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Before you start building your blog, or if you have a new blog, read this article, because as most bloggers I know have done, are doing and CONTINUE according to the basic formula. This will allow them to turn their readers into customers, buy their products, or make purchases through the Affiliate Links they promote.

These are the five most fundamental steps that you should take when writing your blog. If you do not, you will lose a number of customers that you suppose to have. In these big steps, there will be so many other small steps, however, all you need to know first is the basics, the first texture.

And in the 5 steps below, I would NOT say about creating the website, because it is a skill you MUST HAVE when developing a blog.

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Step 1: Find A Niche To Develop

This step is the easiest step because you want to make a blog, you can imagine what you should write into it and make sure it is your expertise. You cannot share content that you do not have the knowledge, it is no different than you are building a website, not a blog. Blogs must be shared by the language and knowledge that you have in your work or study.

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Being aware of individual strengths is not difficult. If you do not have any strengths, think about what yourself actually like. Then drop a few months, maybe up to a whole year to study, and during the learning process, you will surely have the knowledge to write blogs.

You Should Read:

Step 2: Find Content For Blogging

This is also a problem related to your knowledge, you will not know what to write if you do not have specialized knowledge.

Many newbies just copy when blogging, not just copy the idea but copy the article of others. If you do this, you are not a blogger, but you are a copycat. Search engines, especially Google, does not like this. Your site will quickly disappear from Google, it is a punishment.

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So where to get the knowledge, that is the problem you have to think about. You can still find other blogs that are similar to what you are writing and you do the same, but the words, knowledge, and writing are yours, not copy.

You can also use the online tools to see what topics in your field are HOT, and you will rely on that to create content for your website.

Step 3: Attract Readers To Your Blog

Attracting readers to your blog is almost like demonstrating your marketing skills.

  • Customers know your blog through the search engines: your SEO Skills
  • Clients know your blog through social networking: your Social Marketing Skills
  • They are attracted to your content and can share with your friends: your Content Marketing Skills.

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This is an important step, it decides the success or failure of a blog. There are many well-written bloggers, good websites, good ideas but do not know how to optimize your website for search engines, do not know how to navigate traffic from social networks,… that leads to no one reads their blog. Over time, they are depressed about it and easily lead to the abandonment of blogs that have no results.


Step 4: Give The Reader Something Free

When you have readers, do you want readers to finish reading your article and leave without any impression? Surely not. You will always have to find a way to hold on to the readers as any of them can help you make money later.

The law “given away will get back” can apply in any case, anytime in life. Customers will think of you when you give them something first.

So try to create what readers feel is needed, give them away for free, it will be great if this item is created by you, such as an ebook about your knowledge, a player art, video tutorial,…

GIveaway Time

There are two basic ways to give your gift, you can do one of two or both:

  • Customers fill out an email to receive a gift, as you will have a list of potential emails for your niche
  • Putting it in a closed Facebook group, customers will have to join the group to get one, so you will have a potential group for your niche.


Step 5: Readers Will Pay You

You already have an email list of people in your niche or a Facebook group or both, and they HAVE GOT YOUR GIFT. So they will be very aware of what you are promoting.

It can be a product/service that you think it is useful to them. Or it could be the product/service of another person you promote to get commissions in the form of Affiliate Marketing.

kiem tien blog 5 co ban

But whether it’s a product, promote it wisely, do not deify the product or tell lie. You are building credibility, not for profit blurring.


So these 5 steps as a generic formula can be for any field you want to develop. If you notice that most famous bloggers are using this formula.

Hope you can apply successfully in the future.

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