14 Most Profitable Ways to Make Money Online in 2019


Make Money Online (also known as MMO) is an extremely popular trend of creating a source of income.

The nature of freedom, comfort, opportunities, and potential has made many people see MMO as their main job.

Many individuals create an enormous, steady, sustainable income stream thanks to MMO. It can be $1000, $2000 or even more per month.

There are many different ways of making money online. With more than 5 years of experience in MMO, I can properly guide the prestigious, long-term forms of MMO, building a sustainable job online and potential of high passive income.

All will be listed in this article, any new person can learn and do.

1. Make Money Online in 2019 with Affiliate Marketing (3 Ways)

Affiliate marketing can be considered as an easy way to make money online for newbies when you don’t need to have your own product to sell, regardless of the product handover and customer support process.

When you do affiliate marketing, you will be given links for each product. If the customer buys through your link, you will receive the corresponding commissions like the beginning deal with the vendor.

Making money online with affiliate marketing has tremendous potential as it is a channel that delivers very high performance compared to other marketing forms. Large and small businesses around the world are deploying more affiliate programs. This will open up more opportunities.


To earn money through affiliate marketing, it requires employees to have knowledge of the forms of product promotion. The better the way people promote, the higher the ability to earn money. Some of the original basic skills that you can apply are:

  • Create website (Using WordPress)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Run ads (Google/Facebook)
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Marketing

I myself have spent 6 months studying and practicing to get the first income from the affiliate marketing.

Depending on the difficulty and other factors, there are 3 methods to make money with affiliate marketing as follows:

2. Make Money Online in 2019 With Trade Cryptocurrency (Trade Coin)

Speaking of Cryptocurrency, you may be thinking about investing in Bitcoin or altcoins or buy machines to dig these.

However, there is another form that does not need much capital and has a lot of people involved, that is “Trade Coin”. This is the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency for a certain period of time to take profits, instead of long-term storage.

For example, last week’s BNB (Binance Coin) price is $10, you bought it, and this week it is up to $15, you sell it. So you will earn $5 on each BNB. Many people buy and sell in large quantities, such as 1000 or 2000 BNB.

At the time of writing this article, I have 2500 BNB.


However, it is the case where the coin price is up. If you sell it when the coin price is down, it looks like you have lost. So when buying, don’t you close your eyes and buy coins randomly. There are 3 popular methods:

  • Knowing technical analysis – must learn
  • Buy the rumor sell the news
  • According to the signals of reputable and experienced people, even have to spend money to buy signals

But But keep in mind that in CryptoCurrency market, there is no abslute formula. And each person has their own trading coin tricks that hard to share widely.

Beginning with a small amount of money and do not be greedy is my importantly initial advice if you want to enter CryptoCurrency’s world.

3. Make Money Online in 2019 With Freelancer Job (2 Ways)

This is a way to help me get a huge amount of capital to do other forms of MMO.

Freelancer is a form where you use your special capacity to help others who are urgently needing that capacity. See the case below.

Being the owner of a small online store, Mr. Crowley needs a design template for a marketing campaign that will take place in the next 7 days. He doesn’t hire a designer because he just needs one sometimes, not often.

Instead, Mr. Crowley has found freelance sites to hire talented freelancers to design, he pays for them to get the right design. And so, sometimes he hired freelancers in many different fields: Web, designer, translation,…

Just as simple as that, if you have design capabilities, you can go to the freelance sites to work with a lot of people in need, as Mr. Crowley. I emphasize the need is huge and increasing.

Capacity can be writing, translation, graphics, web making, programming, accounting, legal, architecture, marketing, advertising,… and so much more.

Or Mr. Crowley can use these amazing tools to build stunning online store:

This is just a quarter of the list on Fiverr.


That is the first way, this way requires you to have a special ability, ie professional skills.

However, for everyone has no skills available, there will be a second way.  If you don’t have skills, you absolutely can resell other people’s skills.

4. Make Money Online in 2019 With Mobile Applications

If you are using an iOS or Android phone, you can find applications that help you get more income by completing small tasks like reading ads, doing surveys, watching videos or inviting users, …

The advantage of this form is anyone can do and do not need capital. However, the downside is not durable and you cannot earn much from it. Maybe LiteApp Studio could help you building an incredible app.

