain access through a domain name easy to remember.

Why is there a private IP concept that will be good for SEO?

What I am saying above is that you can figure out that if you use a private IP for your website, Google will determine that we use our own system and do not share it. This avoids the risk of building a set of satellite websites so that Google thinks that these sites are a private owner, not a “council”. Or we assume that the same IP sites that point to each other will not be good, Google knows and considers this to be spam.

However, this is not exactly accurate but just speculation. If you have used Web Hosting with a generic IP, it is possible to understand that when using a generic IP the website still has normal rankings and is not penalized because one of those IPs is penalized, which has never happened.

Does sharing the same IP address affect SEO?

For myself, after years of doing SEO and have many major available website systems, satellite websites, I still use common IP to SEO normally and have good ranks. If there is an effect, then when we transfer server from American to foreign countries or vice versa, in the first week of website ranking may be up and down, which is called “dance keyword”. But then all is still okay if the site does not spam, the backlink leads to the penalty.

However, if you put a website on a Web Hosting service using IP that has too many spam websites, the content of the pride, etc will have a little effect.

There are many people who think that using a private IP will make the website faster !? This is wrong because using a private server can make your website faster but your private IP address does not make any sense at all. The role of the IP address is only to determine the device that contains that website data.

One more reason to use private IPs is to use your own SSL certificate (such as Comodo certificates), but most hosting providers now use cPanel that cPanel currently has. SNI support makes it possible to use individual SSL certificates without the need for a separate IP.

Google itself understands that most internet sites are now using the same IP, so this is not necessary. Not to mention, if you use CloudFlare, it’s also about using public IPs on their systems, and that does not matter.

Do you need more convincing evidence?

In general, no matter what anyone says, Matt Cutts said it would be more convincing, you watch the video below.

This issue is not of interest now, but since 2006 Matt Cutts has made a statement here: “… there was recently a discussion on a NANOG (North American Network Operators Group) email list about virtual hosting vs. dedicated IP addresses. They were commenting on the misconception that having multiple sites hosted on the same IP address will in some way affect the PageRanks of those sites. There is no PageRank difference whatsoever between these two cases (virtual hosting vs. a dedicated IP).

And also regarding IP, the question of using the country domain name in IP addresses in other countries is OK, Matt Cutts also confirms that it is completely ok.

The Benefits of Private IP for Website

What I mentioned above does not mean that private IP is not useful, but if you use Web Hosting does not necessarily need separate IP for each website. The benefit of using private IP on the website is as follows:

  • The temporary address of the website is in the form http://123.456.78.9/ instead of http://123.456.78.9/~username/ if using Web Hosting.
  • Not affected if the Web Hosting provider has a general IP change campaign.
  • You can use your own SSL certificate without SNI technology.
  • It looks more professional (but who is free to go to see the IP of the website).

By default, when you use a VPS or a dedicated server, you will have IP because these two technologies generally do not support common IPs. But on the server, you can host multiple websites together and those sites will share the same IP.

Currently, IPv4 resources are running out of time, so let’s see when we need to use our own IPs, when we use shared IPs to avoid wasting resources. Also, if your own IP has an impact on SEO, you never believe in it yourself.

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