Mistakes About Basic Fanpage Administration Should Be Avoided


In this 4.0 era, the development of the Facebook social network is increasingly strong.

Because of the large number of users, businesses make the most of their Fanpage advantages to take the brand away from the fastest way, even selling products and services directly above.

But not every Fanpage succeeds as expected.

So the problem is?

Pay attention to Fanpage administration mistakes to avoid mistakes that push the brand to the “doom” way.

1. Monotonous, Boring – Mistakes About Basic Fanpage Administration

Sometimes you want to be safe, in the direction of just choosing a certain type of content and then doing it.

However, it will be easy for Facebook users to get bored when your newsfeed is only filled with a problem of being cooked again and again, for example, all links to your website.

You have to be more creative, have to test the content and form to find the best way to attract customers.

Enhance your creativity, instead of simply posting a long status or article, you should use images, infographics or videos to convey content.

In short, do not lack creativity in Fanpage administration. Make changes to both create attraction and increase interaction efficiency.


2. Too Many Updates Or Too Little Updates

Updating articles, images too much is no different from spam.

Remember, Facebook users don’t like it when every few minutes they see posts updated from a Fanpage.

You should not post too much but the amount of posts must be enough to create interaction and attract long-term interest from followers.

Keep up to date with sufficient quantity, with rich content, reminiscent of brands or products.

3. No Customer Feedback

The social network was created with the aim of creating two-way interaction between businesses and target customers.

So, reply when users comment and answer questions and share with them. Failure to respond means you do not respect the customer and show that the working style is unprofessional, thereby losing the reputation of the business.

This is also a way to build a sustainable community.


4. Only Focus On Sales

No one likes a person who always talks about himself. Therefore, no one will stop by the Fanpage but all content is about products, services of the company and advertising.

Of course, Fanpage is created even more or less towards sales, but if only focus on this aspect, Fanpage will increasingly lose trackers.

Persistent and direct ads only cause negative effects in Fanpage administration. Therefore, when creating content, always aim to customers, focusing on them so that they tell you is the most important principle.

Above are the Fanpage administrator mistakes that William Review has explored and concluded, please leave your comments below.

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