There will be applications that require you to take actions according to their wishes and they will pay you when that actions are completed. Depending on the application, you can use that money to buy cards, exchange gifts or withdraw to banks and cash.

5. Make Money Online in 2019 With T-shirt Business (3 Ways)

When it comes to T-shirts, you will think that maybe selling a shirt for a few dollars will not be very profitable. And there are not many buyers, or not enough ability to create and operate a process of selling T-shirts.

But you will have to think again if:

  • You don’t need to produce T-shirts
  • You do not need to ship to customers
  • You do not need customer support
  • You can profit from $10 to $30 per shirt
  • You just need one computer connected to the internet to work.

In fact, for many years, selling T-shirts is a form of MMO that has helped many people have a terrified income in a short time, from a few hundred to several thousand of dollars per month.

To start approaching this form, you need to carefully understand the operating model of platforms and understand what stages you must do.


In addition, T-shirt business is also known for two famous MMO forms:

  • Create a store with Shopify: You will create a store thanks to the Shopify platform, and use the available application to link with a number of shirt printing and ship companies. When customers buy through your website, the order will automatically be sent to these 3rd party companies and the money will be automatically divided into your account and partner.
  • Sell shirts with Merch by Amazon: Appearing at the end of 2015, Merch by Amazon is the number #1 choice for designers when many good designers can earn thousands of dollars every month just by designing and uploading Amazon Merchants. Amazon is a huge e-commerce site and a lot of customers search for products on it or on Google every day. Thanks to that, you have the potential to sell many shirts without promoting. However, it is important to know how to optimize so that when customers find keywords, they will see your shirt.

Shopify will not be suitable for new people because it requires many skills, new people should sell through platforms.

Merch by Amazon also, the competition is getting higher. The seller dumping and stealing each other’s ideas which are also painful problems. But this is also a fertile land if you know how to exploit it.

6. Make Money Online in 2019 With PPC Network (2 Ways)

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This means that when your website or video attaches an ad to a certain advertising network, they will pay you to have a user from your website/video click on the ad.

This form of making money online is known for two famous types that are making money with YouTube and making money with Google AdSense.

  • Youtube: Find a topic -> create a channel -> create content with videos -> getting views to a certain level will turn on ads and link to AdSense Host account to make money. Learn How To Increase Quality Views For YouTube Videos
  • AdSense: Find a topic -> create a website -> create content for the web -> register an Adsense content account (or buy an account) and add ads to the website. Then try to push traffic to make money.

Don’t Know Which to Choose Between Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing. CLICK HERE

7. Make Money Online in 2019 With Fulfillment By Amazon and Dropshipping (2 Ways)

Dropshipping is a form of intermediary sales. Your job is to find customers on e-commerce sites (for example, you are a seller on Amazon, eBay, …) or create your own website to promote products, and you do not have goods available.

When there are customers, you will transfer this order to a wholesaler or dealer who has the item and they will send the product to the customer. And you get the profit difference.

With Dropshipping, you won’t have to worry about inventory issues, you can sell it higher than the amount you pay for the product distributor, even 2-3 times and be proactive about payment because you’ll get money directly from customers.


As you can see Dropshipping is a form that can require little capital, it can even be done without capital, because you don’t need to import goods. And FBA, on the other hand, is opposite.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an Amazon service that allows you to build a warehouse at Amazon, and Amazon will help you preserve, manage and ship goods to customers.

With this form, you can sell goods on Amazon without paying attention to warehouse management, saving packaging, transportation and staff costs, … Your job is to find good sources of goods, make product lists into Amazon and go find customers.

But this is not a form for people with less capital, because you have to have a new product to list into the Amazon store. And if you want to have the goods you have to spend money to buy, so the cost is no limit. You have more to buy more, you have few, buy less, and depending on your item.



Making money online is not simple at all. If you have chosen a form, stick with it until you get the results. Thinking about “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” will make you waste time and hard to succeed.

All of the above (except mobile app) are the ones I recommend you pursue because you can easily recognize the potential of income, long-term sustainability.

No need to rush, you can slowly learn and choose the form that suits you based on your inherent strengths.

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