Lead Magnet Creation Guidelines


In this article, we will together explore Lead Magnet Definition, Lead Magnet Importance & Lead Magnet Creation Guidelines.

What Is Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet is a gift or something valuable you will give your readers in exchange for getting them to join your list. If you want people to leave information like their email, name, phone number or any other information, you need to give them something to drive them that they cannot resist – Lead Magnet.

So, what is something valuable? It depends on you, your expertise, your preferences and it must be really valuable.

Some common types of Lead Magnet you can refer to are:

  • A PDF document
  • Some resources
  • Free webinar
  • Teaching video
  • Discount code for the product
  • Free course via email

As you can see, building an email list can use different Lead Magnet. You can build multiple lists with different Lead Magnet types in the same topic you are focusing on.

When creating Lead Magnet, you need to select the theme carefully, as this will be your first impression with the people on the list. They must be invested from content to presentation and packaging. If your gift is bad, they will despise and not buy from you. Be careful!

Is Lead Magnet Really Important?

Do I really need to use Lead Magnet to build email list? The answer is ‘Absolutely’.

For the years from 2005 to 2010, just one form with the caller type like “Enter email address to receive daily/weekly/monthly exclusive news” … and so on, then people were still excited to participate.


But now they need much more. If there is nothing really appealing to encourage or motivate them to join, they will never provide their email address for you.

Unless you are a famous expert in your field that can make people want to join your list without motivation at all.

Therefore, you need to use a Lead Magnet. Just choose a Lead Magnet that suits your situation.

Which Factors Determine That Lead Magnet Works Well & Efficiently?

After a lot of research from famous experts and bloggers in the world, I conclude and believe that there are 6 factors that determine the effectiveness of a Lead Magnet. Your Lead Magnet responds the most to the following factors, the better it works for you. Specifically:

1. Easy-to-read, understandable & easy-to-do resource

It is something that the receiver will focus on watching it, read it and continue to do as what’s inside? And for yourself, would you also like to receive a document like it? Yes sure.

People love specific resources and often believe that there are the right tools will change everything for them. So, a list of tools to help someone accomplish a specific task is a great Lead Magnet. It will be mentioned many times and is widely shared.

So, what kind of packaging is this list?

The answer is PDF. You usually think of deleting .rar, .zip or image files, but once you see the PDF, you must carefully consider before deciding to delete it from the computer. I guess that in your computer now there are many .pdf files that have existed for months, even years. Do not believe, try searching your hard drive for that (type in * .pdf).

2. Capable of Solving a Problem

Your readers or subscribers are those who are having problems and want a solution. Help them solve those problems and you will get a customer, a friend.

There are two types of problems that you need to address: the issues in your niche and the issues of their own situation.

Since you cannot know the second type (you cannot read their minds, right?), so focus on the first one.

Make a list of the issues that people are facing in your field. Then create a Lead Magnet to start solving those problems.

Remember, they are like new kids doing their walk, so do not make the Lead Magnet too complicated, just easy to read, as easy to understand as possible. Do not let them think it’s too hard.

If you do not know where to start then make a list of the problems you faced when you first did business and accomplish what you are trying to help others to finish them.

Your readers have the same fears and difficulties as you have encountered. How did you solve them? Guide them to that.

3. Provide a Specific Result

Lead Magnet needs to provide a result by allowing the recipient to act right away (and there may be some success) without providing a complete solution.

Why not complete? If you give them a complete solution right in your Lead Magnet, how do you generate sales? For example, when you walk into a bakery, they’ll give you a try, a taste they’re selling, not a whole meal.

4. Created by Your Expertise

Creating a good Lead Magnet will elevate your brand in the field you are pursuing. Certainly.

But if you do not have much experience and professional capacity then?

There are three solutions that can help you:

  • Integrate content from other professionals in your field. Find and summarize all the best advice from the experts and leaders in your field. Then create a report to save the search time for those who read it. Be sure to indicate the source of the advice.
  • Interview an expert and share that interview by video or audio file or pdf file. This is a good method. I believe it will work well for you.
  • Retrieve a report from a trusted source and you must be granted resale rights. There are many people who spend time researching a certain subject, then creating a report and reselling it to someone else. This is a proven method that is fast and very effective.

There is a small but effective tip to create Lead Magnet, that is making from your own experience.

Just have a good habit of taking notes on everything you have done, experimenting with your day-to-day work, check them out and see what works and writes. Just stick to these simple notes and you will get a real quality Lead Magnet.

You can use smart phones, tablet, PC or software like Evernote or any application that allows you to take notes.

5. Provide Direct Access Possibility

People often want instant gratification. So, give Lead Magnet of something they want right away.

Currently, Lead Magnets are commonly referred to as PDFs, and access right to re-play webinars. And as I said above, PDFs are usually stored on a user’s computer longer.

I think depending on your area and the content inside that you want to bring to the reader, but average less than 50 pages is the best. One page is the minimum (checklist, resources list …).

The key here is simple, easy to read, easy to learn, easy to follow and do what you really want to do.

And remember – it’s useful to the receiver but not yet.

If you say that everything in your Lead Magnet is enough for them, they do not have to buy anything else then you are wrong and defeating your business purpose.

Just create the Lead Magnet that you want to read and it will become valuable, quality and effective.

6. Can Be Shared

Do you want people to share your Lead Magnet? Yes, of course. But more importantly, how do they share it, whether you want it or not. It is very simple to do this.

You have a PDF Lead Magnet. On page 2, for example, you talk about “Branding”. Say something like “This report is provided to you by” and then list your site and the top three benefits of doing business with you. Remember to insert the link for them to click.

Or for the Webinar, in the first few minutes, you talk about what you are doing, your site, your brand. Heat the air by calling them to share before you start. It does not take too much of your time. If you sell something through a webinar, like a discount coupon, you can advertise it but wait till it’s near the end. You can either say or insert a banner or play a promotional video.


So you know what Lead Magnet is, how important it is and 6 factors to create a perfect Lead Magnet for your market. Take the time to create it, because your sales funnels are successful or not based primarily on your Lead Magnet.

Online sales prospects are changing. Old ways of selling cannot do much good, and we all need to adapt to these new realities.

If you create great Lead Magnet and give your readers a great Squeeze Page, you will build your list, your influence will be faster and easier to spread.

On top of that, when you’re done, you can move on to other tasks while your system is working automatically 24 hours a day.

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