Keyword Definitions, Keyword Research & Stages

Before conducting Keyword Research, you need to understand the most basic concepts, as well as the most overview of a process to select the potential keywords to start developing a website.

So what is the keyword and keyword job, under which stages? The answer will be in this article.

What Are Keywords And Keyword Research?

SEO is increasingly competitive, the more behind the competition, the more unfavorable. However, there are a lot of starters, but they are ahead of their opponents very soon, as they have a strategy for developing a legitimate website from the beginning. And keyword research is a strategy for them. So what are the keywords?

Keyword is the word/phrase that the user’s typed into google search to find something on the network they are interested in to find out more information, to buy, to download,…

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On average, every 50 seconds, there are about 50,000 queries on Google, which is a huge number, potentially for those who make blogs, make money making websites, develop services on websites, etc. Take advantage, your website will have plenty of traffic every day.

People will search for what they care about on google, the keywords they search for have different characteristics in word count, competition, search volume per month, customer intent, etc. Based on these characteristics are new to keyword research.

Keyword Research is the process you use the tools and tricks to find a reasonable set of keywords for your website, based on this set of keywords you will build content and this is the core of your website.


Keyword Research The Ultimate Guide to SEO


You, a website developer must find the right keywords for the purpose of website development. If you want people to search for something on google that your site is on the top, then you have to SEO for the website, and keyword research is the first step in many other stages of SEO.

Why Keyword Research Is Important

If you make a website, then think of some keywords to start optimizing onpage and write content, then you may go in the wrong direction, labor, time even money. Because you cannot know how many searches you have every month with the keywords you chose, how hard it is for you to pass through your opponent.

And if you research keyword, sparely, some people research keyword is very simple, then think of a certain keyword fill in Google Keyword Planner, and find other keywords. This step is not wrong, but you will probably miss out on many other potential keywords that Google Keyword Planner does not display, and the keyword competition Google Keyword Planner is competing to run AdWords ads (this tool is designed to serve the adword client) rather than the competition of the keywords when SEO on Google.

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Keyword Research gives you a lot of important benefits, it will give you the right direction right from the beginning, letting you know what to start building something about, which helps you understand the customer better. Further, it will help you to know what your opponents are doing, whether you target them.

Keyword Research Stages

For many newbies, this keyword research is very difficult because there are no precise guidelines, the research depends on the field, the purpose and the way of website development, product type. services, … However, the steps usually have the following main steps:

1. Define The Field Of Website Development

This step is relatively easy because any field you can develop a website. If you have your own product or service, the easier it is to know what you are selling, your customers are from the beginning.

For many you have nothing to sell, usually will do website to:

  • Make money with Affiliate Marketing
  • Make money Blogging with the service
  • Make money with Google Adsense

Then the process of defining this field is called “niche research”, here you will have to research and decide which website should be developed in any field, sometimes also combined with your aptitude and interest to make the final decision.

2. Identify The Seed Keywords

This is the easiest part of the keyword research process, simply think in your head what customers will find on google to find your site, then think of a few keywords (each keyword includes 2-3 words).

For example, if you are working on a website with the aim of providing knowledge about website design with the promotion of related courses, then the original seed keywords could be ‘simple website design’, ‘design course’,…

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The purpose of this seed keyword is that we are using niche down technique in niche and keyword analysis, meaning that from a large field, it will gradually dissect it into micro-niche. (smaller niche), then continue to analyze and research this keyword and start building websites from small to large.

3. In-depth Study, Looking For Competitiveness

After you make the easiest step, it will be the hardest step in keyword research, it’s not difficult if you are familiar.

Keyword Research will include checking small keywords, keywords related to the seed keyword listed above, looking at the monthly search volume of keywords, the number of words in each word Keywords, relevance to the keywords you want to target, and most importantly, keyword competition (competition here is SEO competition, not competition for running AdWords ads).

4. Select And Group Keywords

From the factors reviewed in step 3, you will be able to select as many of the desired keywords. Usually long or medium keywords, but you cannot choose short keywords with 2-3 words to start with because the competition is very large. You will go from small to big.

After you have selected the many keywords you want, you must categorize your keywords so that you can build the best content. There will be 3 main groups of keywords:

  • Buyer Keyword: Users find these keywords to find out about items and tend to spend money to buy goods, use services, etc.
  • Information Keywords: Users search for these keywords to find information, knowledge about the field you are doing
  • Tire Kicker Keywords: Users search for these keywords to download, get something free on the net.

Depending on the purpose of your website development, you will categorize these groups of keywords, get back to the example of design website here will be some example keywords.

  • Buyer Keyword: ‘Online website design course’, ‘New York website design center’, etc. (Users tend to spend money to satisfy their needs).
  • Information Keywords: ‘How to learn effectively web design’, ‘Quick learn website design tips’, etc. (Users tend to seek to get information, knowledge).
  • Tire Kicker Keywords: ‘Free website design documents’, ‘Website design ebook’, etc. (Users tend to search for free).

5. Development Orientation For Each Group

In general, if you have conditions, budget, human resources then you should develop into the three types of keywords mentioned above because when developing website traffic equals money, meaning that the visitor is likely to earn. The higher your money is.

But if you are single and do not have a lot of time, you have to focus strongly on the Buyer Keyword and build more content on the information keywords.

In this step, you will orient, develop what content for the keyword. The keyword research process will end and you will move on to the next big step you need to learn a lot about, Content Marketing.

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Keyword Research is a process that anyone who wants a website SEO must do, it will not be difficult if you are accustomed. Having a good set of keywords will not only help you get a lot of hits from Google, but it can also drive you to make more money with your site.

I will continue to update the keyword research guide article at the site SEO & TRAFFIC on and if you have any response, just leave a comment.

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