Merger Technique That Increases 300% Organic Traffic


Do you want to grow your website on SEO rankings & traffic in less than a month? If you think this merger technique is so fast, then it’s black hat. But no, that’s 100% white hat.


That’s the 301 Redirect I’m talking about!

This is an interesting strategy to help you increase the natural traffic to your website as well as one of the useful backlinks techniques.

In this article, I will introduce a strategy of merger technique to help break through the rankings and traffic to your website like a dream that Gotch SEO has applied and made this case study for you.

Merger Technique 301 Redirect

Before discussing this strategy, you have to make sure you understand what merging is.

In business, merging is defined as “The combination of two or more companies by transferring the assets of the small companies to the purchasing company.”

This means that two websites may be composed of only one website.

This is a process of redirecting an expired domain name to your website with the purpose of increasing the website’s credibility. The higher the reputation of your website, the easier it is to increase rankings and get more natural traffic.

This strategy is not different from a big brand buying another smaller business.

If they buy a company, they will redirect the branded website to their website. The image below shows the results of merging the two websites:

Gotch SEO also does this and makes its website grow a lot in traffic.

Or an example from a local website:

You do not just get an old website and redirect your 301 homepage, but you can also redirect to a landing page on your website.

301 Redirect delivers very good results! But note that not all 301 Redirect bring good results. I will explain the reasons right away.

How Does 301 Redirect Effectively Work?

Understanding how 301 Redirect works effectively is really important.

In the eyes of Google, 301 Redirect is a fixed redirection. By using 301 Redirect, you inform the search engines that the website was redirected to a new address.

This also means that the new website will inherit the entire link, anchor text and even the penalties that the previous site has received.

It’s important for you to understand that this is the reason why there are many forms that also use 301 Redirect but completely fail.

Why Does Some 301 Redirect Fail?

Using a 301 Redirect for backlink building is not a new method, besides it is not only dangerous but also it does not bring any benefit. In the old method, you just try to get any domain that has many backlinks and redirect it to your website.

There are many reasons why this is dangerous.

Unrelated links

Google’s Penguin algorithm helps identify websites with backlink profile that contains only unrelated spam links. Redirecting an unrelated domain name is like asking Penguin to crash your website.

ARTICLE FOR YOU OffPage SEO Guidelines in Detail (Part 2)

Irrelevant anchor text

Redirecting an unrelated domain name will lose the golden ratio of your anchor text by unrelated anchors.

You make Google confused

Suppose you are doing SEO for keyword ‘link building’. You get an expired domain name on ‘cat training’ with the impressive number of backlink.

Then you redirect this domain to your website just because of its index. Now you have introduced to Google the unrelated links and anchor text about the term ‘cat training’.

This creates confusion for Google. Google cannot know if your site is referring to cat training or link building. Google has been mistaken so the website is not found on search engines.

New Merger Method

Now that you know why the old 301 Redirect method is not working, I’ll show you why the new method works. In this new technique, you will only use expired domain names that have the same Topical Trust Flow (TFF) theme as your website.

ABOUT TFF Majestic: Trust Flow & Citation Flow Explanation

Why do you redirect the Topical Trust Website and your website without getting a purely domain-related website? In fact, the pure domain is great for you, but it will be very more difficult to find compared to sites with the same topic.

For example, if your website is about massaging, then a domain name that has the word ‘health’ or TTF topics related to health is too good.

This method works because you mainly focus on expired domain names that are relevant. Again, I reiterate relevance is the most vital factor in effective backlink building. Google can discover the traditional redirection method because of inappropriate content and links. This new merger technique is not different from buying another business in your industry.

How To Find A Domain Name For The Merger

You know the difference between traditional and new 301 Redirect. Now I will show you how to find a perfect domain name for this strategy.

Before going into the problem, let’s take a look at some important thinking you need to prepare.

First of all, be patient and you have to know how to look up PBN – Old Domain. Do not try to build a website system in a hurry, instead, allocate a reasonable amount of time and do not miss out on any opportunity.

Secondly, make sure to follow these criteria when searching for old domains to merge with your business:

  • The website should have a TTF theme similar to your theme.
  • It should have a TF of over 9.
  • It should include only quality links.
  • It should have at least 12 pointing domain (more than the better).
  • It should have an unassigned anchor text with high brand anchor.
  • It should be indexed on Google.
  • It does not have a history of spam in the past.

Use Registrar Or cPanel Redirect

Once you have completed your purchase of the old domain name, proceed to this step.

There is a lot of debate in the SEO community about the effectiveness of cPanel Redirect and Redirect Registrar. I used both and noticed no difference, according to the results I have.

There are only a few differences you have to consider. With cPanel redirect, you will have to continue paying for new hosting. While with a redirect with Registrar (GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.) you do not need to pay this amount.

One more difference is from the technical aspect. cPanel Redirect or .htaccess 301 redirects all other website pages to your website. This is not always good because you only need good backlinks to redirect to you.

In most cases, the home page will be the site with the most backlink.

By the way, I’ll show you how to get the most backlinks to the page. To see which page is the strongest on a domain, go to Ahrefs and enter a domain name.

As you can see in the example, it would be a big mistake if you only redirected to the home page.

You will not buy domain names like Moz as the above example, but it is still an important reminder. Check out the backlinks on the entire site and redirect them all to you.

In addition, if you invest in a strong old domain, you should pay $12 for hosting. That way you will get the value corresponding to the spent amount.

How To Make The Most Of The Merger Technique

The purpose of using the merger technique is to increase the credibility of the website. The more reliable website is, the easier it is to rank important keywords.

When implementing this strategy, you need to ensure that your On-site SEO (or OnPage SEO) is strong enough.


Another important point is to avoid excessive use of this technique. Do not abuse it because it can make your website more likely to be penalized. If you focus on the best domain name(s) for your merger, you will not need to use multiple redirects.


Merger technique can be considered as the best way to skyrocket your website’s credibility. Keep in mind that this technique alone will not be enough to improve your overall system visibility.

Yes, that may be one of the most powerful techniques you can use but your On-site SEO needs to be strong, you need to have pages that are keyword-targeted and you also need to achieve other relevant links.

It is best to look at the overall picture when doing SEO.

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  1. Hi. Do you have a tutorial how to implement these:

    • The website should have a TTF theme similar to your theme.
    • It should have a TF of over 9.
    • It should include only quality links.
    • It should have at least 12 pointing domain (more than the better).
    • It should have an unassigned anchor text with high brand anchor.
    • It should be indexed on Google.
    • It does not have a history of spam in the past.


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