Meeting Customers’ Expectations – What Brand Needs


In today’s competitive sales market, customers have more choices to buy the products and services they need.

So what brands need to have to keep customers trust and use your products and services but not your competitors?

1. Brand Brings Personal Experience

In a study conducted with 1,500 US consumers aged between 18 and 54, 63% of people expected the brand to take advantage of their purchase history to give them personal experiences.


In the past, businesses and companies had the same advertising campaigns for many audiences, regardless of customer differences in personal preferences.

But now, customers want to have more personalized products and services.

Brands need to take advantage of customer interest, search history and purchases to introduce them to the products and services they need.

2. Provide A Seamless Shopping Experience

Before making a purchase, customers often find out about products and services on different search channels, when they are video, search online or in-store.

In order to meet the needs of customers, brands need to create a seamless experience through these channels.

Whether customers shop directly at stores or on online channels, businesses and companies must also be continuous and convenient.

3. Take Advantage Of Video Marketing Trends

Video is no longer new, however, many people find videos not only to watch entertainment programs but also to learn about brands’ products.

Information of products and services from videos will be more detailed, specific and easy to imagine than images.

Therefore, brands should take advantage of video marketing to increase customer interaction, making their products and services more accessible to customers.


4. Customer Care

Not only products and services are tailored to their needs, customers are also interested in the brand’s customer care service.

No matter how good the product or service is, the customer care after buying makes them unhappy, making the brand not only lose its old customers but also make the brand worse in the market.

So, business and companies should not skip this step, need to do well the service of answering questions as well as customer care during the buying process after buying.

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