Should We Make Money With Niche Site & Authority Site?


Niche site and authority site are fairly new concepts for those who are new to MMO and online business.

The first time I heard these concepts was when I earned money with affiliate marketing many years ago. At that time, earning $1000 per month with only one site as an affiliate for Amazon is normal.

Simply understanding, niche site is a small niche website built and developed for years and generates sustainable profits.

It is like a growing business, and if it grows, it will become a authority site.

Authority site is a niche site that has been developed on a larger scale and in a certain amount of time, exactly with its authority name.

So who do business and make money online should choose the niche site and authority site to develop and what should be noted?

Examples of Niche Site and Authority Site

To make it easier to use, I will take some examples. As I mentioned above: Niche site is a page about a niche market.

For example, Thecarseatlady is a niche site about seats for children in cars.

You can see that the niche site concentrates in a market that seems small, but the demand is extremely large. And this website builds up to make money with that niche, usually:

  • Business if there are products/services
  • Make money with affiliate marketing without products/services
  • Or make money in any way by developing a website: Shorten links, AdSense, PPV, …

Similar to niche site, but authority site will be a larger site. It is developed on relatively large topics. For instance, there are authority sites for health, sports, hunting, fashion, beauty,…

Cozyhome101 is an authority site for home furniture.

Switchbacktravel is a travel authority site.

Soundguys is an authority site for audio equipment.

Niche Site and Authority Site: Which is More Difficult?

The key difference between niche site and authority site is niche site develops a small niche with promoting a mainstream product group, and authority site is a huge market.

In terms of difficulty, of course, a small niche is easier, both in understanding the knowledge and implementing content. However, in long term, a big market will be extremely profitable.

It can also be said that a niche site is a mini model of an authority site. That is, an authority site can be developed from a rising niche site.

Once you have a niche site that generates revenue, you can develop it wider, share more knowledge, more categories, but must be on the same market. After a time it will become an authority site.

Thus, authority site is a bit heavy and overly compared to newcomers in many respects: Knowledge, time, resources and especially capital for the site. However, it brings good income so it attracts many businessmen to learn and deploy.

I know a lot of people with an income of $2000/month or more with this form. Of course passive income.

If you want to get started, I still recommend building a small niche site first, then developing to an authority site. Remember to name the website or domain name after a brand name, not after the small niche.

Advantages & Potentials When Making Money With Authority Site

Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other types of Ads are more expensive and account problems occur constantly. And the marketing trend is still Omnichannel.

Niche site and authority site is an inevitable trend for any online business. Here are the main reasons why this website building is always a sustainable way for anyone.

Long-Term Stability

If you have enthusiasm, any niche site or authority site will grow through months to months. The more traffic you have, the more customers you will get.

Simply, if there is quality content that incorporates good SEO plans, many important keywords appear in the top Google, all of them will attract more visitors every day.

As such, the higher the number of hits, the more customers will buy your product. Of course, there must be a keyword research step from the beginning.

This is the total visits of Soundguys.

And when your website is growing, you just do nothing and still have customers every day. And you will have a source of income that is not only big but also passive.

Resell Sites At High Prices

When you have developed your site for a while and generate profits well, you can sell it to collect capital for another site. You can sell it for 10 or 20 times or more compared to the monthly profit.

You can take a tour on Flippa, there are a lot of authority sites that are sold for a super price, maybe up to $500,000 or millions.

For example, Shaverinsider is an authority on beauty hygiene services that grow from the edge of the shaver. After 1 year of development, this site has an income of only about $250/month.


However, this site has been bid up to $6000 on Flippa:


The explanation is quite simple. Many individuals, teams or companies have great financial resources, they hunt and buy niche sites and authority sites for continued development and optimization.

They find built-in sites that have a lot of content, already have income, and implement many methods to increase their profit per month quickly.

No Need For Self-Created Products

If you have a product/service to do business, developing a niche site and authority site is extremely convenient.

But you can even bring in good returns if you follow another direction: Affiliate marketing.

SEE MORE: Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing

You just need to promote products to others to bring profits. As for customer care, shipping or supporting product buyers, you don’t need to care.

Enhance Personal Experience

To make a complete niche site and authority site, you have to go through a lot of different steps, such as making websites, researching keywords, building content, presenting website layouts, SEO keywords, optimizing profits,…

If you are really passionate and serious about your work, your marketing skills, business experience or affiliate marketing will increase rapidly every day.

Take Advantage Of AdSense Or PPC Network

If you build websites with good traffic, in addition to affiliate marketing, Google AdSense or other PPC Networks is also a good way to get more money to support the site.

It is not necessary to place Google AdSense, any PPC Network gives you better revenue per click, you just choose that ad network.

Because there are so many niche networks created, those niche content sites will bring in better returns, which can cost up to a few dollars per click for a competitive niche.

For example, Switchbacktravel places ads as a second revenue source:

However, you should carefully consider and answer the question yourself: Should PPC ads be placed?

Because for blogs that host owners who promote high commission products, or self-employed, placing ads will easily lead to competitors advertise right on your site or cause confusion for readers.

Passive Income & Freedom

In making money or doing business, who is more successful depends on spending time compared to the results.

What do you think if someday you are comfortable traveling with friends or drinking coffee with your partners because your niche site and authority site are automatic customer search machines.

Current youths, who retire early because they own a niche site or authority site system that brings a high and stable income.

Or they still work, but they are free both in space and time. They can work wherever they are and whenever they want.

Passion, Technology & Digital Marketing Skills

After reading the above content, I affirm that there are a lot of people who want to find out and start searching for a certain niche, build a niche site and then develop an authority site.

However, only a very small percentage can be done. The rest will give up, 3 main reasons are:

  • Not enough perseverance or passion to pursue
  • Technology skills are too weak
  • No knowledge of digital marketing


Within an article, I am not able to share with you how to implement the steps. However, you can find basic tutorials online.

Niche site and authority site will be a collection of different skills. Such as WordPress web creation, keyword research, content marketing, SEO, etc. You definitely can learn through Google these individual skills.

For every skill you do well, it will be like a solid brick to build your website strong.

Finally, if you are completely new, start with a niche site to get used to it first, not authority site.

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