Majestic: Trust Flow & Citation Flow Explanation


For those who are SEOers, Trust Flow & Citation Flow indicators are extremely important in evaluating a website, as they contribute significantly to increasing the ranking of the website on the Google search results page.

I understand that many of you are wondering as well as not grasp these indicators when doing SEO, even for those who are experienced.

So, in this article, I share the knowledge of Trust Flow & Citation Flow indicators as well as how to apply them to your website SEO job.

What Is Trust Flow?

Trust Flow is a scale developed by Majestic, a marketing search engine and backlink check company. Majestic measures this Trust Flow based on the amount of traffic sent to your site through the link, related to the site and its strength.

What Is Topical Trust Flow?

Topical Trust flow is ranked based on the relative links pointing to any website. Based on Topical Trust Flow you can know what your website’s topic is.

Why is Trust Flow king?

I usually do not care about DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), DR (Domain Rating), UR (URL Rating), or PR (Page Rank)  because these indicators are easy to manipulate by shooting backlinks to the website.

In essence, there are many ways to manipulate TF and CF, one of which is the blog commenting. You can comment and place links on sites with high TF and you will be affected part of it. But because not only TF speaks for the average quality and relevancy of the backlinks, it is also based on the number of traffic that click on that link to your website. Then it’s hard to be manipulated in the current SEO stats.

In practice, you can easily manipulate the Trust Flow index to 30, but the higher it gets, the harder it is, and I have never seen anyone able to manipulate Trust Flow > 45.


PBN deindexing = unrelated Topical Trust Flow

When using the Private Blog Network (PBN), as well as researching by Gotch SEO, I realize that one of the reasons PBN is deindexed is when PBN content and outbound links are not related to Topical Trust Flow of that domain.

Of course, Google will not use Majestic to refer Topical Trust Flow, but Google will use the relation as a way to cancel your staging satellites.

If your Private Blog Network has Health topic, you should write articles about PBNs related to health as well as mention the same topic sites to protect them.

What Is Citation Flow?

If Trust Flow evaluates the quality of these links to give you a specific score, Citation Flow gives you the evaluated score based on the number of links to the site. The higher link number, the higher Citation Flow score.

Everyone wants both TF and CF are high. However, one problem that most people have is that CF is very high, but the TF is almost none. The number of backlinks is good but the quality is not.

This is not good, because the Google Penguin algorithm appreciates the quality of the link, not the amount of it. This can lead to the ranking of the website will not be as high as you want.


I am sure that if you pay more attention to the Trust Flow then you will definitely have crazy results in SEO! Of course, I mean your link building normally, not to spam to manipulate the Trust Flow indicator.

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