Learn And Guide To Create Simple And Complete Canvas Ads


Canvas Ads is not just an ad, it also allows users to interact and immersive mobile experiences through Facebook ads.

Find out about this new trend and get canvas ads instructions to understand why Canvas Ads is considered an outstanding “evolution” of Facebook advertising tools.

1. What Is Canvas Ads?

Speaking of this form of running Facebook ads, it is similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles, allowing businesses to share information immediately.

TechCrunch has described Canvas Ads as an instant ad, allowing marketers to create a unique advertising design with a combination of text, images, videos, conveyor belts, product news and more.

When a user clicks on an ad, Canvas Ads expands to full-screen size, bringing users into the experience without having to leave the Facebook interface.


In a Canvas ad, users can swipe across the screen to see a sequence of images displayed, rotate the device to view a full picture or zoom in to see details of the image, making the experience deep. more, more lively and attractive.

As a result, Canvas Ads can be thought of as an enhanced form of rotating advertising.

With its rich customizable interface, not only does it provide a great experience for users, but Canvas Ads also helps advertisers to be creative and attractive to new potential customers.

2. Why Is Canvas Advertising A New Trend?

With a growing number of website visitors from mobile devices, many businesses have struggled to keep up with the need to optimize the mobile experience for users.

Through advanced encryption techniques and intelligent back-end systems, Canvas Ads on Facebook can load up to 10 times faster than mobile version sites.

This is quite similar to the support benefits from Instant Articles – Facebook’s fast news reader feature.

With this feature, newspapers can upload article content directly to Facebook and their posts will be displayed immediately when users click to view the link.


When considering the overall size of Facebook’s activities, you can clearly see why it is important to reduce the time it takes to download information.

With Canvas Ads special features, users can access links outside of Facebook without leaving the interface and Facebook can provide more advertising information to these users.

William Review will guide you to create Canvas Ads in a simple and complete way so that you can implement an advertising campaign for your business yourself.


3. The First Step In Instructions For Creating Canvas Ads

In the tutorial for creating a Canvas Ads, to access the Canvas, click on “Publishing Tool” in your fan page.

On the left-hand side, you will see an option for Instant Experience (Canvas).

From here, you can create new templates or review previously created templates. One thing to note is that you cannot edit with previously created templates.

4. Create Your Canvas Template

Basic Concept

Create a new one by clicking on the “Create” button on the upper right. The window will then appear:


In the first line, name the Canvas. In the left-hand column, you will be able to add components to create Canvas. The right side will help you preview your ad template to see what it looks like.

By default, Facebook will ask you to add a topic, title, image and buttons. But you can add, delete and move any item you want.

At the bottom, click the “Add Component” button to add different items.


As above window, you can add any of these items:

  • Button
  • Carousel: Revolving card
  • Photo
  • Text block
  • Video
  • Product Set

You can select one of those items and click “OK” to add them to your Canvas Ads template.

Select The Theme

Basically, the theme is a backdrop for text blocks. You can choose White, Black or Custom. In the Custom section, you can choose the color for your Theme by entering the Hex code or selecting the color in the available palette.



You can insert a Header that is always fixed on the top of your Canvas template.


For some reason, Facebook offers a picture size of 120 × 44 pixels. So the image will be quite small. But the Facebook Canvas help page says the Header maximum size is up to 882 × 66 pixels.

If your Header is transparent, you can select the Background Color as well as the Background Opacity for it.


If you want to add Video, Facebook will give you some suggestions such as:

  • Minimum resolution is 720p
  • The video should be used vertically while using horizontal video will automatically resize
  • Avoid using full-screen video
  • Video length should not exceed 2 minutes. You can insert multiple videos in Canvas but the total time of all videos must not be greater than 2 minutes.
  • Should use videos in Mp4 or MOV format
  • The first frame will be the thumbnail image for the video. But the video will automatically play when you scroll to it.

What impresses is that the video in Canvas will automatically play with sound and repetition. And after you scroll through the video, it will automatically stop.


To expand the video, there are 2 options: “Default” or “Tilt to Pan”. If you choose Default, the video will fit the screen. If you select “Tilt to Pan”, the video will zoom in and you may be inclined to see another area. This style will be very suitable for promoting high-resolution video tours.



When adding photos to your Canvas template, Facebook offers 3 choices: “Default”, “Tap to Expand” or “Tilt to Pan”.

Below is the requirement for designing images according to Facebook:

  • Images use the entire screen width by default
  • The image has a full width of 1080 px
  • You can use a wider image if you choose a display option that fits the height (Tilt to Pan)
  • You can use a higher image if you choose the option to fit the width (Tap to Expand)
  • Should use image format is PNG or JPG
  • Can use up to 20 photos


You can add a carousel to the Canvas, including at least 2 images. Similar to creating a carousel advertisement, it will only have images with a link attached by default and not necessarily a square that looks like a Carousel.


Extended options include “Default” and “Tilt to Pan”. If you select “Default”, in addition to inserting images, you can add Link. On the other hand, if you select “Tilt to Pan”, you can only insert images.

Here are the technical requirements for Carousel as Facebook:

  • There is no aspect ratio requirement, but all images must be the same size
  • Maximum width is 1080 px, maximum height is 1920 px
  • Should use PNG or JPG image format
  • Use up to 10 images on each Carousel

Text Block

Text blocks are the best way to transmit information in your Canvas.


The maximum number of characters in each text block is 500 characters.

Product Set

If you have a series of different products, you can show it here. It works according to dynamic advertising mechanism.


Currently, you cannot change the order of appearance of these items and at the same time, Facebook will automatically display up to 40 products.


The last option is the Button. It is an opportunity to attract users to click on the link available. You will only be allowed to write up to 30 characters in each button.


One of the best choices is that you can display the button at the bottom or fixed on the Canvas (like fixing Header at the top).

Save, Preview And Finish

After you complete the Canvas modeling job, remember to click Save Canvas in the top right corner. Before clicking “Finish”, you should review your results.

After clicking on “Preview on Device”, Facebook will send a notification that you can view it right on your phone.

You should take a closer look at your results before clicking Finish because once you have completed the Canvas you will no longer be able to edit it.

5. Create Campaign, Ad Set And Ad

Go to the most important part of the Canvas Ads ad tutorial already.

First, create a Campaign with 2 Objects that are Click to Website or Website Conversions.


In the Ad Set section, you should select Mobile News Feed because Canvas only displays on Mobile.


In the Destination section, when creating an ad, select “Canvas” and select the Canvas template you’ve just completed before.


You will have to provide the following items:

  • Text: Text above the ad
  • Headline: Title below Thumbnail
  • Thumbnail photos
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