Live In The Traditional Way Or Live In A Crazy Way

Bill Gate

Do you want to be rich? Want to be an expert or a charismatic leader? Or are you a leader or an influential person?

Good.You have a Big Dream.

You need to understand that, when you choose dreams and pursue your dreams, you have started to have a completely different life than most people who do not have dreams like you. You understand that you always have followers. They are attracted to you, because of what you have, are doing and will do.

And one day, if you get bored with what you’re doing and will do, you’re no longer eager, you see everything is boring, you do not want to do anything, all your audience – They will no longer be attached to you.

You will lose everything and may have to start over again.

You know, most people who have success and development have one thing in common: they are PASSIONATE.
PASSIONATE here not only is it producing more content every day (Video, Blog, FB Live, FB Status, Instagram, Twitter …), it also means a lot of CREATIVITY.

They have a lot of creativity every day, they have a lot of ideas every day. They always have new things every day.

Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets mentions a ladder called the Prolific Index. On this scale, in the middle called MainStream. This is the area in which all ideas in life are being taught in a traditional environment such as a school.


As you know, are all rules in this area right? Some are correct, good but most are LIES.

Do you really feel rich by teaching the principles and traditions? Do you see anybody stand out?

At both ends of the Prolific ladder, is the Crazy Zone.

I find that in the USA there are many “specialists” living in this area. I would like to please not to mention deep but let’s try an example to understand your crazy zone.
The documentary “Eat The Sun” is typical of that. The film talks about how people lose weight by fasting and staring at the sun.

I tried, you should also try, I see the truth is crazy. Who cannot eat?
Crazy is real.
Suppose anyone used this concept to create a course? Will there be students? Will someone pursue?

Oh no. If so, it is extremely rare.

Obviously, the orthodox area and the madness are not the two ideal areas for you to live and dedicate.

  • So where is your ideal living area?
  • Where is the sweet spot, which will affect the lives of most people and you can become special, even make a lot of money?

The simple answer is the central area between the main point and the madness – called the Prolific Zone.

Beyond the traditional rules but do not go to the limits of madness. That is what is supposed to be special, unique and a breakthrough in life. Just adding butter and some other fat to your coffee can also help create a national phenomenon for the Café, BulletProof Coffee. Add coconut oil and butter to your coffee to lose weight and everyone is wonderful.

Only one message, but help BulletProof Coffee boss Dave become a millionaire. At first, everyone felt so crazy. But not too crazy for you to get rid of that idea. It’s also not something the school can teach you. Correct, right?

That’s the Prolific Zone.

Do you see messages like this that will be polarized? BulletProof message or the article you are reading – a message for yourself.

Neck. When the message is given:

  • Ordinary people will hate it
  • Interested people will really like it

Very simple.

Everything is two-sided or two-dimensional.

For every 100 fans watching you, at least one person will not like you.

For some reason, the person who does not like you is always the loudest. I don’t understand anymore.

But shelves.

According to Dan Kennedy: “If you do not offend someone, then you are marketing is not strong enough.”

And, according to Jay Abraham, “If you really believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your customers, you have an ethical obligation to try to serve them in every possible way.”

And that is the reason for me:

  • Continuing to be active in marketing;
  • Continue to share your message every day on Facebook, Instagram, Blog because it is changing my life, and I feel I have a moral obligation to share and also know that it will be valuable to the others;

So what’s your choice?

  • For safety, select the main “Mainstream”
  • Want to different but not rich enough to choose crazy “Crazy Zone”
  • To become a leader, a charismatic, influential and wealthy citizen, you need to choose the Mainstream and the Crazy Zone: Prolific Zone.

Certainly, this post is valuable to you. I’m sure about that. Confidence only for children.

Make sure everything you do in life. You will have confidence in people.

I believe you.

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